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    1. Lucid dreams from before I knew what they were.

      by , 04-15-2012 at 03:39 AM
      This entry will be a little bit different, they will be entries from lucid dreams that I had before I even knew what lucid dreaming was (I was about 8-12 years old back then, which is about 10 years ago now).

      Dream 1:
      This is the first lucid dream I ever had as far as I can remember, it probably also was the most vivid and long lucid dream I ever had and remembered even until this day. Its quite ironic that the only thing I thought about doing back then was waking up.

      I remember walking in a mall, and there was nobody close that I knew so I got scared and thought I was lost. Somehow I became lucid and just knew it had to be a dream, still being scared I just had to wake myself up, but how? I didn't know.
      So I went around asking different DCs if they knew how I could wake myself up, but nobody knew. Eventually there was a nice older man that wanted to help me really bad (Dream guide?), so he took me to a place that was a little higher then the rest of the mall, and he shouted to other DCs walking below, asking if anybody knew how to wake "this boy" up... But still nobody knew. I said that I shouldn't be worried and that we would find a way to wake me up. This calmed me down.

      Dream 2:
      I have a very vague memory of this dream, and I only remembered it after reading my own post about the previous dream.

      It was at a train station, there were a lot of people and we were all waiting for our train, somehow I knew it was a dream (I have no idea how I knew this back then). This time I wasn't scared and wanted to test what it was like to die in a dream, and I thought that it would probably just wake me up. So I stepped on the railway and I saw the train coming.
      After a little while as the train came closer, I decided not to do it because what if it wasn't a dream o.o . I was lifted off the railway by one of the DCs, and he also said it was probably better if I didn't do it.
      This is when the dream faded away and I found myself back in my bed, this is the first lucid dream where I actually noticed the transition.

      After remembering these dreams I wonder how many more lucid dreams I have had in the past that I don't remember.