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    1. My First Recorded Dream (In a DJ)

      by , 05-07-2013 at 07:58 AM
      There is kind of erotica in this one (Nothing actual, just talk of it), I guess that's why it was so vivid and exciting and I could remember quite a bit.. I didn't see any ruling against erotica in the DJ, but if there is please take this down, I have no intention of going over the rules.

      I remember sitting in a room (in retrospect it was very similar to a classroom in which I study often, one that looks like a bomb shelter, with blue chairs with tables connected to them, and I think there was a board behind me) with 100 girls (The number came up in the conversation, I don't remember any of them except two girls with whom I have little to no contact with IRL, and one of them I find not attracting in the least), and my sister. The idea came up that they would all give my a blow job (NOT including my sister)... they agreed, I agreed, we moved on.
      A small scene I remember was that one of the girls I knew came to me, and asked me if I was in 3 units math (Lowest level of math you can do to get a high school diploma), I said "God no", she said "I can't do this then" and walked away. I remember my heart beating like crazy (And, well... another organ about the same...).

      I remember driving in what I think was some black jeep. Sky was blue, I was sitting in the left seat in the back, staring out the window. next thing I remember is reaching some building (I don't remember leaving the car), a ~10 meter tall meeting with glass walls, inside there were many round tables with tablecloths on them and a bar, not sure if there was an event inside, there were definitely people. The tables, the floor and the bar were white. I entered the building, and I remember meeting a kid there, one with whom, again, I have extremely little contact. He asked me where a friend of mine was (A close one), I pointed out of the window and there he was.

      We skip to me and my sister walking down the street, in parallel to the entrance to the last building. She gave me sexual advice, I couldn't remember any of it. The street was full of people, yet I didn't feel slightly embarrassed by the conversation (I guess it didn't come to my mind, even though I'm very uncomfortable about these topics IRL).
      The last thing I remember was arriving to a building that also had glass walls, but also had beige walls from the inside. I never entered it, but I think I might have seen a girl inside.

      Few Notes:
      -Started DJ a night before this one, but I was empty of dreams.

      -Last dream I remember (Not recorded though, it's been a week ago or so) was also an erotic dream with quite a bit erotic action in it.

      -I figure this might have some significance, I'm a virgin. Never had a GF before.

      -I wasn't very aware at the time, but IIRC I remembered way more about the dream (The sexual advice, the conversation at the start, possibly the girl inside the last building), back when I was at bed, but I thought those were just thoughts, not dream memories so I didn't write down at the time (Even though this has happened before, I didn't think it would work on me again.. I better prepare a few mantras about this for tonight). Only a while later I realized my daydreams are in third person, and this was definitely a first person memory.

      -In my personal DJ I have all the names I know written, it just seems irrelevant here.

      -My relationship with my older sister is far from a comfortable and sharing one, it can get to the point that I hate her guts. And even though she's a pervert (and experienced I guess...), and I would never take advice from her nor share anything like this with her (I wouldn't share it with anyone).

      -I can only assume the part with the jeep was still part of the dream based on the sky, intuition, and possibly that's how I chronologically remembered it.

      -I might have written fairly irrelevant info, but since I can recall 0-0.5 dreams a night.. I write EVERYTHING down.

      That's all I got, this dream was non-lucid, of course, and it's the first dream I record with a DJ.