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    1. Ace Attorney

      by , 09-15-2012 at 06:07 PM
      lol, my usual DJ is currently out of reach of my bed, so I'm writing this here

      I dreamt that I went to a local sci-fi con to see the Ace Attorney movie. It was different from the real one. After I watched it, I went to this room where they were going to show it on a TV. When I got there, though, the actors for Phoenix and Edgeworth were outside. I shook hands with Phoenix, then tried to shake hands with Edgeworth but I put out the wrong hand and it was awkward. As I was walking inside, there were a few more actors along the wall. One was an old lady who had played Oldbag. Then there were 2 people who apparently had played Layton characters, and their actual faces were all deformed like Layton side characters tend to be. Their faces were all tiny and squished to the bottom of their round heads with no chins.

      I finally got inside, it had already started and I looked to see a small TV behind me on the wall, plus a few rows of plastic chairs. Trying not to block it, I was going to try to find this girl I follow on tumblr. I saw her, then realized I'd never talked to her so she would have no idea who I was. I found a friend and sat down next to them, looked back up, and suddenly it was the actors putting on a live play about the movie. Someone from the audience disturbed them, and they worked it into the play somehow.

      I left at some point and saw a girl sitting outside the room under a table, drawing on some paper that was on the ground. I'd met her before, so went over to talk to her. It was suddenly inside a dimly-lit but nice mall. She was sitting next to a pile of small packages wrapped in brown paper, and we were trying to figure out what they were for. I realized they were prizes for a draw. They all had names and the item that was inside written on them, and most of them were iPods. I looked and found a package for me, but it was an AA related item, possibly a bag.
    2. Happy lucid

      by , 05-05-2012 at 05:34 PM
      - I was standing in the bathroom in my house, and something weird happened, so I did a nose plug RC. It failed and I became lucid. I tried to walk through the wall to get into the hallway, but it didn't work, so I opened the door and walked out. My house looked a bit different. I threw myself at the stairs, trying to fly down for fun, but ended up just falling and slamming into the door at the bottom in slow motion. I stood up and saw my mom and my aunt sitting in the living room, then went in the kitchen and saw my cousin sitting on the floor in a pink outfit, except she was younger, maybe 3 or 4. I...wasn't very lucid yet at this point, and I just sort of kicked her out of the way lol, and she started crying. I went into the living room and guiltily said, "I accidentally hurt her..." and my mom was just like, "oh yeah don't worry, it happens, I do it all the time". I RCed again to be sure, then continued on.

      I went into my back yard, but suddenly got self-conscious because for some reason I thought the people I saw outside were there IWL and would see me. I imagined myself going outside when I woke up and asking them if they'd just seen me. A girl in my class who lives near me, LM, was in the yard next door.

      The dream suddenly faded and I woke up; I don't know whether I was really awake or not, but I think I was. I moved my arm, then realized that was a bad idea and moved it back. I tried to re-enter the dream, and succeeded after a few seconds. I sat up in bed, did an RC, and stood up. My vision suddenly disappeared, but I forced my eyes open with my hands and it came back. I counted the fingers on one of my hands a few times, and got six each time. Then I went back out into the yard, more lucid this time. I actually managed to walk right through the wall this time, and felt kind of proud when I got through.

      Once I was out there, I decided to try some verbal commands. I yelled for the dream to stabilize, and it did make a slight difference. It felt pretty stable. I recalled a post I'd read on DV and yelled, "show me something amazing!" After a few seconds, the colours of the dream started to flicker, then everything was suddenly a rose pink, with a soft round black border at the edges of my vision. I said out loud, "okay, turn it off now, I don't want to see the world through an Instagram filter." xD The colours returned to normal.

      I noticed there were a bunch of big, cool birds around the yard. They were probably about 3 or 4 times the size of a pigeon, but with a small pigeon's head and face. Their feathers were really fluffy, some of them were black, and some were blue. I went up to a group of them and said "Oh my god hi, can I touch you?" I reached out towards one of them, but it just made a really pretty cooing noise and shied away from my hand, so I didn't touch it.

      I wanted to try and meet someone in my dream, and decided I'd try and go find N. Without even really thinking about how to fly, I started flapping my hands a bit to rise into the air, then started swimming in the air to move. I tried different strokes and stuff to see if I could go faster. It wasn't super fast, but I was okay with it. I started trying to convince myself that N had moved into a house down the street. I flew into the street, but got tangled in the telephone wires, and had to go higher. I reached a house less than a minute away from mine (which really exists) and went inside.

      Inside, to the right of the entrance, there was a blueish porch with someone in it. Straight ahead, the rest of the house was very warm looking, with dark reddish wood and yellow-orange walls. Most of the house was risen maybe 1.5 feet above the small area I was standing in, with a tall step to get to it. The main room was pretty empty, and I saw a doorway to what looked like the kitchen in the far right corner. Two very old women came out of it who looked like twins, both dressed in yellow and with long fluffy white hair. I thought to myself that I 'wouldn't be able to find N in here because I knew in my heart it wasn't true', so I left.

      Once outside, I rose into the air again and concentrated as hard as I possibly could on the fact that he would be just around the corner a couple blocks down. I started off slowly flying down the street, but sped up as I got to the corner. The thought actually took a lot of energy, but as I rounded the corner, I saw N approaching on a black skateboard. He was wearing a black jacket with red designs on the front and black pants. His eyes widened and he smiled at me, but didn't say anything. I touched down and walked over, then started saying something about how I was pretty sure I was dreaming. I counted the fingers on one hand and there were eight. I gave him a hug, and tried to concentrate on keeping the dream as well, but I felt like my eyes were closing. I could still feel it, but everything faded to black. This lasted for a few seconds.

      I 'woke up' into a short FA where I took a notepad and pencil out of my purse and was about to write the dream down, but then woke up for real.

      - I also had a short dream earlier, after being awakened by the phone ringing and someone leaving a weird message. I dreamt that I checked the phone to see who it was, and saw a bunch of calls from 'DEBT COLLECTOR' or something similar. I asked my mom about it, and she said, "oh yeah, that's the money I still owe from when I went on a scuba diving trip to make friends with the oysters."
    3. Lip piercings & fragments

      by , 04-19-2012 at 10:09 PM
      - I was at some piercing/tattoo shop, and decided to get my lip pierced twice for some reason. I was very nervous about the pain. They had some kind of hybrid of a piercing gun and a needle to do it with. I sat in the chair, squeezed my eyes shut, and told the girl there to go ahead. It didn't hurt at all. I told her so, laughed, and thanked her as she went to get studs to put in. I looked in the mirror and the holes were like this:
      I'm not really a fan of upper lip piercings, and I just remembered that in the dream when I looked at it. I decided I'd wait and see how I felt about it later on. I noticed the holes looked like they were starting to close up already. The girl finally came back, but she only had these huge ugly Hello Kitty studs. They each had a cheap plastic HK figure on the front that was probably half an inch tall. She gave me one to put in. It hurt and looked gross, but I finally managed to shove it through.

      It gets fuzzy around here. Before I did the next one, my mom suddenly showed up, and was angry that I'd done it without telling her. She told me to take them out, but I refused. Then I have a vague memory of the shop being held up or something and everything getting all scary and violent, but I was rudely awakened this morning so I'm not sure what happened.

      - Fragment where I went to work to get my schedule and it was very awkward. (I was worried about having to do it today, but it went smoothly for once.)

      - Something about French class...I know I remembered more this morning but I didn't write them down, so meh.
    4. ITG, downtown & living mousepads

      by , 04-09-2012 at 03:34 PM
      - I was at school, and there was a new ITG2 machine next to my geography classroom. I was a bit shy to play it by myself in school at first, but there was no one around, so I decided to do it. It was free, so I got on and played...Love♥Shine? Somehow. After that, I turned and saw there were some people watching, including my geography teacher. He said, "Come on, it's time to go to class," and I said, "But there are still 2 more songs..." (even though I hadn't paid?) and he was like "Ohhh okay then, yeah she's playing" sounding kind of impressed. (no, I'm not good lol)
      So I went to pick a different song, but the problem was, the timer was only 10 seconds, and the game had reset so I had to change my difficulty and pick a song from the top in that time. I wanted to play Spaceman, but it somehow ended up running out on Pandemonium expert (wrong game ><) which I can't play. (I've also only heard/watched it a few times; I just checked and the song was accurate, but the steps had more chaos.) A classmate and I just watched and waited for it to fail out. They were like "woah" and I was like "that's a 13 you know." After a few more songs, Geography had started, and I was a bit worried the teacher would come out and see me still playing and be mad, but I don't think I ever ended up going to class. Which would be accurate, lol.

      (I miss ITG so much. I'm gonna go play SM..)

      - I was in my French classroom, but the student teacher from Geo was there, and he was teaching in English. It was nearing the end of class, and I was trying to pack a bowl under my desk. (stupid lol) The teacher kept coming by and I had to hide it. He called on me to answer a question, and came really close, so I put my chair in really far. He asked something about me drinking coffee, but I didn't really hear him, so I asked where it was on the sheet, but he just called on someone else. Finally, I had my bowl and just shoved everything in my pocket. We were all waiting for the bell, but then the teacher said something I didn't hear, and most people left. I asked the girl standing next to me if he'd said we could go, and she said yes, so I left.

      I walked towards downtown and thought that I'd try to find a quiet place to smoke, but couldn't decide if I wanted to go home first or not. I stopped at an intersection and pulled out my phone to see how I could get home from there. I found out that the street to my left was called Victoria St and I could get home by walking down it, so I decided to go down it and decide on the way if I wanted to go all the way home.

      I ended up going into an apartment building on that street and just wandering around for a bit. I discovered a bunch of staircases and tiny hallways, and eventually ended up at another door. The door led onto the same street I'd gone in on, just a bit further down. As I stepped out, I realized I wasn't wearing any shoes, or carrying a bag or anything. I got worried about where I could have left my shoes, and retraced my route back to school. I went back into the classroom and saw they were under my desk, but the class was full of people again, and my grade 6 teacher was there. I was afraid I wouldn't be allowed to leave, but I think I did.

      - I won a new cat mousepad from something, and it looked exactly like the one I have already...
      ...except the cat was alive inside it, kind of like a Harry Potter painting or something. It was also interactive - if you tapped lightly on it, it would think you dropped a crumb of food or something, and the kitten would pretend to eat whatever it was at that spot. As I was playing with it, the kitten turned into a short-haired brown tabby and the background turned into a kind of close-up bag-shaped couch. I kept bringing the kitten closer and closer with taps, then reached inside it and pulled the kitten out. It was struggling a bit and I was afraid of hurting it so I put it back in.

      Then my mom was suddenly there, and I'd found another mousepad that had an anime girl on it who was singing. I was wondering how I could interact with it, and my mom said, "Maybe you can perform surgery on it? You used to do that with your dolls..." So I found a little rotating saw inside the mousepad and used it to cut her open. :| I was relieved that she didn't feel it or react, just kept singing. So I cut off her head, pulled it out of the mousepad, and flung it across the room. It was still attached to her body by something, and her head was still singing and I laughed.
    5. Creepy house & tiny poptarts

      by , 04-08-2012 at 03:59 AM
      - I was with a small group of people exploring a very old, abandoned house which was possibly haunted. Despite its age, it seemed fairly clean and bright. The group was 4 other people besides me - S was there, as well as a guy in my English class, A, and others I don't know. It was kind of scary, though I can't remember where the haunted part came in. We were in a room that had various containers full of old British coins on a shelf. They were apparently not used as currency anymore, but we were thinking we could maybe sell them on eBay or something.

      I was considering dumping a big jar of coins onto the floor to look at them, but suddenly, we heard a dog bark. We weren't supposed to be in the house. Everyone froze for a second, then someone said, "Run!". I ended up being left behind, as I'm a slow runner. I charged down the hall at the front door, which was red with gold designs on it and very wide, but it opened just before I touched it. Turned out an old guy had opened it. He grabbed me as I tried to run by.

      We exited onto a sort of veranda that was green and led onto a big nice grassy field. I saw my friends standing in a row just a few feet behind the old guy. He was holding onto my shoulders lightly, facing the opposite direction from me and standing to the side, just telling me quietly not to run. My friends started saying, "just run!". I tried running from him, and was surprised when it was easy to escape.

      We kept running away from the house. I was running as fast as I could, but was getting really tired and my legs really hurt from trying to keep up. Then it got a bit weird and hard to understand... It was then that they told me I'd had something "installed"(?) which was like an app or something into my body (not permanent) that gave me some characteristics of a bull, which explained why I was strong enough to get away from the old guy. Everyone else had one, too, of different animals, though the only one I remember was a goat. They told me it was an experimental thing we were being subjected to, but I didn't get the impression it was dangerous, or feel bad about it or anything. In my mind's eye I saw "icons" for each of them. The other four were in a row, with mine just underneath. They all looked like Adobe icons and were all different colours; I think mine might have been teal.

      - Another really weird one, lol, and it's a bit fuzzy. I was with the same group of people, but it was a separate dream. We were discussing underwear for some reason, and there was a pyramid of rolled-up squares of fabric next to us which we referred to as underwear, even though they were much too big and square. They were all white except one which was light blue. A took some, put them in his backpack, and left.

      I left, too, and went to this big indoor playground structure thing. It was all red/yellow/blue and I think there was also a fountain. I wanted to explore it, but I had to wait, because I needed to watch this thing that was happening. It was like a news report by this girl, but she was actually there, and I think it may have been being broadcasted live.

      She was standing in a big blue mostly empty area by a wall, talking to a camera. She had a picture of a brightly coloured parrot on a screen on the wall to her right. She said (exact words): "We've decided that parakeets are now allowed to have sex with whales, because parakeets are actually very well hung." xD This also necessitated creating pop-tarts for birds for some reason, which she brought out to show us. It was just a bag of mini pop-tarts, like maybe an inch long (I actually really want these now) and she was saying sarcastically, "We received complaints from people saying they got their pop-tarts after the expiration date, and they had gone bad, so we figured, pshh, we'll just put any old date on these ones, who cares..." That's about all I remember.
    6. Island lucid

      by , 03-26-2012 at 04:48 AM
      This may have only been semi-lucid, because I went along with the plot of the dream a lot, but it was still nice. I was taking a boat to an island with people I didn't know. I was excited for it. The line to get on the boat was long, but it ended up moving really quickly. Someone said that the boat only came once every 20 hours in real time. I was a bit worried that it would fill up before I got to it, but I ended up getting on fine.

      We arrived at the island, and I'm not sure at what point I became lucid. I did a nose plug RC to make sure. At one point I tried walking at a tree and believing really hard that I could walk through it, and it worked. When I was going around doing stuff, my eyes felt a bit sore, like they were kind of dry and tired, but I felt myself slipping away if I closed them for too long.

      There was a meeting at a building on the island, where we were going to talk about games we were going to play and stuff. I think there was a game where we all had to turn into animals, because I was thinking about how I would turn into a cat. I got to the building before the meeting started. The inside was all light exposed wood, and there were lots of people there. It was big, too, with really high ceilings. I started talking to this guy, and he wanted to see my deviantART. I pulled out my phone to try to navigate to it and show him, but it was really difficult. The phone wasn't working very well, and I was having a hard time typing my name. I think I managed to show him a bit of it, but ended up giving up. I was only slightly aware I was dreaming at that point.

      Then the meeting was going to start, and I was a bit more aware. I wanted to stick around for the meeting, but I didn't want it to be boring, so I decided I would fly around during it. I imagined pink feathered angel wings growing out of my back, and somehow managed to make it happen. I shot into the air and started swinging on lights and decorations and such that were hanging from the ceiling.

      That's all I can remember now. The dream felt like it had been really really long when I woke up, but I'm sure it skipped sections to make it feel like that.
    7. Mario forest

      by , 03-25-2012 at 04:41 AM
      I was in a forest with L and E, and we were looking for a secret lake. We stumbled across a part of the forest that reminded me of Mario. There were big spotted mushroomy things and tall round hills in the background. We found a small pool surrounded by green walls of some sort with white polkadots. We walked along the edge of it, but it wasn't what we were looking for. There was more to this, but I waited a long time to write it down, so I can't remember anymore. It was fun, though.
    8. Jobs, school & spider guy

      by , 03-19-2012 at 12:49 AM
      I saw a big sign advertising short babysitting jobs late at night. The text was really big, neon and jumbled. I went to see about them. When I got to the job building, it was PACKED with people around my age hoping to get the same jobs. I talked to a woman at the counter a bit. She was telling me about one girl there who owned a La Senza. That girl was about my age and had long blonde hair. I had met her before, and thought she seemed a bit stuck up, but thought I would give her a chance anyway.

      Then I was walking to school in the rain. I realized I'd completely forgotten to go to English, so I just went to my next class. Some guy asked me if I could write a short summary of a certain book, and K, who was also there, agreed that I should. I found out it was a book we got in the class I missed, and everyone had to do a book report on it, which included writing a summary. I said okay, they could use mine when I did it. Then K asked if I would write a prologue to the book as well, which was also part of the project, but I said I didn't want to. Writing the summary was also somehow connected to me having to get a jug of orange juice and put it on the floor at work, replacing it whenever it got dirty, and I couldn't remember if I'd done that.

      Then I was with some people at the top of a grassy hill, watching this large bearded guy who had a spider. We suspected he was secretly Santa Claus or something, and the spider had something to do with it as well. The spider was a very rare species, with a long thin body that was mostly white with some black markings, including a silhouette of a spider on its back. It could also fly. The man put it down in the grass, but it flew away, and we chased after it, yelling.

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    9. Evil dad

      by , 03-18-2012 at 12:29 AM
      I was at home with my parents, but my dad had stolen/gotten rid of a lot of stuff from our house and was evil. He also deleted our facebook pages and the pages of several things I was a fan of (only one I remember was BTSSB), which was apparently really bad for some reason lol. The house was dark and I felt really angry and sad.
      Tags: evil, family, lolita, weird
    10. Dealer & cat set

      by , 03-16-2012 at 12:19 AM
      - I went to this guy's house I'd never met to buy weed. It was really big and pretty nice with a large back yard, kind of separated from nearby houses. I went inside and then it skipped over one part. I was shocked but decided I had to act normal for some reason. I realized I'd only brought $20 which wasn't enough, but then HG was there and let me borrow $40 more. I said I would pay her back at work.

      - I was on eBay and searched for "pink cat set". I was looking for a set of ears & paws, but there were only a couple results, and they were mostly related to items you put on your cat. When I looked at each listing, it would turn into a commercial for that item in my mind, with sound and everything. I looked at one that was a set of 4 pink rubber boots for your cat, which were apparently flavoured, but I don't remember what the purpose was. Another one was a very small rubber mat kind of, and I saw a demonstration where they put it on a cat's side for a minute and it made him enjoy being patted there more or something.

      - Also in my notes: "mushrooms". Don't remember that one.
    11. Penumbra, ponies & Gurren Lagann

      by , 03-14-2012 at 11:49 PM
      - I was in a video game with S that was like Penumbra. We were in a bright, clean hotel room at first, but it kept flickering between the hotel and this really dark, grimy room. I had a package of lined paper in the hotel room, and I decided I had to get rid of it to 'leave no evidence'.

      Then we were permanently in the dark room and trying to solve a puzzle. I was trying to climb this big metal box/machine that had something to do with electricity, but it was hard. I wasn't wearing any shoes, and I slipped and fell off, my right foot landing on a small pile of thin rusty nails. They went into my foot and it hurt, so I told S to restart the game. Our last save point was in the same room, so I only ended up back a couple feet from the machine, with the injury on my foot disappearing and the pain fading.

      - I was in geography with HG. The student teacher was handing out sheets we had to fill out about self-esteem. I asked him when we would continue them if we didn't finish that day, and he said we'd continue next Monday. HG asked if I wanted to bike to the animal shelter to look at animals. I said that I would like to, but I can't ride a bike. Then she brought out a basket full of tiny figurine-sized My Little Ponies, but they were alive and frolicking in whatever material was in the basket. It reminded me of cotton candy but might have been something like pillow stuffing. I was amazed and said something like, 'omg this is the best thing that has ever happened to me'. I thought of a video I had seen which was similar but with cats. Then I talked to this girl AO about wearing sweaters backwards.

      - I was inside Gurren Lagann and trying to prepare to 'blast off', but I was worried abut my drink spilling. I also had to rearrange some files on the computer first, but it wasn't working. I was trying to move a few small bmps into a folder which contained a large bmp image, but instead of moving, the smaller images would merge into the larger one and appear scattered on top of it when I opened it. It was frustrating.
    12. Creepy old man & DI.fm

      by , 03-13-2012 at 11:32 PM
      - I was walking home and there was an old man behind me. I got to my house and went in the porch, and while looking for my keys, I thought of the possibility of him following me. Sure enough, I heard someone walking up the steps. I was like 'oh shit oh shit' and ducked down, then saw the man's face appear in the window looking at me. He was smiling the whole time and waved at me while knocking on the door. I found my keys and unlocked the door, thankful that he hadn't just burst in, locked the door behind me and ran upstairs. The thought crossed my mind that he might have had a legitimate reason for being at my house, but I didn't really care as I usually don't answer the door anyway. I can't say exactly why I found him creepy or why I was so scared of him.

      Soon afterwards, though, I was boarding a plane, and as I got to my seat, I saw him sitting a couple rows behind me, smiling and waving at me. That really creeped me out.

      - I was in my living room asking my mom if she had the di.fm iPhone app. She said no, and I said that it could also be used to listen to sky.fm which plays non-electronic music (she's not interested in it). She didn't care, lol. I'm not sure if they use the same app or not irl.
    13. ???

      by , 03-11-2012 at 12:30 AM
      I'm afraid I don't actually remember this one...my notes say: "stuff in bushes, house red and on fire, keeps restarting slightly different, evil guy scared of legs". :s
    14. Group & deadmau5

      by , 03-10-2012 at 12:17 AM
      - I was with a group of 2 other girls in a classroom, and we were doing a project, but we had to choose nicknames for ourselves. One of them said her name was going to be Pop, one I think was Candy, and then a third girl came over who was also apparently in our group and said her name would be Sugar. I couldn't think of one.

      - I was either at a Deadmau5 concert or watching a video of one, and telling N on MSN what was going on. He was standing on a very thin stage with nothing else on it that divided the room in two, with crowds of people on either side, so he could only face half the audience at any time. He was facing me at one point and gesturing with his arms a lot while talking, and everyone in the audience behind him started quietly copying all his movements. Eventually he turned around and everyone laughed.
      Tags: friends, msn, music, school
    15. Weird game

      by , 03-09-2012 at 12:14 AM
      I was in an unfamiliar classroom, mostly empty of furniture, with a girl I recognized. I think maybe she goes to my school or something, but I dunno her name or anything. I had gotten paid in that room in both cash and a cheque, and all the bills were laid on a table in rows. I gathered them up and put them in my backpack. I turned and tried to leave, but the girl started trying to fight me on this strange structure against the wall. I escaped and ran to the doorway, turning around to look back at her, and mouthed "woo" while pumping my fist in the air in slow motion. Then I saw my backpack still on the table in there, and it was laughing at me. I went back in to get it.

      Then I found myself in a video game. It was kind of scary, had a really long name and I was playing it with a group of people. We got out of the game for a moment. E was there and we were sitting on a couch, then the other people came over and sat on the couch with us, even though it was much too small. There was a cordless phone on a table in front of us that would show the name of the last game played, but the name of it was too long and had really weird spacing and messed up the screen, which was weird. Then we went back in the game. It took place in a dirty, damaged city with lots of wide-open spaces. At certain places, a red fog would appear when you approached, and a figure would come out of it. Then there would be text overlaid on the 'screen' (even though I was inside it) that looked like the text in Amnesia, saying something like, "Is this The Mix?" 'The Mix' was apparently the name of the creature and it was a demon, but it actually acted similar to an Amnesia monster as well, and you had to run away from it through the city. It was scary and I died from it a couple times.

      Then I was suddenly at my school. It seemed like I was almost thinking consciously at this point, which was weird. It felt like I was lucid but without knowing I was dreaming, so it was really confusing. I was trying to figure out what class I had next, and everything I looked at was morphing and twisting. I thought really hard about it and actually figured out my schedule correctly, but when I thought I was going into my English class, the door led to a sort of balcony inside a mall, and it was suddenly lunchtime. There was a decorative fountain right in the middle of it, and some people I know were sitting at tables around the edges eating lunch, though I only remember seeing NN. I was very confused. Without noticing, I started singing a song, then realized where I was and tried to play it off, trailing off and saying something like "yeahhh I'm just gonna stop now".
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