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    One New Message

    by , 02-25-2013 at 05:40 PM (301 Views)

    * ADA + WBTB + MILD after 7hrs sleep this night. Was up for about an hour. Ate a banana and drank cup of herbal tea before going back to sleep.

    I'm in a small living room but I don't recognize it. I'm mindlessly walking over to a table with an old answering machine that sits next to a telephone. I start playing the messages on the answering machine. Evil sounding noises start coming form the answering machine and I think to myself 'Evil' and I am suddenly very scared. I wonder how evil could have infected my answering machine. Suddenly I realize this doesn't make sense and I become lucid.

    I test this by looking at my hands and predictably my hand looks distorted. It always seems to be a different distortion and this time the odd thing is that my index and little finger are only about an inch long while my other fingers are the normal length. I am positive I'm in a lucid dream now.

    I make my way out of the room and down some stairs to the front door. I walk outside and looking up a hill is a large windmill. I try to do my lucid task of trying to run very fast. I think about running very fast up the hill. However I seem to be stuck and actually walking very slowly dispute my efforts to run.

    My vision starts fading to black and I wake up.

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