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    Motel Mouse- 8-6-10

    by , 08-06-2010 at 02:00 PM (365 Views)
    no its not as bad as the title sounds . me and my sister were outside this building, i think we were looking for a place to sleep. on the other side of the building there was this open area where you could get a motel room. there was a rack with keys on it, made of concrete, the keys were brass colored. they all had numbers on them, but we chose number 13. but there was no one there to buy it from, i guess the motel was free lol. then, after a memory gap, its morning, and im sitting at a dining room table, although it was more like a folding card table. then some other people came in from the other side of the room, a family i think. they had this pet rat, it was about the size of a small cat lol, but it wasn't nasty looking, i actually liked it. i sat on the couch, and it jumped up and started sniffing me, putting its wet nose all over my face. i was laughing because it was tickling me . i was playing with it, i think one of the other people commented on how the rat took a liking to me. then, after yet another memory gap, im outside, near this tree, i think the rat is outside too, and im still playing with it.

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