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    5th February 2011 (six dreams)

    by , 02-10-2011 at 11:13 AM (361 Views)

    ~ In a house that looks like Dean's house in West A, a middle aged couple have 10 children, 5 girls 5 boys, on the landing I look into one bedroom, bunk beds line the walls in a blue room, there are kids wandering about looking at me like I am out of place, I walk into the kitchen, smells like breakfast, the parents are trying to get all 12 meals made, I then go into the bathroom and sit on the edge of the bathtub just to think, I see 2 women sitting in front of me, one with a camera, I look down and I am naked I cover my breasts, it seems tv showy, woman with camera (long blondy brown curly hair wearing glasses) asks 'would you strip off naked and have sex on camera?' I think about my body and how self conscious I am then think f**k it and say yes and walk across the room naked.

    ~ Kind of in West A, I get on a bus, Rebecca D is on it and Coralena H (not seen them or 6 years or spoke, were never close) the buss is full of girls who I am not sure like me, I sit near the back, feeling awkward, I walk to the front of the distorted bus, but on my way a blue peacock starts attacking and biting me, I'm shocked at the assault but not that there is one on the bus, it's a male peacock and it's feathers are blue and shimmery green, it is amazing to look at inbetween trying to subdue the big bird. I press the stop button on the bus and bird disappears I look out the window and there is a beautiful deep blue sky nearly night time, I see a waterfall but on top of the waterfall next to a bush I see a dead womans body, bloody (I blame watching seasons of Medium for this) I realise this is what the bird wanted to show me.. the bus driver calls the police, they are swarming the bus taking details from the other girls, and they are proud of me for spotting it.

    ~ In a weird dark room and a PC is on, there is a white cupboard under the computer near the right side, I go in trying to find some goodies, I see a white tub with SD10-K written on, inside are medium sized white pellets perhaps 300 of them, I put one in my mouth crunch it slightly then realise it could be anything, I go on computer onto google and lysergic acid pops up, I think wow this is awesome, I then have 2 more tablets and the dream ends.

    ~ (again I blame Medium tv show for this one) A woman befriends people drugs them and then offers to take them home to safety conving them they've had too much to drink, she then kills and robs them, I find out she is going to target me and take my dads store of gold. I pretend to react from what she gives me in the club, and then act drugged leaning on her the way home, in house I collapse between two big red chairs, though open my eyes slightly to watch her, when she turns her back I jump on her but she is strong, I run out of the house into the back garden screaming trying to wake up the neighbours, she tackles me so I put my fingers in her eyes to cause damage, she then does it to me hurts me, I hear my dad shouting she gets off me quickly and tells him she brought me home concerned and that I attacked her, she is playing innocent, he believes her and offers her the spare room, I am outraged and argue with him.

    ~ I'm then in Mr Rossi's art class in my old sec school, and pick up someones art sheet, it shows different peoples eyes drawn and coloured in paint, on each eye there are 3 outer rings of colour, they aren't really neat as I look closer, each colour had a cool name, ingredient of ones eye colour, think one was called calladium? weird wonderful names for each colour.

    ~ I'm out shopping in a mall with my parents, I see Martyn H (ex bf) he looks slightly different but smiley, my mam speaks to him, I pretend I haven't seen him, with it being awkward I then think fk it and we give each other a huge cuddle our groins touching, it's nice, he then whispers to me 'remember when we had sex in the chair watching that dvd?' I then see the scene he is on about and smile (though in reality that never happened).

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