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    1. Old School things change

      by , 02-08-2011 at 07:20 AM
      So it started out like this

      I was in my kitchen My brother passes me a cup while I was washing the dishes & says hey this cup is dirty I washed it I went to put on the bench.
      Then I see a lamb chop I say what the hell then I look on the dinner table there's another one then look on the other bench and there's three on it
      I did a reality check the BOOM became lucid so I walked into the lounge My cousin is watching a movie the lamp was on .

      I try to imagine a my best friend when I walk back into the kitchen instead I scary Dark figure of a girl with drenched hair
      was standing there then the dream was about to end so I did dream spinning (Take note I stabilised that 1 lucid dream
      at least 30 times lasting up to 1:30mins +) .
      I was at my old school this time there was a crowd of people so I just walked around the other side of the school interesting things
      were happening these Pro soccer players were kicking this ball around but the ball was flying so high up into the sky then
      the juggled around to the next person I said "Hey you guys are awesome" *ball hits my back*
      I jumped but notice that the gravity was low dream nearly ended again dream spinned.

      This time I was outside of the school There was this family I was invisible but for some reason only the girl could
      see me I jumped into the car with them the drove off The mum turns on the radio. *Radio announcer "This is Techno on 98.8 music plays"
      While I was in the car there was a man on top of another car he jumped onto another car
      dream nearly ended again *Me Dream spinned* I was back at my school but in the front yard
      there was a crowd of people some had disgust look on their face looking at something sadly
      I didn't get to see what it was because while I pushed through the dream ended unexpectedly very fast.

      The End

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