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    1. 4 Lucid DEILD Attempts (seconds of success)

      by , 12-05-2013 at 08:03 AM
      I haven't tried to go lucid in about a year now, but attempted tonight. After a bunch of pretty (weirdly) normal dreams, I woke up while in a sort of continuation of that dream where I was currently outside a school entrance. I was sort of spinning around without gravity, and half-knew it was a dream. When I woke up, I immediately tried to go back, and did successfully, but sort of waited 5 seconds of the dream actually happening and DO doing things to realize, but then there was this sort of pulse in my head (I don't know if it as real or imagined), and I soon woke up. I tried to go back into the dream and succeeded again, this time appearing inside the school and a teacher was giving a lecture. A woman proceeds to pull me out of the classroom. It is assumed that I am in trouble and I am very angry at her. The teacher then appeared out in the hallway to ask me a geography question. The school obviously had something wrong with it. I thought doors were going to shut down and it would turn into some sort of haunted prison with laser eyed students at anytime (this, my friends, is anxiety). I tried to answer the questions like it was my last, saving breath, but I couldn't open my mouth. I have never had one of those dreams before (I remember all of my dreams). I did get to speak, but instead I was speaking out loud and found myself in my bed ("n-n-n-n-adi-") Nadir isn't even a specific place??? I don't know if the word had any significance, but it was my eighth grade vocabulary word. I'm not actually sure if this happened or was a FA, but I continued to go back into the dream, and this time was standing while a classmate (who I never had a good relationship with) came up to me, red laser eyes beginning to emerge. I think I tried so hard and was so angry at her that I managed to shut the dream down. AGAIN.

      Conclusions: What I found interesting was that I was able to wait 5 seconds ish before I realized that it was a dream so that it had a chance to start. The pulsing in my head (not sure if real or fake, again) occurred several times later once I had the realization it was a dream. I think I wasn't never deep enough into the dream to be able to change it.
      lucid , false awakening