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    Good as Gold

    1. June 3

      by , 06-03-2012 at 11:57 PM
      First dream: Have to go to football practice. Running late because I chose to leave like ten minutes before six. Seems like I'm at the old house, almost as if it were combined with some type of farm area, as I drive around in a field. Cross some type of river (do I return home realizing that I won't make it in time inbetween crossing the river? Not sure.) and swimming there is Kimmy, Jessica, and I believe some other people I don't recall. Go into the river and talk to Kimmy a while, end up holding hands. Wake up.

      Second dream: At my grandma's with family. Seems like some type of party, maybe a birthday party? I dunno but some guy comes in with stuff from ancient Greece, old baseball bats, etc. Grab on to a bat and swing it around some... Remember trying to go into the bathroom but my grandma is in there, she spits as she leaves.
      non-lucid , memorable