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    1. June 2, 2011

      by , 06-03-2011 at 11:20 AM
      Something about giving away the silver giraffe ring holder Grandma gave me (as a gift for someone else) and worrying that Grandma will feel hurt.
    2. May 30, 2011

      by , 06-01-2011 at 03:36 AM
      I am in a building, and I can hear my dad making a phone call on my brother's behalf, advertising in an almost sing-song manner that they should hire him. I walk into a room and hear the door behind it shaking. Then, it swings open and out bursts a two-year old girl in nothing but a shirt. For some reason, she reminds me of Trisha. Jack, one of my students at the learning centre I work at, is with me and is equally as shocked to see all these young children invading the room.

      I am in my old house's garage. Instead of it being concrete, it is made of hardwood, and there is a 1-inch diameter, perfectly circular hole in the ground. Below that, I can see the basement of the garage. (Apparently, this garage has two stories). I drop a red ball down it. Once on the bottom story (somehow), my parents are throwing footballs at the wall, and my brother and I must stick with plasticized ones so we don't break anything.

    3. May 26, 2011

      by , 05-27-2011 at 11:08 AM
      Sleep. I am in the library of my highschool, waiting with my partner for people to carry down boxes that contain brain cells. Once they arrive, they put the boxes down on the counter and the library technician asks if people need brain cells. So I say that I do. She gives me a pair of tweezers and tries to get me to hold onto this white blob shaped like larva. It is almost too slippery to be held by the tweezers, and I don't want to pinch it too hard. Wake.
    4. May 23, 2011

      by , 05-24-2011 at 11:20 AM
      Again, just snippets, and I'm not sure if I got them in the right order or not. Well, now that I am writing out the snippets, they're a bit longer than snippets.

      Sleep. I am in the washroom at my house. I flash to the bus station at my mall and remember having a character in a Rock Band game, but I cannot remember her username or password. A screen appears in front of me (covering most of my vision) and says it is “Leopold12” (or something along those lines― I don't quite remember it clearly). Then, I appear back in the bathroom and my mom calls me from my room, asking me to sort through some pills. I tell her that some of them are beads; however, I do my best to find their pill containers (that is to say, I don't find any pill containers with a match).

      Once in the bathroom again, I remember looking at the toilet and wondering what sort of monster could bear to live in a toilet, for it would be unpleasant to have control of any of the five senses.

      Then I return to my room, and the radio is on, telling me about a trivia world championship hosted by my current English teacher. One of my friends, Joe, and his parents are on that team, and they will be flying to a city in the north end of Japan

      Sometime after this, I am a round puffball. I am either red, yellow, or green ― I cannot remember ― and I am rolling down a snowy ski slope with two other puffballs (who are each the colours that I am not). We dislike moguls because they make us bounce and we don't like big falls. After hitting a bump and going flying, we're on the final stretch. However, the snow has melted here and it's all slushy, and I have to run instead. One of the puffballs races ahead of me, saying something about a Hazara*, and then the second one passes me just at the finish line, so I lose.

      Afterwards, I think I'm human again. I'm told that I've spent too much time on leisure and that there is going to be a “work dollop,” or something like that. It's hard to hear this man, because he speaks like there was gloop in his mouth. He and this other man have a discussion about whether education hours and leisure hours can be combined; for example, one might like reading for pleasure, and reading is educational. Gloop Man disagrees, saying that reading is bad and that it should be discouraged as much as possible.

      Then I am flipping through Fahrenheit 451**, trying to find Gloop's words to use as a quotation in my ISU project, but I can't find it. Wake.

      *I'm reading The Kite Runner in school, so this isn't entirely random
      ** Another book I am reading for school
    5. May 22, 2011

      by , 05-23-2011 at 06:37 PM
      I didn't post Friday or Saturday's dreams. Not because I was lazy. Not because I couldn't remember them. They're just personal and I would rather people not read them. Alrighty. Unfortunately, last night was just snippets of images. I don't remember very much. Oh, and my chocolate dream sign emerged again.

      Sleep. I am at my cottage, and when I open the door to go outside, I startle the birds who have made nests in the corners of the awnings.

      I am on a city bus going from my highschool to the local mall. For some reason, I need to switch buses even though I only need to on Tuesdays. The bus I am on is closer to a coach bus instead of a city bus, and I tell the bus driver that the bus is fancier than I expected. She ignores me. When the bus gets to the mall, I get off and head towards the Tim Horton's, which has set up a bake-sale on the sidewalk just outside. I have a bad feeling about the price of the muffins, but I decide to buy one anyway. I'm about to purchase a banana-nut muffin when I see the chocolate muffins. I take one of those instead and go to the cash register. According to that, the muffin is $2.95 including tax. I am shocked at the increase in price, and the cashier apologizes. I am opening my change purse, and I happen to have three loonies in there (even though I normally have less than $2.00 at a time). Just as I am about to pay, that snippet fades. Wake.

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    6. May 19, 2011

      by , 05-20-2011 at 11:28 AM
      This dream has three "segments." The first part is very fragmented, and I don't recall very much of it. The middle and end are the most detailed. I suppose that's not surprising, considering the nature of dream recall. Last night's dream also had a strong impression of the colour "dark chestnut," so I will underline it here and keep track of it. Oh, I won't include pictures every time. Just enough for flavour.

      Sleep. Many of my dreams take place in places I know, like school or my "old" house. This particular dream has both. All I can remember from the beginning is that I was sitting at my desk in my English or Sociology class, I'm not sure which (it is even more difficult to tell because they happen to take place in the same classroom right after one another, and I sit in the same desk for each one).

      Then I'm... somewhere. A field or park, maybe? The colouring is bright and very strange. I know that I am either in or watching a Yu-gi-oh tournament with the animated characters. Sometime during this section, I reflect on how the television show was repetitive and how the same people always made it to the final rounds of the tournament, particularly Yugi and/or his friends. Some other things happen to me, but I cannot explain them in words because they are mere flashes. I have an impression of a war or conflict.

      Flash. I am in the room of my early childhood (birth-grade five), at my old desk. The desk is metal with a dark chestnut wood top, and I run my hand over its smooth surface. For some reason, I am clutching a blanket in my hand and am shaking Yu-gi-oh cards out from it.

      Without any reason, I am at the bus stop I get off at after school, which is a few houses away from my "old" house. There is a pokemon battle after school, and I am the trainer controlling the Kangaskhan, which is standing in the middle of the intersection. Opposite me, on the sidewalk, is a Sandshrew, although there is no trainer in sight. I have Kangaskhan use a move, but it isn't very effective. Then, Sandshrew uses double kick, sending Kangaskhan reeling - the fighting-type move is super effective against my normal-type pokemon. In retaliation, Kangaskhan uses dig (which I don't think it can actually learn) and becomes Monty Mole from Mario Strikers: Charged. However, Sandshrew has become either a Spheal or a Jigglypuff and tries to puff away. I get in a few hits before it's gone over a fence and into someone's backyard by the park. Wake.

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