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    1. Almost nightmare and run-in with Animus

      , 05-17-2021 at 02:45 PM
      Non-Lucid dream

      I was at a cabin in the woods with a group of people. Someone talks about a house down the dirt road that is super haunted and ppl had been murdered there. The group wants to check it out and I want to go with them. Sidenote: I'm prone to horrific nightmares so this is a reaaalllyyy bad idea.
      We are heading out down the road when my Animus, Wormwood, appears behind me. He hasn't been in my dreams for probably a year or so now, that I can remember.
      WW insists on coming with me. I worry he'll take too long to get ready, as the group are already almost out of sight, but he's being kinda pushy about it. Finally we are following the group when I realize I don't have shoes on and need to head back to get them.
      My alarm goes off and I wake up.
      Tags: animus, wormwood