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    1. Combo: DEILD --> FILD

      by , 10-28-2015 at 11:16 AM
      Quote Originally Posted by ezzolucid View Post
      Hi Sensei (and everyone else! ) At night i attempt wilds and milds. I have several micro awakenings during the night where I simply find myself laying there in bed 'awake'. Now this leaves me with a conundrum on what to do next.

      1) im either in a false awakening or
      2) Ive just woke up from a dream and am 'ripe' for a deild

      Now as im unsure what 'state' i am in (1 or 2), i am reluctant to do a nose plug reality check because if im number 2 (just woken up and ripe for a dield) then the physical nose plug move would effectively reduce my chances of a dield as ive now moved my physical body

      If on the other hand im in a false awakening then doing a deild by trying to reenter a dream would be the wrong thing to do because i should simply 'roll out' and have a fun 'obe'

      You quote the following ... "Usually my waking in the night goes as follows, wake, check for DEILD feeling, write down dreams, back to sleep, check for WILD feeling"

      Can you expand on your quote of 'Deild feeling / wild feeling' as i feel that if i knew what state i was in then i could execute the best technique during that awakening and it seems that you can tell by a 'deild feeling'

      Normally i just lay there, eyes closed, not moving knowing that im in a micro awakening and i just dont know what to do. I dont know whether i should just hope im in a false awakeing and 'roll out' of my body or simply attemp to deild instead as there no clear indicator for me to act on

      I hope i made sense

      Thank you
      Well, I would recommend a "motionless RC" something like levitating or something to see if you are waking or asleep. Remember that RCs are just doing things that you can't do in waking, doesn't have to be a preset LD. DEILD / WILD Feeling is a feeling in between awake asleep that is like a balance of awareness that is quite difficult to get to unless you have the proper amount of sleepiness, wakingness, and awareness. What I always recommend is to try for DEILD, but not at the cost of a WBTB, try for WILD, but not at the cost of sleep.

      When waking, even for a micro awakening, you want to wake yourself up a little in order to reset your intent. Here are some rules to follow generally.
      RC upon every waking or change of surroundings. (think you woke up? RC, think you can DEILD back, RC first)
      Don't take more than a minute trying to DEILD (honestly 30 seconds should be the max).
      Don't take a WBTB less than a minute or two or it won't be effective at all (in fact it might be counter productive)
      Don't spend more than 5 minutes trying to WILD. (Unless you have lots of experience, maintaining the right awareness is going to be hard here)
      Always lean towards sleep as opposed to a WILD during the night.

      Now I break the bottom four rules after I have been sleeping for about 7 hours, I try and DEILD for about 2 minutes, I get up for a long WBTB and try and WILD for about 10 minutes. Now if I miss the WILD and can't get to sleep because I stay too far on the side of awake, I only miss like 30 minutes as opposed to missing all of my sleep at night and screwing my night and the next night. Make sense?
      side notes