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    1. Anal-ises dream journal :)

      by , 10-31-2011 at 02:04 AM
      i have been off and on with my dream journals for years
      But im going to create a new one and stay with it!

      i am off and on with journals because i begin to remember so many in detail it seems impossible to write

      Dream one.
      I was watching my self lay on rocks on the beach and i was in labour. i had to give birth 4 or 5 times and once i gave birth to each child that particular child would go reverse back into my well yeah.. you know.
      this happened rapidly and during this the scene was flickering and there was a pinkish/ red tone on the scene.
      after i gave birth to the kids i casually got up and walked over to the cliff, i looked down and it had been storming and the waves were crashing close to my feet. i turned around and a close friend was there and we were going fishing ? but he wanted to go down closer to the waves but i was to scared to go down so i just stayed up at the rocks.

      Interpretation : the beach represents my thoughts on how my year 12 art major will be created as there will be an ocean.
      Giving birth to children is actually from a comment on deviant art that someone had made awhile go about if you watch a birth backwards you see the mother being happy then the baby goes back into the womb and she starts to scream,
      odd comment but still...
      the rapid flashing represents a video that i watched in art representing multiculturalism and the artist used flashes and rapid images to engage the audience more.
      i dreamt of fishing because my mum was talking about my brother fishing and the man that was there symbolises my brother.

      ta da

      ( once i start a dream journal my dreams will multiply and multiply to the point that i have at least 4-12 dreams a night and they will be so epically long i will become lazy and begin to purposely forget to write them up haha )

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