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    May Experiment

    Doing an experiment for the month of May.

    Goals for DJ include:

    -Recording everyday of remembered dreams or not.
    If remembered:
    -What I remember about dream
    -Any dream symbols I see
    -What dream symbols may mean
    -What to do to possibly improve
    -What I learned
    Not remembered, I record:

    -Why I believe I didn't remember
    -Variables I feel should be considered
    -What to do the next night

    Starting date: May 11th 2012.
    Ending date: June 1st 2012.

    1. 14 May 2012

      by , 05-14-2012 at 06:03 AM (May Experiment)
      It is 12:36AM on Monday, May 14, 2012. I am tang vyvanse tonight to stay up in order to do work for school. Also I plan on doing some more research on lucid dreaming. I woke up today around 1:00PM (5/13/12) I assume i'll want to take a nap around 1:00PM (5/14/12). This is when my next attempt will be. Depeding on how tired I am I may take a vyvanse in the morning to get through class. If this is the case, then I will not be tired until that night. This entry will be in place of the night of sleep I have missed. I have started to use dream view.com as it seems to be helpful. I will also record any new findings throughout the night. My main questions for the night: Do drugs affect dreams? Also, do they affect the ability to recall dreams or even become lucid?
    2. 12 May 2012

      by , 05-13-2012 at 11:30 PM (May Experiment)
      Writing this at 5:30PM on May 13 2012. I slightly recall remembering my dreams of that night. Very vague nothing vivid and very displeasing. First night of my research month. Confused that I did not become lucid or at least remember dreams. I felt very focused and aware in the waking world. The day before (11 May 2012) I spent hours on hours reading about lucid induction, as well as reading about others lucid dreams with the thought that if I spent most of the day concentrating and focusing on lucid dreams, I would have one. (Or at least remember my regular dreams). As of now I hadn't remembered my dreams and this is really putting a damper on my experiment as I need to progress fast.
    3. 13 May 2012

      by , 05-01-2012 at 05:00 AM (May Experiment)
      This morning I awoke still not remembering anything. Last night I was not as focused and had dramatically less effort was given. I felt the night before I was too focused and too excited I was not able to sleep. I was not surprised when I did not remember anything. This morning however. I haven't really fallen to sleep at any reasonable hours. After smoking marijuana several times a day this may also affect my ability to remember my dreams. We will find out. Also I plan on not sleeping until after my class tomorrow morning (14 May 2012). Also I have been taking vyvanse.


      -An alarm or sudden wakening may help to remember dreams.

      -Television on have any affect on dreams? (haven't left on yet)

      -Maybe fall asleep at a normal time. (have been around 4-6AM)

      -Nap may increase chances of lucidity.

      -Wake up early, after an hour go back to sleep.

      -Start writing in dream journal right after awakening.

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