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    Goals and Techniques

    by , 05-16-2014 at 06:15 PM (304 Views)
    This entry is a quick reference for me so I can be sure I'm keeping on track.

    Day Practice:
    - Constant present moment self-awareness / mindfulness
    - Sensory and environmental awareness
    - Lucid daydreaming / visualization
    - Mindfulness meditation

    Night Practice:
    - Meditate right before bed when possible
    - Read dream journal
    - Review memory of the day
    - Visualization
    - Naturally awaken after dreams
    - WBTB if time allows it

    - My house
    - Girlfriend and roommates
    - Video games and movies
    - Sudden location change
    - Any bizarre events

    Reality Checks (preferably in order):
    - Location
    - Recent memory
    - Current activity
    - Hands / Nose Pinch / Text
    - Review if those make sense and then return to focusing on the present moment

    Current Goals:
    - Lucid dreams 3 times a week
    - Calmly explore my dream world
    - Basic dream control (manipulating objects, levitate)

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