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    1. The women in the red dress

      by , 01-05-2018 at 07:13 PM
      Peeling skin-red.jpg

      This women is a reoccurring character in my dreams. She's a tall blonde white women wearing a red dress, i don't know anyone like her and yet she's always creeping in my dreams. She once tried to convince me that she was my aunt.

      She started appearing in my dreams a few years ago and one of the first dreams I had where she was tormenting me was when I found myself walking through this small wooden maze. I'm not claustrophobic but the small narrow hallways were panic inducing. In the middle of the maze was a mall furnished room, there was only enough room to fit a queen sized bed. As i entered the room an old man holding a life sized mannequin that highly resembled the red dress women welcomed me to his home and offered me to stay the night. For some reason I agreed and laid down in the bed and he placed the mannequin on the bed facing away from me and said that she would keep me company if I got lonely and then left.
      I am not a fan of mannequins so I just sat in bed and stared at the mannequin feeling too uneasy to sleep. Then the mannequins head turned to face me and she was smiling and I wasn't having none of that so I jumped out of bed and started running through the maze, I entered another room but this time it was like a house of mirrors and the mannequin was standing in the middle of the room staring at me and smiling and that is all I can remember before waking up.
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      non-lucid , nightmare , memorable
    2. The Nightmare that scared my childhood

      by , 01-05-2018 at 06:47 PM
      When I was in elementary school I was around 9-10 years old and one night I had had this dream where I was in this dimly lit hallway that had purple and green lighting
      I'm of first nation descent and at the end of the hall was a small room where I found one of those big animal skinned drums you see at pow wows and a few drummers that I knew were all sitting around it drumming and singing. This dream doesn't get disturbing until I walk back down the hall and see two doors, one is for the girls bathroom and the others it for the boys, I go to open the girls bathroom and as I open it I see my sisters dead body hanging on a hook that was attached to the inside of the door. Her eyes were open and lifeless and her mouth hung open then quickly my dad comes out of the bathroom grabs the door and swings it shut. I wake up and I was so disturbed that I was shaking and was afraid of my dad for a while after which is odd considering I love my dad and tho I do remember the times he'd get angry and grab my arm a little too tightly but he'd always apologize after and he'd never hurt me on purpose so the dream was real confusing.