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    1. A non lucid lucid dream?..

      by , 07-14-2011 at 07:16 PM
      So I was having this dream, where we were helping this guy (who seemed an AWFUL LOT LIKE A VAMPIRE) collect these special drinks so that he could suicide (maybe he was a vampire) because he was like, tired of his life or whatever. Anyway we got all of them, and were going to help him with his last thing he had to do, when I found out it was a trick. I don't really know what he was planning to do, but it was EVIL. So anyway we steal this shotglass or whatever from him, because it was magic or something. Then we're like, sent into a dream where we have to find it again, because we lost it. So me and this girl (I dont remember where she came from) were in a dream, the dream was like some kind of really nice resteraunt that had a stage for live performances. So me and her know we're in a dream, and we're looking around. We try changing the dream so that it'll be easier to find, but can't. So we just look around, right when I find it the girl I was looking with turned into the vampire guy (D:!) and some other people in the resteraunt turn into villains from batman. So i'm like "Then I'll just be batman" so I sorta turn into batman, and start using my grappling hook to swing around and escape the bad guys. Theeen I woke up.

      But it's weird, because I didn't realize I was dreaming, when I had the dream in my dream.. So like, I was lucid, but didn't know it?..
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    2. 9/29/10 Some dogs and a shootout?

      by , 09-30-2010 at 05:00 AM
      I don't remember a lot. I just remember an ending to a dream. At least I think it was the ending.

      I was in this resteraunt (it switched from that and a small building with some chairs back and forth) and there was this lady interviewing another woman about her dog. (apparently it was special or something) I heard barking and looked through the window I was next to, and there was this little dog barking at me, and it dragged this big golden lab over a little by it's leg. I immediately jumped through the window (there wasn't any glass) and checked the dog. It was really injured, I concluded it must've been hit by a train because there were train tracks a few feet from where I was. I called for help, and looked up and the lady being interviewed was there, she looked sad after seeing the hurt dog. And then I saw this other woman, standing on top of the hill we were on (it was a very gentle slope, hardly a hill) and she had a small handgun pointing right at me. I immediately reacted and pulled out 2 44.'s (type of handgun, you know the revolver kind from westerns, but smaller) one on her, and another on the hurt dog. Apparently the dog was beyond saving, but she didn't want us to kill it. (to put it out of it's pain of course) And I tried to negotiate, telling her how it would end the dog's pain etc. etc. but she wouldn't listen. Eventually she shot at the other lady next to me (why not me, the one with the guns?) but it only made a green muzzle flash and a shooting noise. She tried shooting about 7 more times, when I yelled "HA! They're blanks!" jumped up from my knees next to the dog and shot her 2-3 times. And then a cop came and got her. (late much?)

      I don't remember anything after that.

      I've realized that my dreams are becoming more and more violent lately..
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    3. A few fragments here and there...

      by , 09-25-2010 at 04:57 PM

      I was playing an AvA match on global agenda (online game,AvA is basically complicated capture the flag) but like,I was IN it. Anyway, I turned invisible and snuck past my enemies,and when I was behind where they were firing from cover,I threw a grenade. Took almost all of them out. I then proceeded to try to capture an area,which was going fine until the enemies came back. I took care of them though,but then realized my team lost another point. So I went to go capture a different area,while all the enemies were trying to kill me. And there was this one hawk lady thing, shooting claws at me. But my gun jammed so I had to go back for a new one (which obviously was annoying). Anyway,after the match was over the place turned into a beach resort/theme park type place. And I went into this shop and put the shoes I was wearing back,and got different ones. Turns out the shoes I was wearing I had rented from that place but forgot to pay. Suddenly my mom was there and she said to follow her, and I did, and she took me to the customer service desk. Where the guy fixed the renting thing. Suddenly I was teleported to what I think was another dream..

      Everything was black except for someone talking to me about how to cheat halo. (I don't even play halo) Then I was in a room with my brother,and we both had assault rifles. Turns out we had to get through an area infected with zombies. (I had watched I am Legend,a zombie ish movie the night I had this dream) Me,of course being the zombie killing/strategist from months of playing Left 4 Dead, took charge (being that I always want to be leader,also had something to do with it) and we slowly made our way through the house without much incident. Except for my brother falling through broken stairs into a room with a giant mutated zombie dog. Which he made it out of. Then,we fell through the floor into a room that looked like the stomach of something. And there was this big grey blobby creature talking to us about some evil plot or another. About how he was going to become so powerful, but he needed this diamond thing. And he wanted us to find it for him. Then suddenly we're outside, zombies trying to kill us and all. We shoot the few that are there, and start to go on, but then I realize that shooting ones that used to know us, without killing them cured them. So I went back for a couple, and they helped us. Suddenly we're in a river in a canyon. Me and someone else crashed on this indent that led to a cave in the wall. (my brother wasn't there anymore) We found a platinum and gold diamond ring (rare much?) and we ran into the cave (cuz it was a store) to get another "fake" ring, so we could give it to that evil dude who wanted a diamond. And as I get to the jewelry counter, there's this little girl that's right next to me that thinks I'm her mommy. (or daddy don't remember) And I tell her that I'm not, but I'll let her get anything in the counter (it turned into one of those cheap prize things from arcades). And she got 3 rings. And then the dream ended.
    4. 9/18/2010

      by , 09-18-2010 at 05:25 PM
      So I remember 3 dreams.

      1. I remember me and a friend were going up a mountain to save a princess. I was going slightly faster than my friends and I ran into a dragon. A VERY BIG DRAGON. So I ended up killing it by myself. And we went up the mountain,and as we got to the village on top,it started raining. There was a crashed airplane (it was an old one) so I got into it to avoid the rain. Then I was talking to another friend (I think over the phone) and he was depressed,I don't remember why. So as the rain lightened I got out of the airplane and went into one of the buildings where everyone was. I don't remember what happened next but then we were at a party with the princess. During the party some big dude captured the princess,so we followed him back to his house. (horrible hiding spot really) And saved the princess again,by killing him. After that the dream kinda changed,I was in the same village but it was at night,and I was the batman. But I was out of costume. As I was walking to my house,I was trying to find a way to sneak in past the butler,then I saw someone in MY batman costume! So I chased after him,tackled him,and took off the mask to find out that it was the butler.
      After that the dream ended.

      2.I was in a car with my mom and we went to look at this karate studio in town...and that's all I remember.

      I was with some friends hiking up this mountain,right before we reached the top. When we got to the top,I looked down and saw it was the Grand Canyon. For a second I wondered how I got to the Grand Canyon,I mean it's like hundreds of miles away from where I live. Then I didn't really care because it was awesome. So me and my friends hiked along the top to the parts where it was deepest and looked down. I layed down and peeked over the edge and couldn't see the bottom. We talked about how deep it was and then I saw 4 rocks,in a group,all fly up at the same time at me. I barely pulled my head away it time,and of course my friends joked about it. Then we went along to this cave on the mountain,where these 2 police officers were showing a video. It might of been some kinda safety thing,I dunno. Then this other guy who was the karate teacher from before was there,and said "anyone who wants me to keep teaching come up and hug me" and like,right away one kid jumped up and hugged him. Then another kid,after an awkward silence. Then we was all upset and went berserk,and left. Then me and a friend (the others were gone) were trying to find a way off the mountain,because it had suddenly become an island cave. We tried going to the edges of the island,but there was ocean,and we called for the police several times but they didn't come so I went back up to the cave to try to find them,and they were shooting at something. I turned to look and they were shooting at these sand people things,that came out of the walls. I shot one,because I suddenly had a pistol out of nowhere,then left back to the edge of the island. Not knowing was to do. There were these weird things popping out of the ground,and then the dream ended.

      I was in some kind of futuristic setting. I was trying to get to a nuclear factory in town before the protesting workers burned it down. So I ran for it,but there were enemies shooting at me. I got past them and continued to the factory. When I got there it suddenly changed to me heading to this group of people for a speech or something. I was suddenly in a tux,and went with them.
      Then the dream kind of started over,but this time I had to make sure that they DID burn down the factory. Same thing happened all the way to the building. And suddenly it's that group I'm supposed to be in for the speech thing again. But instead of wearing a nice tux,I was in some kinda ugly jacket. So as we were walking on stage my arms were crossed to cover it,and an emblem on it.

      And that's all I remember.
    5. 9/17/2010

      by , 09-17-2010 at 02:08 PM
      I woke up and remembered..1 dream..maybe it was two. Anyway you'll see.

      Warning. Dream journal contains depictions of war and violence. If any of that bothers you do not read this entry.

      I was in my room (it was insanely dark and didn't look like my room) talking to my brother,but then he started scratching,a lot. He had somehow gotten a really bad rash,and he couldn't stop scratching. It was really annoying and making it hard to do anything,so I told him to get out of my room. Then he went to his room,still scratching. I ran in there (to his room) grabbed him by the neck and pinned him against his bed and said something like "Tell me where you go the rash or I swear I'll" (I don't remember exactly what the threat was). Then a few moments later I was in a war zone. It was sorta like the battlefield games. I would sneak around and look for people to kill,unfortunately I only had a pistol. So I would kill a few people as I was sneaking around,and then at times I would end up stalking one person to get a shot. Eventually I got to this blown up building and knew there was a person in there,so I threw a grenade in,and killed him. Then another guy came and I ran around the side of the building so he couldn't see me. And I waited to get a shot on him. He got in a jeep but it wouldn't start,so I had time to reload and shoot him in the head. Then I looked up,and a teammate of mine has 2 guys on an airstrip with their hands up. So I run up to get the second guy,then he turns and aims at me,I try to push his gun away (I was almost to him) he shot me. As I fell to my knees everything went dark,and I could hear my mom waking me up for school.

      THE END.
      Tags: fighting, kunfu11, war
    6. Rollercoasters,yeti's and nuns. Yeah well..

      by , 09-14-2010 at 10:41 PM
      I remember 2 dreams from last night. Neither of them lucid.
      1.(I actually had this one second,but I remember it in more detail so I'm typing it first) I remember me and my dad were on this ride at a theme park. It was a
      rollercoaster type thing,but it was all indoors. And at the first drop we both got off and jumped on the floor of the building (on the sides of the ride there was a whole
      room,with a floor and all that. And started messing around. I would play with this panel that controlled sound effects as people passed to mess with them,and my
      dad explored these different tunnels that lead from the main room we were in. Eventually someone else came (I mean they were walking through the room) in and
      we said hello and decided to just ride the ride. So we went through,I really only remember going through a tunnel out of the main room and into this big cave.
      [Then came the scary part] We saw these people dressed in creepy nun costumes and they looked like they were doing something suspicious but I didn't say
      anything because I was scared of them. Right as the ride went out the tunnel BAM! there was an explosion behind us. I somehow knew immediately that the "nuns"
      were putting a bomb on the floor of that room to get to a room below which had a safe with all the park's money in it. I'm not sure but I think we saw them drive by
      right after the explosion. So,through the wreckage I went forward,onto this beach thing next to a really,really thin forest.(not many trees) And there I found my dad
      who had also gotten through the wreckage. As we went through I suddenly had some guns and the whole thing turned into more like me playing a video game.
      Like at the corner of my vision I saw my inventory/health etc etc. Then this giant Bigfoot Yeti/Bear thing bursts through the forest trying to kill us.
      (video game fight scene) We kill it then move on,and there's 2 others. After that we're in some building,and my vision changes to the "Nuns" who were talking about
      how I saw them,and knew what they were doing. So they were going to try to kill me. So I'm in a train heading home,and they attack the train. It turns into another
      videogame style fighting scene. And I somehow like..make the dream stop? I may have been partially Lucid. Because I thought to myself something like
      "this is scaring me" and made it stop. And the dream changed back to the cave from before and there was like a title screen like I was playing a game,or watching
      a movie. It would make sense from the style of some parts that it was a video game.
      Then I woke up.

      2. I was in my 'house' (it wasn't my real house) getting ready to go take my PT test. And I went to the bathroom and while I was in there apparently my dad
      (who was in the military) had to leave because he had been called to go to war. I didn't get to say goodbye because I was..in the bathroom. So a while later my
      cousins (not my real family) and uncles and stuff came by and were acting like they were celebrating. Like a "goodbye" party for my dad. And as my mom was
      trying to tell them that he already left,they couldn't hear her because they were talking real loud. Then I yelled over them,my mom looked at me like I was being rude,
      I just shrugged it off and told them how he already left. They were just like "oh" "wanna go to the bar". And I was really pissed off then,and I left. Then suddenly I'm
      at a concert on stage,in office depot,and it was like I was a famous singer. But before I could sing I got sick and was throwing up. Then everyone in the audience
      left. And then my "parents" (not my real parents) started talking/arguing.
      And that's all I remember.

      3. I don't remember much of this one. But I remember I was outside this snowy building/fortress. I was some sort of guy in a spec-ops team. I was hiding waiting for
      a patrol to pass by,and they saw me,and then proceeded to kill me. And the dream reset. And reset. And reset. Until I got it right. Then there was a part about breaking
      into a safe. I don't remember much. That's all I remember.
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