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    Elevator Ride

    by , 01-30-2012 at 01:32 AM (428 Views)
    I can't remember how the dream started but the first thing I remember is that I was in an elevator and the door was open. Through the door I was looking at a classroom from the back. The floor in the classroom descended down to where the teacher was standing with a single desk. Stairs covered these stairs and were full of students (non of them I knew). Beyond where the teacher was standing where the chalk board should have been were large windows. A bright blue sky was the only thing I could see through the windows. As I watched the teacher teach the students in the room I couldn't hear what he was lecturing about but while I was watching he let something on fire and it basically turned into a giant flamethrower. Flames shoot 3 or for feet horizontally away from the desk at the front. As I watched the flames The elevator closed and I noticed I wasn't alone in the elevator. My sister's boyfriend was there and we started talking. I can't remember anything that we talked about but I remembered that we did. When the elevator doors opened again we stopped talking suddenly and around 9 people walked in. I was crammed in the side of the elevator as all the people crammed in and I made a rude comment. Before the dream ended the lady that was pushing me up against the wall started to yell at me. I woke up before I could make a reply.

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