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    Olympics + Wrestling

    by , 08-24-2012 at 04:23 AM (350 Views)
    Woke up on 8/16/12

    1) I was running down a sidewalk saying how Caesar’s pizza wasn’t that bad and it was only $5 for a large. I ate a piece and by the time I was done I was at the entrance of an Olympic stadium but it looked dark around the edges and bright only on the stadium. I saw my friend Aaron Wang and someone handed me a clear box that had four California rolls in it which rested on what I think was lettuce. The box was a normal size and I wondered why a box this size was needed for only four pieces of a California roll. I remember thinking of eating them and a piece of pizza that Aaron was offering to me but then saying that I shouldn’t because I was about to wrestle and I had already eaten one. I remember feeling very thirsty.

    2) The next thing I remember I’m inside the actual stadium in the top right corner and I’m doing a synchronized movement thing with countless other people in a rectangle for the US though I don’t feel at all surprised by the fact that I’m in the Olympic stadium. The judge was Chinese and was unimpressed, but not annoyed. I remember them giving a command that meant “Be a kid” or something and I didn’t know which action that meant so I did something weird. When I saw everyone in the stadium sit down criss-cross I did as well (I assume this is because we are told to sit like this when we are kids). I saw my friend Huy from Tae Kwon Do sitting next to me smiling. Next, the group was told to do something that meant to sew. I began to pretend to sew with the others and they told us to do something specific while sewing but I didn’t understand. The dream changed perspective and I saw the judge. He was explaining how us Americans were bad at synchronization so they even needed a commercial break. The dream then turned into a commercial and the Chinese judge was shown in a picture. The picture was actually of a famous Asian man, but I can’t remember his name. The name of the judge was shown beneath the picture and he was again commenting on our performance. When the commercial was over I started to sew in a very specific way like we were told to. Lastly, I remembered thinking that the reason the Chinese were so good is because they learned to do so many things early in their lives that in the synchronization event we were doing they could easily do the commands called out.

    3) I was in the stands of the same Olympic stadium and the board said Japan and the US were about to wrestle but against other countries and the style was Greco-Roman. I didn’t want to miss it and after I saw the matches I went home to get something because for some reason my home was close-by.

    4) I was sitting in the stands of a school at a normal wrestling dual meet and there were three bleachers along three mats. I was in the very left. I took out a camcorder and started filming all the way to the right mat when my coach, Coach Robinson, interrupted and said something that was meant to stop. I went back to the far left bleachers and filmed someone in yellow who was running back and forth along the back of the mat and I concluded that he was sprinting and that someone I saw running earlier, who looked and dressed like someone I know named Elliot, had probably been doing the same.

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