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    1. Snowtime

      by , 04-28-2013 at 02:00 PM
      You're clinging to some kind of moving pole that's taking you to the top of a mountain. You don't look down because you know there is a sheer drop of thousands of feet below, so you continue to look up and hope that you'll make it. Eventually you see the end approaching and when you get there you step off of the pole. The view is pretty magnificent - you're on a sort of enormous high up plateau with mountains on it. The ones near you are blue with snow, but in the distance there are red and black glowing mountains, you assume the red is magma. It's very cold up here and you are told that monks used to live up here and walk around barefoot on the stones.
      A lot of fuzzy stuff happens later, you meet a bunch of people that you didn't know before and have a good time, but that's all I remember. Somehow you become part of some international organization, sitting in for some country, but they eventually show up and you're no longer needed.
      You're at the store and you're buying cheese and crackers and pepperoni. You have a bottle of gin in your jacket pocket. It's an OJ bottle or something that you have poured gin into. You walk home in the snow and drive out to Ls house. On the way there you you miss something and try to turn the car around but it just keeps skidding in a 360 on the icy road. Eventually you make it to L's house. There are people there who got stranded in the snow and were taken in by L's family. There are four of them and they are really nice. L gives you some codeine, which you only take half of because you can't afford to get constipated. I don't remember anything that was said when you were hanging out with the stranded people. Something about craft shops. I think they were artists or something. Eventually they leave and you apparently had become close because you all hugged on their way out. You drink some of your gin, which now has strange herbs and seeds in it which you assume you put in there to help with your health issues. A lot more happened during this dream/these dreams but I can't remember.
    2. Cake party

      by , 04-26-2013 at 07:57 PM
      Sort of a fuzzy dream, should have written it down earlier... you're in what I believe to be Oregon or Washington with your family (who is currently spread all over the world). You're in some cabin and you find a really nice cell phone that someone has left there. You decide to keep it for yourself (douche). Someone gives you a Christmas sweater. Later you're driving on a long straight bridge. When you get to where you're going it's a cake party. People just bring cakes for other people to eat. It's a pretty classy event and you feel way underdressed (white T-Shirt and flannel shirt) there are people there who you haven't seen or even thought about in years, in addition to J and (I think) S. The cake runs out and you're sad. But all the cake was really good. I remember in particular one tres leches cake. Also, you were helping someone do something with a perpetual motion machine, but they hid the machine and replaced it with a cake. This was before the party started, so that's probably why it turned into a cake party.
    3. Sliders

      by , 04-22-2013 at 01:11 PM
      ~50 mg 5-htp time release
      You are travelling between dimensions with maybe 3 other people. Every world you come to seems to be in trouble, and when you reach it you are presented with a number of options for how to help out. Your vessel is like a futuristic u-haul that can fly and traverses dimensions when it reaches 88 mph (lol). It's piloted by some chubby middle aged dude you've never seen before. I don't remember most of the worlds, but on one the water supply is controlled by a large corporation (probably because you're reading dune). You have to go into some plant and shoot a bunch of people and flip switches to shut down the plant so people can have free water. You feel kind of bad about shooting the people in the plant, but they are in the way. As you are leaving this planet you see the corporation's building and it's this huge black eastern looking onion-domed type of thing. Kind of looks like the Taj Mahal, except bigger and more spread out. In another dimension there are these strange enormous sea creatures coming to take over the continents because they want to live on land. At some point you return to regular Earth and buy a box of blue cheerios. The lady at the store won't take cash so you have to use a credit card. They cost 242 forints. You're with S now, and it seems he's been travelling with you. You talk about how it's annoying that every planet you travel to seems to be in some kind of trouble, and you wish you could just find a nice place to relax. You go back to your apartment, and I believe you realize that it's not your Earth.
      Flash - you and S are at a parking garage, the world is about to end and you're trying to think of a safe place to hide. You decide that you shouldn't be in the parking garage because it will probably fall down on top of you.
      Flash - you're in your apartment and you're worried because someone has been shooting at you through the window. you go to sleep for a bit, and then you're less worried because you realize it was a couple of months ago that someone shot at you. The bullet hole is still in the window. You're still a bit paranoid that they might try to kill you again.
    4. Louie

      by , 04-21-2013 at 01:25 PM
      ~75 mg 5-htp
      1 mg melatonin
      You're back in high school again. Louis C.K. is doing a show in the auditorium. After the show you go down to the theater department to use the bathroom. When you come out of the bathroom J is there and you give her a hug and talk about something. This is a pretty murky dream. At some point you are alone in the hallway and Louis comes to use the bathroom. You have a conversation. LAter on you're still in the hallway in the theater department and for some reason there are a bunch of people sitting around with their parents doing something. Your dad is there. Later still you're in a class being taught by Louis and he gets really pissed when you talk to much with A, who is at your school for some reason. At some point you're doing some kind of physics lab that involves kids in the class sliding down the long railing in the theater department. And that's it. A pretty fuzzy dream, all in all.
    5. Interstate

      by , 04-20-2013 at 01:23 PM
      100 mg time release 5-htp
      You just got off work at some big factory out to the west of town. B comes to pick you up and you guys decide to drive up to L's house. You text L as you are on your way and he says that he's down to hang out. B is already driving as you look up directions from where you are on your phone. You have trouble figuring out L's address, but after a while you find it. At this point you see that you have missed a turn that your phone wanted you to make, but the way you're going will still work. You are driving through suburban hell for a good while. You realize that it's your car, but for some reason B is driving. Then all of a sudden the interstate stops in a small, abandoned looking town with lots of trees... you need to use the bathroom so you get out and look for one. Stuff gets murky here - you were in three different environments at various times, or maybe they are all the same one. One is a fast food burger joint, but really rustic, one is like a grocery store, and one is somebody's house. In the burger king not much happened, you notice that someone has left a box of hamburgers out and you comment on this, wondering if they are coming back for their hamburgers. Here B waves over a heavyset black guy with dreadlocks. B knows him from his old Jewish school or something, and this guy joins you on your journey up to L's. again, chronology is a bit weird here, but later on you find yourself in a grocery store, looking for something to eat. you decide you want ice cream, so you grab a "drumstick" type thing and get in line at the counter. By the time you get to the counter you have eaten the whole thing, but you are able to tell the man behind the counter what it was that you are buying by gesturing to the freezer. he tells you that the price is 64 cents and 2400 of something you've never heard of before, but assume is some fraction of a penny. You tell him you don't know what it is, and he throws a bunch of unfamiliar coins on the counter and says that he will pay the 2400, but you need the 64 cents. you realize that you don't have your wallet on you, and ask B to cover the 64 cents. He takes some convincing, but eventually he hands over 2 one dollar bills, one of which the guy behind the counter gives back along with the change. you ask if you can keep one of the coins of the weird cent fractions because you have never seen one before. The guy says yes. I believe it is a 100 whatever piece. Very shiny, looks like platinum or something, and has the face of someone you don't recognize on it. as you are leaving the shop, you hear an announcement that there are criminals on the loose and that there will be checks on the way out of the parking lot. you get in your car and drive around the other side of the building to the exit from the parking lot, where there are suddenly tons of people milling around. you see the people who are checking IDs, and realize that you don't have your wallet and therefore no drivers license. You quickly switch seats with B so he can drive. He seems real paranoid about talking to the cops, and only cracks the window a bit when we drive up. they ask if we're from out of town, and B tells them yes, and without checking anything they say you can go. As we are driving away they ask if we have any firearms in the car, but B doesn't respond and just keeps driving. Ok, some time later we're in this guy's house in some suburb, and I don't really remember what we were doing there. Maybe getting something to eat. The guy seems weirded out when you use his bathroom. For some reason there's a stick of butter on the floor of the bathroom, and you pick it up and bring it to the guy, telling him you found his butter in the bathroom. Then you go back out to the car and continue driving. Now you're actually out in the boonies and it's a nice day (it was day when you started out, then night for a little while). You express your lament that you didn't bring your weed with you, and brandon comments that he hasn't been smoking weed recently because of his health. You tell him that you haven't smoked in a couple of months, but it's a nice day and L likes weed so you probably would. eventually i think you actually make it out to the farm. that's all I remember.

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    6. little league baseball

      by , 04-19-2013 at 02:44 PM
      ~75 mg time release 5-htp
      ~.5 mg melatonin
      Flash - your brother is at your apartment and you go out to buy beer but the store only has one beer left.
      Baseball - you are playing in a baseball game with a bunch of little kids (somewhere between like 6-13). this is at a field at a school that feels like a cross between two schools near your house in the US. No buildings to speak of though, just the field. You are horrible, can't hit the ball at all or throw. I remember a few at-bats and half innings in the field. when you are at bat you can't hit the ball and are actually frightened of hitting the little kid pitcher when you swing because he's standing so close. You realize that if you were able to make contact with the ball you'd be able to hit it really far relative to the size of the baseball field, which is really small. There's another guy your age on your team. You tell him that when you were these kids' age you were on a team that never won a single game in two seasons (true story). after the game you're sitting in a convenience store (probably the 7-11 on falls), waiting for your dad to pick you up. At this point for some reason you realize that you no longer go to school, but I'm not sure why. A young blonde woman walks in who is clearly really fucked up, it looks like heroin or a high dose of some other opiate. She buys a bag of rolling tobacco (a brand that you don't recognize), and you ask her if you can roll a cigarette with it. it comes with these wierd little filters that look like band-aids. for a while the 7-11 turns into a bus/train thing, and you're sitting there with the blonde girl, who is still really messed up. You roll one and use one of the weird filters, even though in reality you never used filters. After you roll it you realize that you stopped smoking cigarettes a month ago, and put it in your pocket. The 7-11 is a 7-11 again. You decide not to wait for your dad and to walk home, because your house is, after all, only like half a mile away. You are walking home along falls road and there are kids from the high school everywhere, because their school has just let out or something. While you were at the 7-11 it was nighttime, but it's changed to day now. As you are walking you decide to smoke your cigarette. you pull a pack of cigarettes you've never seen before out of your pocket, the pack is blue but the cigarettes are called (some dream brand) reds. in the pack are two cigarettes that look like cloves or something, and your hand-rolled cigarette. You are surprised to find this pack of cigarettes in your pocket. You take the cigarette you rolled and smoke it as you walk. as you are walking you meet your high school drama teacher, who is walking with his children. you talk with him for a while, and tell him about the baseball game. you express your chagrin that you were unable to hit the ball, and he comments that you never were. The road seems to end right where you are going to turn off it to go up the hill. just before you turn off of falls you see a guy playing guitar and children singing along. he seems to be recording it. then the dream ends.

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