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    1. Amazing lucid Realism!

      by , 04-05-2012 at 07:51 PM
      So last night i had my 4th lucid dream, but man.. this was a special one, when my reality checked worked i still couldn't believe that it was just a dream, it was that realistic.

      so it started with a false awakening, i woke up in my bed and looked up at my iron maiden "trooper" poster, except this time it looked strange, so i decided to do a hand reality check, so i looked down at my hands and studied them. They just looked as normal as my everyday hands. But i still thought "something isn't right" so i did the holding your nose reality check, and i started breathing perfectly fine (such a weird experience) so after being shocked by this realization i rubbed my hands together as a stabilization technique (every time ive used this technique i get weird tingles throughout my body, why?) and when i looked up, my room just looked amazing! i could clearly seen the slight reflections in my posters, my house just looked so life like, even after knowing that i was dreaming i was still finding it hard to believe that this is all inside my head because it was sooo realistic. I told my dad "you do know that this is all a dream" (not because i thought he was real, i just wanted to know what his reaction would be) and he just walked straight past me but my brother frowned at me and started to walk towards me, so i just used my telekinesis powers and flung him in the sky unlucky for him, my brother always seems to be the victim of my lucid dreaming powers hahaha.

      to gain this lucidity, i used a form of wbtb, i set my alarm 6 hours after i fell asleep so that i would be pretty far along in my REM cycle, and then i thought about being lucid until i fell asleep. do you think that, the lucid dreaming experience can improve depending on how far along the REM cycle you are? because my lucid dream was the last dream i had and it was unbelievable.

      I also tried the dream spinning technique but it didnt work , any tips? and when you spin do you keep your eyes open? or close them and think about the place where you want to be?
    2. Properly Lucid?

      by , 03-22-2012 at 01:00 AM
      2 nights ago i was in a nightmare were i was about to be killed, i was about to manually awaken myself as i do in this type of situation in nightmares, but instead i stayed in and looked at my hands as a reality check, and it look as if my hands were all reflected by mirrors as there were loads of reflections, then i appear in this room with 2 of my friends, i remember looking down at my hands again and i had 20 fingers on each hand and i knew that i was dreaming, however i thought that my 2 friends were also lucid dreaming and could control everything.... and i did not really take controll, i just "knew" i was dreaming, but i also thought that my friends were real was this a lucid dream?
    3. Beginner Lucid Dream Journel

      by , 03-11-2012 at 08:30 PM
      So last night i had my first real lucid Dream! and this is how i did it and what happened.
      (non lucid) I was being chased by these guards over this big field, which lead into a forest. As i entered the forest i seen that the guard had stopped chasing me, so i ended up roaming in the woods until i woke up. As i awakened i recorded my dream in my voice recorder with all the details of the forest and what actually happened. And as i started to fall back to sleep i kept on reminding myself of the intention to become lucid, and i was also trying to picture the forest to try and re-enter the dream. Shortly after, i am walking in the forest and i think to my-self "this seems familiar" and then it hit me, "i just recorded this dream scene in my dream journal, so this must be a dream!", so as i walked forward i seen a large open field which seemed to be foggy and unclear, but since i was somewhat lucid, i decided to rub my hands together and the second time i looked back up BAM!, everything became so clear, vibrant and full of life. The grass was a healthy bright green color, and i could clearly see the field stretch for miles, the sky was a crisp light blue with no cloud in sight. And as i looked to my right i seen a tree right beside me, i could see the bark clearly hanging off the tree trunk and every single crack and small detail, it was as clear as real life but much more colorful and exotic. Then i seen a girl in the distance so i imagined her being directly in front of me, then she just suddenly appeared there. I decided that i wanted to change this random person to a girl that i know, but as i closed my eyes and tried to imagine her multiple times, [/COLOR]she would not change into the person that i wanted her to be and then i heard voices and as i looked behind me i seen a huge search party that was after me, but i did not think of them as dream characters, i thought that they were real so i ran away, at that point is where i think that i lost my lucidity.

      Does anyone know why i couldn't change that dream charter to a girl that i know?
      other than that, i have never experienced anything like that before! it was so beautifull and its amazing to think of the world that is inside your own head.