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    1. Sweet demoness, evil blonde bitch

      by , 11-11-2011 at 03:53 AM
      I was talking with a guy who seemed as though he wanted to teach me, but I knew for a fact that it was only evil shit, and the first step of the training he wanted to give, was for me to loose all of my goodness. He told me he would give me a night to make my decision, a night of all the things I could have, all the powers and whatnot.

      He nodded his head and did something with his hands, but I didn't feel any different. I said it was all a trick, but he told me to light him on fire. Without having to think about it, I raised my hands to become blue-green flames and threw fire onto the guy, engulfing him, but he didn't scream, he just smilied at me. I thought it was bad ass, and when he wiped the fire off him as if it were dirt or something, I threw the fire on him again, laughing.

      I roamed around this camp site that had a house in the middle of it, but the place was awesome as hell. It was just getting dark at that moment, and the sundown looked like a flame flickering out. I saw a lot of people, who seemed like they wanted me to join them in their fun, but then I heard this weird ass voice coming from one of the rooms in the house.

      I walked into the house and saw my girlfriend in one of the rooms, she was wanting me to be with her, but I told her to give me a minute. I walked into the room that I heard the noise in and it was completely empty. I looked around, it was like a burnt red color with black floor and ceiling. I saw a bed, and saw a shoe under it. When I reached down for the shoe, a hand with sharp nails came out and swiped at me like a cat.

      I backed away and waited a second before getting back down for the shoe, ready for the hand again. When the hand swiped at me again, I grabbed the wrist and pulled out one wicked hot chick. She was pale skinned with black hair, icy green eyes, and one hell of a body. She seduced me, though it wasn't exactly hard for her to do. Not going into detail about what happened at this point, but the guy who gave me the powers was watching from an outside window.

      I woke up spooning with her as the sun was coming up, I didn't mind that I had wasted the use of powers with being with her, but she told me without the powers, I'd never see her again. I asked what she meant, but then she dissappeared in my arms.

      I went to the room where I had left my blonde girlfriend (in the dream world she was) and I saw her with five black rappers, I stood there in shock, and she was jacking one of the guys off, smiling at me and asked if I wanted to join. I told her to fuck off, but then I actually thought about joining in. Instead LL Cool J tried to get me undressed, smiling and doing that licking lips thing he does, and I punched him so hard that his face exploded.

      None of the other rappers seemed to care, neither did the blonde bitch.
    2. Egyptian treasure hunt

      by , 11-11-2011 at 03:37 AM
      I was in Egypt, in one of the pyramids, and I came up to a large wall that had a bunch of stuff on it, like drawings, and the robot aliens from Fifth Element were there with me. When they showed up, the kid that was helping me ran off, and I remember running after him, but by the time I got to him, I was at the entrance of the pyramid, and he was already half way down the extremely large amount of stairs. I yelled out to him that he was a pussy, but it wasnít in English.

      I turned around, looked at the robot aliens and we all shrugged our shoulders, said screw it, and went back to work on the wall. I was in like an underground room, at a wall that I think was made of stone, like Egyptian type stuff, and there were people there with me. We were all talking about a hidden, or lost, treasure. But the wall was more like a door, just one big ass door like they show to be in the pyramids and whatnot in the movies when dealing with the Egyptians. I did something to make the wall go up, and I went into a giant room, all dark, except for my torch, and in the room, it was nothing but bags of gold coins. I looked around in amazement, and knew that I had found it, and that Iíd finally be rich as hell.
    3. Sons of Anarchy

      by , 11-11-2011 at 03:30 AM
      I dreamed that I was Juice from Sons of Anarchy, and I was speeding on my bike, going very fast and more or less flying on the bike across the road. I felt the speed in my stomach like it was real. Toward the end of the road, he was caught off guard and taken down, at this point, I was an onlooker, but he survived the crash. He told me that he was fine, and blamed the two prospects that were with us. Each prospect apologized by giving him an artifact or something, something that looked Native American, and he took them and put them in his pocket, and showed me that what has kept him alive was a particular artifact. It was again Native American, and looked like a really big arrowhead, but it was white like ivory and had gold edges and gold flowing through the artifact.

      Right after being Juice, I was Jax from Sons of Anarchy, and I was talking with Clay about a test I was going to have to go through. We were all in a trailer type house, and I called him Dad, and he looked at me funny at first, but then smiled. Inside he told me that the test was one of the hardest tests he had ever had to take, and then mentioned a guy named something Baggs. Like he was the test giver. Clay mentioned a party and mentioned that one sure fire way to pass the test was to invite the guy. I left the house as Jax, and got into a seventies model car (red) and started it up and took off.

      As I was driving down the streets I kept speeding up, until I was going very fast. But it was like I didnít know how to control the car, and I ended up driving on the sidewalk when I got into town, and then I was pulled over. I tried to slow down and adjust my driving. It took a while for me to stop, and when I did, there was the cop behind me, one beside me, one in front of me, and a helicopter flying overhead. I remembered thinking that this was a hell of a lot for simple speeding.

      The cop that issued the ticket was the guy I was looking for, something Baggs. He didnít care who I was, and was ready to write the ticket and impound the car, and possibly take me to jail. I tried explaining that I just wasnít used to driving a car.
      He asked what I was planning on doing that night, and I told him there was a party, and that I was looking for him to bring him along. He seemed shocked, but happy about it. I mentioned thereíd be a lot of booze and a lot of horny bitches. He then tore up the ticket and followed me to the party.

      At the party, it seemed as though I became Clay from Sons of Anarchy, and was watching Jax and the Baggs guy walking around the large amount of women and enjoying the party. I was watching more like a stalker though, as if I needed to take something away from the party. Then Gemma came up, said something (she was pissed) and then walked off. I was pissed that she was walking away from me, and wanted her to stay. Then a mess formed on the kitchen floor and I told one of the prospects, who saw the whole thing, to pick it the fuck up.
    4. Road to success?

      by , 11-11-2011 at 03:22 AM
      Dreamed that I was in a place that I didnít recognize for shit. It was almost like it was a bowling alley. Itís really hard to describe. There were two women there, both seemed to like me, neither one of them blondes, or redheads (these are my dream signs with women), both were brunettes. One was a little on the cubby side, but she was really cute. The other one was just hot as hell from what I can remember. It seemed as though everyone around the place was there for me. Like I was a celebrity or something. At one point, I was in front of the entire crowd, and someone mentioned for me to take my pants off. I did, and my brother was there laughing his ass off at me. I mooned the crowd and smacked my ass.

      Later in the dream, I told the chubby woman that I was tired, and she took me down into like a small type basement or something. But when I went down there, it was all sketchy, like the floor had a bottomless hole in the middle of it, and I was having to walk on thin boards to get across. She was very worried about me, and wanted to take care of me, and didnít want me to fall or anything. I remember feeling as though I was drunk, but I told her it was my vertigo. It was bad. At one point I more or less hopped across the gap, and I think she caught me and held on to me.
    5. Heaven and Hell?

      by , 11-11-2011 at 02:39 AM
      This is a really old dream of mine, but it was more or less the first lucid dream I ever had.

      I woke up from my bed (when I still slept in one) and stretched, scratched my ass, and opened my door. For some reason, I didn't walk down the hallway, but instead I just looked down it. Everything looked exactly how it was in real life. But as I lifted my foot to step forward, a large explosion went off. I closed my eyes from the brightness of the blast and felt the hot wind of it blow against me.

      When I opened my eyes the floor of the hallway was gone entirely and it became a wooden bridge, which looked like something out of a trippy movie and was rickity as hell. The walls were missing as well, even though the ceiling was still there. On the left side, the wall became nothing but flames, which seemed to reach out to me and burn at my skin. The right side became nothing but clouds, as if I were looking at them from the level of the clouds, and it felt nice and calm.

      I stared into the flames as if I were drawn to them, and then glanced at the clouds feeling calm. I reached out to the flames and felt them burn my hand. I then reached out to the clouds and felt their coolness. I walked out onto the bridge, which surprisingly held my weight, and faced the clouds. The flames burned my back, but before I could jump, which I wanted to do, I woke up.
      Tags: bridge, clouds, fire
    6. Tattoos, two hot chicks and an asshole DC.

      by , 11-11-2011 at 02:27 AM
      I was on the streets with these two chicks, and one random guy. The girls seemed to know me, but the guy seemed like he was just there and was wanting to show off the way a lot of guys do around hot women. One of the women said "I bet I can guess with one word what each tattoo of yours represents." I told her to go for it. She started listing them off, since I have thirteen tattoos, I'll leave out all that she said since it took a while.

      When I told her she was wrong on all of them, the other girl said she wanted to try, so I told her to go for it. Again she was way off, and seemed like she was just wanting to touch me instead of guess my tattoos. But I was more than fine with that.

      The guy butted in, which already pissed me off, but then he went straight for my question mark tattoo, which takes up half my rear forearm, and said "well this guy was a fucking idiot anyways." And before he could say anything else, I put him in a headlock, took him to the ground face first and started slamming his face into the street until there was nothing left of his face.

      Afterward, I stood up, walked up to the two women, who looked humored instead of shocked, and I showed them each of my tattoos and told them with one word what each of them actually means.
      Tags: fight, tattoos
    7. Big ass falcon and the tranny redneck

      by , 11-10-2011 at 05:57 AM
      I was in a gas station, being held prisoner in handcuffs and the orange jumpsuit. Inside the gas station were people I work with and the guys who were supposed to be watching over me were friendly. I was looking outside the window and a giant ass falcon flew in and landed on a pallet of 2-liter Pepsi bottles. I just stared at it, and it stared back at me. I walked up to one of the guys that was supposed to be watching me and asked if he could take the cuffs off, he said "yeah, it's not like you'll be going anywhere anyways."

      Once the cuffs were off, I somehow got into my normal attire. I walked back to the window and the falcon was still there, like it was waiting for me to come back. Once I did, I stared at it again and just wanted to be outside with it, to touch it, to fly with it, just anything as long as it was with that falcon. It started pecking at the Pepsi bottles, making them spray on the windows. I stepped back a little, but then I started laughing because it was like he was playing a game or showing off for me.

      I ran up to one of the guys that was supposed to be watching me again, and said "dude come check this shit out, this falcon is awesome." But the guy told me more or less to piss off since he was talking to a woman. Before I could go back to the falcon, a woman that I work with grabbed my hand and pulled me to her. She whispered in my ear "I can't believe he's talking to her, her breath smells like rotten shit and she has a weird build." I looked to the woman, thinking she looked fine, but to get away from the woman I told her "all us men need is something to stick it in and get off". She frowned and let go of me pretty quickly.

      I went back to the falcon and saw that it had somehow filled up a child's swimming pool with the Pepsi and was laying back in it the way a human would sprawl out in one. But the Pepsi had turned white. It scooped the Pepsi up with its wings the way a human would with their hands, and poured the Pepsi on itself starting from the head and let it wash down its body. When the Pepsi hit the birds feathers, it started changing different colors of bright blues, greens, purples and yellows, and as it washed back into the pool, it created a rainbow effect of ripples.

      All I knew was that I wanted to escape, but I felt like if I did, I'd be killed or something. So I just stayed, but then country music started playing, and I thought "all right fuck it, death would be fine right about now" and I started to take off for the door. But the same woman that had grabbed me before, grabbed me again and pulled me toward a dance floor that had appeared in the center of the gas station, and I was then thrown into the center of the stage where I bumped into a redneck tranny, or at least a cross dresser since I didn't want to find out, and I was forced to dance with him.

      The whole time, I kept looking towards the door, and finally when the song ended, I took off for it, but never made it. I don't know if I was shot, or what, but either way, it was just bright lights and then I woke up.
      lucid , nightmare
    8. A weird work day in Wal-Mart

      by , 11-10-2011 at 12:03 AM
      I was at work, Wal-Mart, on the toy aisle, with a female coworker. We were building a display that had toys from two separate movies, both pertaining to being directed by Steven Spielberg, Star Wars and Jurassic Park, and I mentioned how it would be nice if he were to suck my dick. I think it was a joke, but either way, at one point, she laughed and told me that Steven was coming for me. That he just got in the store and was on his way over. I donít know if it was to fight or what, hope it wasnít to suck my dick, but either way, she told me he was coming, for me.