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    1. THis nightmare i had scared the liveing hell out of me and i couldn't wake up from it help!!!!!!!

      by , 01-30-2012 at 01:08 AM

      I had this really bad nightmare i was in a grave yard wereing a dress that was black and open in the front with a shit load of white ruffles showing i was siting on a head stone smileing strangely and i was pointing my finger and saying don't let anyone get in your way my pet and a Skeleton was obaying my comomned it was covered in blood and there was blood on the ground and dead people every were and i was just laughing i tried to wake up but i couldn't i was so scared when i woke up in the moring i was covered in sweat i had just told the skeleton in my nightmare to kill a child a little kid i was so scared and upset in rl i start to cry but i stiffled my sobs and just sat there in my bed with a look of pure tarror on my face oh what should i do i'm scared