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    Bizarre imagery followed by LD

    by , 09-14-2017 at 01:55 AM (99 Views)
    I woke up early this morning and couldn't get back to sleep right away. As I was laying in bed I started to get the sensations that my body was falling to sleep (pressure, vibration) and then had a strange sensation that something was emerging from my left arm. I looked down at it and saw a tiny head growing out of it. It was grotesque and started whispering strange words (somehow directly into my right ear). It was very creepy, but I felt strangely calm and told it to leave. It didn't leave, but I decided to ignore it and focus on the spinning sensation that I was having. I allowed myself to surrender to the disorienting feeling and soon found myself flying down towards a building that seemed to be a community/retreat center. A woman saw me flying over her head. I circled around the room a few times and then went into the basement to explore. I discovered that I could put my fingers through the wall and started trying to put my hands through various types of surfaces. Strangly, hollow metal tubing felt dense and solid on the inside and brick felt viscous. I pulled my hand out of the brick wall and it was covered with goo.
    I then suddenly found myself back in my bed and very aware of my body. I began to feel strong vibrations and heard a high-pitched clanking vibration and was pulled downward through space. All around me I saw vibrant, swirling, floral-like patterns. My husband stirred next to me in bed, which brought my awareness back to my body and stopped the downward motion, but the moving patterns continued to grow and swirl around me for several more minutes.
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