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      by , 01-15-2023 at 04:45 PM
      I’m am going to my friend’s house. I put my foot under the closing garage door to stop it from closing. It closes on my foot and it hurts. I walk in to the garage. As soon as I do, I realize that I am in a lucid dream. Audible internal voice “And I’m in a lucid dream.” I also realize that this is my house not my friend’s. The garage looks dirty. I resolve to do a reality check and count my fingers. In the kitchen i count my fingers. They open slowly and my hand looks distorted making it very obvious that I am in a dream.
      I want to wake up and record this in my journal, however I did not wake up right away. My wife is home and wants to go to the store with my newborn and pick up our friend’s newborn along the way. I count my fingers again. My fingers and hand are distorted and outstretched. “Where can i find child care !?”she says. “Where is your phone” i say. I pick up her phone and try to dial a number. however I notice they keypad icon on the iphone is now a skyscraper icon and won’t work. I wake up.