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    dolphin's dreams

    deep dive

    by , 08-03-2015 at 05:07 PM (358 Views)
    I was in the ocean. I started to gradually gain lucidity as I decided to dive down as far as I could. The water started to become darker as I went deeper. There were creatures swimming past me as I went, but I didn't take time to notice what they were. I did notice a blue whale swim under me. Those are tough to miss! Eventually, it was completely dark. I could still feel water rushing around me as creatures were swimming past. It was all very vivid.

    The dream scene changed to a high tech cave cove above water. I saw a computer where one of my co-workers was sitting. I approached the computer and he left it for me as if it was mine. I realized that this was an opportunity to teleport. I decided declared to the dream that I wanted to teleport back to the ocean. I boarded a boat that was docked in the cove and moved it out of the cave. I got the idea to go swimming again and jumped off the boat into the water. The water felt perfectly realistic as I swam around. An African American girl suddenly appeared. I guess I was in her way.
    I woke up.
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    1. SuckerPunch's Avatar
      Good dream and congrats on completing the dare. I wouldn't mind seeing some deep ocean creatures in my dreams.