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    1. Forset of random!

      by , 01-30-2012 at 02:17 AM
      I'm standing at the top end of a big outdoor staircase with a friend of mine, talking with him, then I look over my shoulder and see a cute girl that can't assemble her bicycle, we keep looking at her, when she starts to take her shirt and bra off, and we are like "fuck yeah" 8D
      Then she see us and begins to come over to us, but then she is over at us, she got clothes on again, she then says "I want you to meet Mr *****" and we were like oh fuck it's her husband, and we starts running like hell down the stairs and in to the woods, my friend out runs me, but I keep running and then out of nothing the woods is going straight up like a wall, I start climbing up of it, then I get to the top, I start running again, out of nothing I stop and see that I'm on the ceiling of a old castle, I then look then on the floor and see some people firing bows and arrows, I then look around in the room and look out again, and I see a kinda mental place, there a lot of people is working with clay, I then jump down through the floor, and smashes some of the peoples clay work, I then start to throw with the clay because I thinks it looks funny and kinda like shit 8D
      I then want to go out to take a piss, but there is a big black bodyguard, stopping me and saying "you can't go out there, because Robbie Williams is out there and he is FUCKED up", so I turn around and out of nothing again all the people is sitting at laptops, I then to over to one of them and see a chocolate milk, I reach out for it, then a person grabs my arm and say "you can't take that" and I'm like why not? he then says "because its just like mine" and he is showing me a Pepsi.
      I then wake up