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    1. Deild

      by , 06-05-2017 at 12:04 AM
      The past few weeks,I've been awaking a lot during the night,after dreams. So I've been making small attempts at Deild. I hadn't made any major attempts,because I typically can't recall my non lucid dreams too well after many interruptions during my sleep cycle,aswell as I have trouble going lucid when someone else is in the room. However,I actually managed it somewhat. Was a Deild into Dild? I awoke,kept my eyes closed,set the intention and hung onto my consciousness but fell asleep,luckily I still began aware within my dream. I was in a room that wasn't mines. Pretty small. A bed with brown,reddish covers. A wooden dresser with old school vantage mirror top. I think that's what it's called,and a door. Seemed like it would belong to an older woman. I decided ide do the Totm. Which ones I could remember. First I attempted to recall successfully my waking life information. Name,age,parents,waking body location,etc. after this,I stopped myself and rubbed my hands together to increase stability before moving onto biting something. First,I bit into the bed coverings taking a chunk out of it. Lol Tasted like fabrics,I tried once again,but a piece of thread got stuck between my teeth. I couldn't recall any other tasks,so I went to leave,but took a chunk out of the door. It had no taste,but I was able to create a pleasurable taste of a burger,but remembered I'm a vegetarian. Lol and changed it to specialty fries from a local restaurant.

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