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    1. Just a pleasant dream from a while back

      by , 01-19-2020 at 10:43 PM
      I find myself driving to the local hardware store in a 1962 Chevy Sedan, nothing special, faded paint, six cylinder, manual transmission. I turn left onto Main St. and notice something different, an ice cream parlor on my left. I pull over and order a Teaberry shake. While I'm crossing the street to my car a bunch of old muscle cars pull in from a cruise, (Mustang Cobras, GTOs, Camaros, Vetts, Road Runners, etc.) all fully restored nice and looking like new. These guys ask about my old Chevy and invite me to join in the cruise. I begged off, explaining I had to get some things at the hardware, but they persisted saying I could follow and drop out anytime I wanted. I waved saying I might.

      The hardware in my dream was different, a barn foundation with a roof on it. I got what I came for getting in my car the cruise came by and they waved me on. I followed for some miles on back roads, curvy and narrow, then I saw a farm on my right with a barber pole by the mail box, "I could use a haircut." I pull in the lane and find a man I recognize from a few times meeting him painting a small out building and greet him. He explains he's not ready for business just yet, but would like to show me something beyond the woods that may interest me.

      We walk a short distance through the woods on a trail and come out to an open area by a river, some tall grass and an odd octagonal two story building, the upper floor extending over the lower by about four feet. "Wow, looks like a colonial fort!" I say.

      "Yes, I think it was at one time!" Replies my host, "It was last a church though. Take a look over there in the grass. Have fun, I've got to get back to my painting."

      I thank him and go about my exploring. In the tall grass I find "head stones" of a cemetery, but they're not stones, they're wrought iron and fully legible with dates going back hundreds of years. I never saw the likes of them before and was fascinated by them, there were probably around twenty of them, men, women, and some children from the late 1600's to early 1700's. Inside the building the ground floor had some pews and a pulpit, a trap door to the upper. With no ladder I couldn't explore the upper floor and it ended with me watching the river past the head stones.