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    1. Super Car, drug deal, architects office

      by , 03-21-2014 at 09:08 PM
      (Watched true detective before bed)

      I negotiated a huge drug deal because my neighbor was too afraid.

      My girlfriend inherited a weird blue GTA V style super car. On close inspection Its skin was a very flimsy shiny plastic that seemed melted and falling apart in spots. Wires and electronics were left exposed in spots. It appeared to have action figures build into hood air intake and some kind of stereo system build into its spoiler. Never drove it.

      I'm in some ultra modern Dutch style architectural office I guess. It is two story's tall and very narrow. The building has no floors. All the desks and drafting tables and other clutter is accessible on one narrow two story vertical surface. The architects are suspended in normal looking office chairs that have some practical apparatus that moves them around verticals office. Furthermore, there are large glass windows but suspended freely about 6 feet behind the architects seats. The window panels have huge open gaps leaving the office mostly open to the elements which is odd because it the environment was like an overcast Aspen CO winter. Naturally it was not cold.

      In the office I'm balancing very high waiting for one of these jerks for some reason. I'm holding an easel with a large gold picture frame. It's coverd in cloth and smells like turpentine. I know it has something to do with some event my girlfriend has planned for us. I remember feeling disinterested in the event.