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    1. Enlightening my Dream Characters

      by , 12-10-2011 at 12:21 AM
      The first lucid, which only last a couple of seconds, grew from a prior non-lucid dream. Cannot quite remember the dream prior, but eventually I clicked that I was dreaming - the scene suddnely changed. I was outside on my street. It was empty, dark and cold. Ominous, deep-red clouds filled the sky, forever changing and moving throughout the sky. I started shaking, losing stability, looked up at the sky to look for the Moon, it looked like a distant star, but the came hurtling towards me. I soon woke up.

      Upon waking, I stayed completely still and closed my eyes. Eventually, I felt my limbs start to flail again, exactly like my lucid last weekend. I was falling down the rabbit hole, preparing myself.

      My eyes opened, I was naked on the floor of an empty room, in an unfamiliar house. I told myself to stabilise the dream, so I rubbed my hands on the carpet and stood up. I found a mirror in which I observed my reflection which was downright amazing (and I can also tick it off my to do list!)

      I walked up a flight of stairs and outside to the driveway. Here, I slightly lost lucidity, there were a lot of my friends and music. I was still aware that I was dreaming, but not as much.
      I sat down and started talking to my friend Berj - my main focus of this dream was not so much about control, but more about interacting with my DC's. I told Berj that he wasn't real, and that this was a dream. He started freaking out, in a good way, and ended up fighting with another person (Im not sure who).

      From here on out, the dream fades, but up until that point, it felt as though at least 10 minutes had passed, which was very cool.
    2. This morning, I destroyed the Moon.

      by , 12-03-2011 at 12:11 AM
      Over black, I started to see a shape take form, it looked like a chromosome, changing from pink, to blue, to green and back to pink, aswell as shaking and shivering across my eyelids. I reached out with my dream arm (note, It was all dark besides the chromosome) and grabbed onto it. It disappeared.

      Immediately after, I felt all my limbs start to flail, as if I was falling down an infinitely dark, bottomless cavern. Tumbling down the rabbit hole. I started thinking "Okay, the dream is about to start, I have to remember to focus. Im dreaming... Im dreaming.."

      I was suddenly inside an unfamiliar kitchen, talking to two men, unsure who they were. I realised I was dreaming and told myself to stabilise the dream via activating senses. I knelt down and started to touch the lino floor. I remember saying "Wow. It feels so real!" There was some water on the floor too, I rubbed that in so it spread across the floor. Amazing, haha.

      The dream clarity increased 10-fold. Feeling stable enough, I stood up and began to walk out.

      Two women from my work came through the door at the end of the kitchen. I said "For fucksakes. Its a weekend, this is my dream and I dont want you here!" and walked past them. I turned around straight away, they had disappeared (Hahahah) Upon opening the door, I was on a beach at some beachside restaurant. There were about 7-8 people outside, sitting at tables. The sky was slightly grey and the ocean somewhat choppy and violent. It was here that I decided to try flying.

      I stepped up on a table and told myself I was going to fly. I jumped. I noticed that I was the air for a ever-so-slightly longer time than I normally would have been, other than that, I just landed on the ground.

      Being still very lucid at this point, I reassured myself - "No. This is a dream. MY dream. Anything is possible."
      I relaxed and stared at the distant mountain, put my hands at my side and started to focus on flying.

      Here, I noticed all the people around me had stopped talking and were all staring at me, silently.

      I relaxed even further, realised I had now obtained all the power and began to rise. The more I rose, the faster I got. Until within about 10 seconds, I was in the upper atmosphere, with ever increasing height and speed. I was laughing with joy at this point. I looked forwards, the Moon, growing closer and closer. I noticed I couldnt control my speed, so I put my fist out, flew straight into the Moon, blowing it up.

      Ecstatic, I lost control and the dream faded.

      SO damn excited to do this again tomorrow morning!

      I realise now I have to keep reminding myself I am dreaming. And also to engage my senses much more, so I can appreciate the dream environment more. (I think everything seemed grey and boring because I was more focused on touch?)
      lucid , memorable
    3. A Boost In Awareness

      by , 12-23-2010 at 05:59 AM
      Had two lucid dreams last night.

      Compared to my previous LDs, it seemed I had made a huge step in terms of awareness, clarity and control.

      I performed a WBTB, stayed up for about 40minutes, and told myself that when I lucid dream, Im going to take it easy, and just walk and let my mind do the rest.

      I became lucid while walking through a valley. A lot was happening, including Dinosaurs ravaging houses (?), but I was calm, kept walking. I came around the corner of a cliff to see literally the most beautiful valley I have ever seen. I clibed a tree to get a better view, asked myself to increase clarity - it was stunning.
      The tree then bent backwards and propelled me into the sky. I floated for a few seconds - which was amazing - then fell, waking me up.

      The second dream, I seemed to have spawned myself in a closed off area on a grass field - almost like a small metropolised centre, the area of a house - with a wild, but looked after "Wildlife Sanctuary" outside of the perimeters. I was there with my best friend.

      I kept telling him that this was a dream, he kept rejecting it as if he didnt want to hear it. They were these fascinating creatures, about 9 of them, about 50m away from us, which resembled the monsters from Where The Wild Things are, although a lot more savage and native.

      My vision started to blur, and I said "Increase clarity now" - my friend stopped talking and stared at me, as if his "switch" was turned completely off for a few seconds. He then began to talk again, I turn and my vision, aswell as my dream scene had improved ten-fold. I observes for about 15 more minutes before waking.

      Truly amazing, in terms of my lucid dreaming history - I feel as though Ive climbed a huge step towards full awareness and control!

      Bring on tonight!
    4. Suburbia to Solar System?

      by , 12-19-2010 at 08:42 AM
      This isnt the first time Ive become lucid, but its definitly the longest Ive been lucid in a dream..

      The moment I became lucid, I was on a nice, quiet suburban street (much like the street a few of my friends live together on)

      There were a lot of cars, but no people. I became ecstatic at the idea of being in a dream. Everything started to black out - so I stared at my hands to regain lucidity. It seemed to work.

      I decided to test out some powers I might be able to harness - I attempted to run, and eventually kept going faster until I reached superspeed, but the dream started to fade out, so I stopped.

      My mind (due to low-lucidity) started to wonder, although I was still aware. I started to think about Space and the stars (a topic Im really interested in exploring in my dreams) and focussed on a stone that was on the footpath - Everything turned black except the stone, which turned into a distant star, and I begun soaring towards the star through space at astronomical speeds.

      I slowed down and stopped in space. In complete awe at the solar system I was travelling through, I got too excited and woke.

      That, was my most recent, and most interesting lucid dream.

      I hope to have many more and evolve a lot of the themes I experienced!