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    The Adventures of Dixon Hill

    1. A blink of lucidity

      by , 05-31-2019 at 02:15 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      7 April 2019

      I'm in a mountain village late in the evening, rather inhospitable. It's dark, I have to buy something that Marta needs. I walk along a slope, arriving in this place that I thought was a kind of department store, but inside there are some women dressed as housewives who work with stone tools.

      I ask what I am looking for, with a mental command I have it launched. It's a box, I don't remember the content. I pick it up from the ground. I go out and explore the dreamlike environment - having understood by now that I am in a dream - when the damn alarm rings.
    2. Sorry, I just have to pee...

      by , 03-25-2019 at 07:27 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      8 June 2017

      At that time I was practicing the ADA technique.

      I'm in an unknown house. Suddenly I become conscious. I look down from a flight of white stairs (I don't remember if straight or a spiral). Downstairs there is a living room. Now it vaguely reminds me of a family friend's house which I saw once as a child.

      In the room, which I always observe from above, there is an empty table and chair. As usual I move according to the most primitive instinct, without any rational control that is not the awareness of being in a dream and the consequent exhilarating feeling of freedom.

      I close my eyes and make a girl appear in the chair. The vision reappears and with it a very pretty blonde, but with that trick I lost a lot of vividness (Note: it's better to try controlling the dream with the eyes open). I look at my hands but for too little time to produce a stabilization of the scene. Now I'm out of control.

      I go down the stairs. The girl has a blue sleeveless shirt and is rather tanned. She immediately takes off her shirt (on her own initiative or after my mental command?). She is completely naked from the waist up. As I approach, I suddenly feel a strong urge to pee (Note: also present when I wake up in reality).

      The blonde now lies on her stomach (I don't remember whether on the table or on the floor) and I start peeing on her belly. She is happy and smiles.
      The dream vanishes soon after
      , I can't get back and I wake up.

      Come on, I was semi-lucid, what can I do

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    3. Get on your Knees!

      by , 03-25-2019 at 07:17 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      6 May 2017

      Technique: SSILD before going to bed and at 5.
      I'm in a war scenario. There are triremes in a stormy sea. Now I'm into one of these ships. The troop sings a song to motivate themselves. In this same scenario, now in a cave near a beach, I realize that I am in a dream. I'm in the shoes of a different character, now bloodless on the ground. A group of men comes in to help me. Now I become another character? The scene is very confused and with it the memory.

      At that point I have a moment of lucidity and put my hands in front of my eyes to teleport to Marta's house. Now it's me again. I arrive in another house, a little blurry. I begin to stabilize by looking around and touching, but for too little time (Note: a frequent mistake of mine). The owner is a 40-50 year old woman with light brown hair.

      I change room, being careful not to let her see me (I don't know why, I'm semi-lucid). I lean towards the corridor. Next to the woman, who is washing clothes in the bathroom at the end of the corridor, I see a beautiful brunette girl of about 20-25 years old, in her underwear and undershirt. She must be her daughter.

      I push her into her room on the right, getting past a glass door. Now she is against the wall. I move with pure animalistic instinct, without filters.

      I put my hands on her shoulders and put pressure on her to kneel in front of me. She opposes resistance. I order: "Get down!" She obeys. She smiles and looks at me. I put it in her mouth, with my hands on the back of her head, feeling the hair. The whole feeling is almost realistic. Paradise...
      But I make the mistake of closing my eyes
      and the dream vanishes.

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    4. Purple Lingerie

      by , 03-25-2019 at 07:09 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      1 April 2017

      I wake up at 6. I do a few rounds of SSILD and FILD. Sensation of going out of body: I enter the dream!
      To stabilize I block my nostrils and breathe: it works! I am in a room, but everything is very dark. Then I start to rub my hands and touch the furniture, while I look quickly from one point of the room to the other. On the left I touch a piece of furniture with woven fabric and felt, with a rather vivid tactile sensation.

      By doing these operations the room becomes more illuminated, as if sunlight were entering through a window, and I can now distinguish the various colors. However, I stop stabilizing before reaching a good level of sharpness. The dream is therefore still unstable and I move only by instinct.

      I am in a room similar to a previous non-lucid dream. I have the feeling that my girlfriend Marta is there too, but I don't see her. I see wooden furniture and an unmade bed, with sheets and a white duvet on the right, lit by the sun. I try to put it in order by covering my eyes and reopening them intentionally, but it doesn't work.

      I then leave the room and enter a corridor, but with too much frenzy, almost in a hurry, not in control of my actions. In front of me in the corridor I see two of my former classmates (one of middle school and one of high school), S. and J. They are pretty girls, one with brown hair and the other black, long and smooth. Here I instinctively lose control instead of stabilizing the dream first.

      I forcefully take J. by the arm and try to drag her to a room on the left. She doesn't want to enter and resist me. I imagine that she is already inside. It works: still from the corridor I see her on the bed in the room.

      Now she only has purple lace lingerie on her. Marvellous! The hope of stabilizing the dream is now below zero. I begin to hug and kiss her. However, vividness and control are now very low. Instinctively I try to stabilize by looking at her hair, but it doesn't work because they're moving. We are actually writhing almost like in a fight.

      Initially she is rather upset, as before, but as soon as I start massaging her pussy (she still has lace underpants on) she begins to moan of pleasure. I have a distinct tactile sensation but the dream is weakening more and more...

      I return to the physical body and am unable to re-enter the dream.

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    5. Here it Begins!

      by , 03-25-2019 at 06:52 PM (The Adventures of Dixon Hill)
      In order to reignite the spark and start having more lucid dreams, I'll write some of my old ones here.
      So far they have all lasted a few seconds and with a lucidity that has never gone beyond the realization that I was in a dream, but with my actions being dominated more by instinct than by rationality.
      With that said, let's begin!

      14 March 2017

      At that time I was practicing the SSILD technique. I also meditated about ten minutes before going to bed.

      I see about twenty meters away a small group of 2-3 people, among whom I immediately recognize the features of E., a former classmate of mine with whom I had had a brief relationship. Black hair, long and smooth, with a pretty face but nothing more, rather shapely and sensual.

      As I instinctively approach her I realize that I am in a dream. The scene is in color, but while rubbing my hands I feel no sensation. Instead of stabilizing, I continue to walk automatically towards her.

      The scene becomes unstable, instead of E. there is now an African woman, in her forties, rather chubby, red shorts and a white t-shirt.

      We are in a country road, it would seem in a isolated place. The soil is reddish and very dusty. To our right is a kind of moving pickup, which reminds me of the Walker Texas Ranger setting.

      As I approach her she starts running, maybe scared; at that point I run too, but I have no real control over my actions.
      The scenario begins to blur. I try to shout "Light!" and I blink (maybe I had read it somewhere in those days), but obviously as a beginner I open the physical eyelids
      and wake up.

      I write immediately with enthusiasm my first LD on the notepad next to the bed (before that I only had a few moments of lucidity followed by darkness and awakening). After having other non-lucid dreams I wake up in the morning, look at the notepad and there nothing is written! It was a false awakening but I hadn't noticed.

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