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    1. Competition - night 3

      by , 03-06-2023 at 06:14 AM
      I'm in my house that looks like my apartment, and my friends are over. My drawings are out, and my friend is super impressed by them. Especially this one drawing that looks like a render of a face, but slightly uncanny, with high detail and coloring.
      We eventually go to bed. My friend and I are in the same bed and he takes my phone and is going through it, so I do the same to him (jokingly) - he seems to be looking for more drawings I've done.
      The next morning, I find myself on a boat somewhere in the ocean. There's a drill sargeant - it seems we've all been `drafted` and are in boot camp. He's explaining what we're going to do. There's an giant, elevated island near us. A couple `missiles` explode below deck and the boat suddenly begins to sink - the sargeant says that we have to swim over there ourselves and climb to the top. I jump out - the boat goes flying and a couple people like this buff guy jump out and grab the ledge near the top, but I miss and `fall all the way down`. The water is nice, but as I kick for the surface, I lose one of my shoes. I reach the ledge and try to climb up a few times. Eventually I make it to the top.
      At the top, the drill sargeant tells us that our next task is to jump down again. There's waterfalls going into the ocean, and wherever those are, are deep underwater `caves`. Our job is to swim down there and find 3 caves and take videos of each. I ask him how we do that if our phones are not waterproof.
      Afterwards, we also end up going back down to a nearby spring that's somehow in the ocean at the surface, just barely below so it's like a cove. I recover my shoe along the way. While I'm there, I freak out because water got in my ziplock bag that has my phone in it. I also have bubble gum in my mouth, a big wad of it, that I spit into a toilet in the cove. A few seconds later, the sargeant comes over and sees it, but doesn't know it's me. We exchange friendly talk, he cleans it up, and I'm nervous that he'll realize it's me. Someone nearby calls me over and mentions my bubble gum, heightening the tension.

      There's another part earlier, where I'm in some sort of video game or movie narrative. I'm with the `MHA` cast and we are escaping an evil monster. We finally escape through a tiny box by all transforming into a big waterspout, and the monster is left behind. There's one guy left from the crew that's a blue dude, and he says that he only has 5 minutes of power left but he's gonna kill the monster. It annoys me that he's somehow more powerful than Deku and all the other members of the class, that the writer messed up that bad. I try to explain this but can't remember everyone's name because some are made up - I only recognize Deku, Todoroki, Sero, and Bakugo. On the other side of the box-portal, I write an angry review and drawings about this on a `little notebook` at the start of the hub world. Turns out other people were doing the same thing, with little reviews written on each page. I try to write something on the first page but there's a big design covering it. I realize my mistake and erase it.

      I meet a girl who gives me these tablets that you burn in order to get `high`. I do a bunch of them, and tell her I didn't even know this was a thing. I do too many, which makes her laugh.
      Near us is the entrance to a `club`. I stand in the waiting lobby which gets increasingly crowded, and notice that being high makes the colors more vibrant. My friend is also there, and we are all wearing fedoras for some reason. I realize this and take mine off. The fact that it's so crowded and busy ruins my high but I think it's okay.

      (also other fragments)