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    1. Hogwarts House Sorting

      by , 10-20-2011 at 02:34 AM
      I did WILD, stabilized and flew around a bit looking for Hogwarts before teleporting successfully to just outside the Great Hall.
      I went in with a small group of other first years and went to sit on the stool to get sorted first. Just as the hat fell over my eyes I saw the crest of Slytherin in the blackness and the hat said, "Slytherin!" but I'm not sure if it was out loud. I wanted to make sure so I asked it, "Slytherin, are you sure?" because I know it comes with a bad rep. It told me that that was its choice but it was ultimately up to me. I didn't really know so I was happy with Slytherin.
      I took the hat off and went over to my table. Hogwarts was different now though, after the revolution with Voldemort and everything. The houses weren't as set against each other and people could sit at other tables if they wanted to. Fred and George came over to sit with me.
      Across the hall I could see a group of first years who hadn't been sorted and someone told me that Hogwarts was now taking squibs and teaching them stuff too.