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    1. Underwater city mystery.

      by , 07-21-2010 at 08:47 PM
      Ok so I went to sleep and then woke up playing prince of persia 2 ( it was 8-bit) then one of my friends started talking to me how 8-bit sucks or something, then a really chubby dude came up to me and said time to wake up looser and punched me in the face and woke up............... UNDERWATER yea i woke up underwater in a submarine looking house it was metal with circle windows which I could see fish then some little girl came into my room ( who was supposed to be my sister) and said wake up the bus is here so I got up already with my clothes on and walked through a clear hallway and to this submarine, which I guess was supposed to be the bus it was oval shaped with a power box on it's back and a tiny propeller to move it so as I started to get in the bus driver and the children wouldn't let me in like they could sense a outsider I tried as hard as I could to open the door but to no avail. Then I asked my sister to go outside and disable the bus so she oped the hatch and swam out, oh and i guess we can breath underwater, as she was going outside to disable it the bus exploded and the house flooded with water which i couldn't breath so the mystery was why in the world couldn't I get to school ugh.

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