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    1. Village, Hotel, Evan, 6043, Underground

      by , 02-01-2020 at 09:45 PM
      The earlier part of the dream was us going to a small village. Cabins. It wasn't us originally, but it became us at times. We were a different family after a cartoon character family, but I forget who. MARIO AND LUIGI. There was snow and there was summer. There was food, especially corn on the cob, which they called corn on [something else]. Native American tribe. We went to help out? One kid mentioned we were too rich to help.

      When we returned to the city, we were staying at a hotel with tons of swimming pools and places to swim and explore. I asked Mom if I could go swim, and she thought I was going to swim outside, but I told her there were indoor pools. The pools I could only see from outside the glass windows on the second story from hotel's interior (pools inside but separated like at the edge), the pools had tons of slide tubes, and green foliage everywhere, and like waterfalls and jungle like stuff, but all very man-made still.

      Back at our real house, getting ready to go back to the hotel. All rooms and bathrooms full, or doors/walls broken so they were open to view. So I went outside in neighborhood to find a place to change into my swimsuit. (Why outside??) I changed in a closed road where there was a gate on one end. As cars came, I had to open the gate so they could go through. My swimsuit was blue sheer over a black top (same as the black sheer over blue that I have in real life, just the colors were opposite). I met a neighbor, he was walking down the road and we talked. Then a different neighbor's water thing went super high, I estimated about 5 feet, and remarked about it to the guy as we talked (he turned around to try to take a picture of it, but he was too late and barely saw it.) But he said that neighbor often tries to make inventions like that. We talked as we walked back to my house, mom met him at the door and was like "Hi! How's your day? What's your name?" He seems autistic, has thin hair, almost bald? He looked like Doc boy on Garfield. I had to ask him again what his name was, because I forgot. But I remembered it again when he told me it was Evan. Once he left, mom was talking to me about the shreds of paper on the table right outside the door. Each piece of paper had someones name and a phone number on it and she was like "this is where I missed it", picking up a specific name. There was a really annoying fevered dream I had before where nothing ended really, and this was in reference to it. (Tons of people and trying to finish something?) Anyway she was really talking about it a ton, and it felt like the dream couldn't go back to how it was and would become another fevered dream, so I got mad that she'd brought it up again, and woke up.

      New dream, either the number 6043 or 6042.

      New dream, living in the underground. World like Minecraft, monsters around, post-apocalypse like. Stev, Chri, and me taking care of kids we found who'd lost their families. I went out on a food run with oldest boy (12yr?), we ran into a different kid who was alone. He really wanted to stay with us because he looked scared. I didn't want to get his hopes up (or have to take anything back if he turned out to be trouble) so I said he could eat this meal with us, but he'd be on his own after that. (Be cautious or be dead.) We went back, through small alleys between what looked like crushed together buildings. Lots of concrete and rubble everywhere, don't think we were "outside" at any time. We got back, Chrissy was working on setting up a system where you can see monsters, and attack them, but they can't get in (like Minecraft, you build a block so they can't get in, but it's still technically open.) We were worried about the younger kids crawling out through the openings though. The kid turned out to be really vengeful and calculative, so Steven sent him off after the meal, without tipping him off that it was because we were scared of him. I hugged all the kids and we got back to work on the monster trap system.
    2. ASL McDonald's Parking Lot Crash

      by , 01-18-2020 at 11:02 PM
      I was on my way back from college, and I walked down this path by McDonald's. First there was a guy's bag, stuck in the low hanging branches, then his computer, then his jacket. I considered just going past (I'd had a pretty bad day), but decided to check the back of his bag for a phone number. So I found (very conveniently) a maintenance contact sheet sticker on the bottom of his laptop. I didn't even have to touch it, because it was suspended by the branches. I started typing in the number, (which I think was a 507-4..-.... number, with one or more of those dots being an 8, and there was definitely a 1 in there.) But then Monz and Mom parked in the spot nearby, so I stopped what I was doing and walked up to their car to say hi. While I was waiting for them to get out of the car, another car came barrelling into the spot in between us (over the divider/sidewalk I had been on, but not the part with the trees), and hit into the side of Mom/Monz' car. They all got out of their cars, and the driver was a pregnant lady wearing a white dress. She was super nice, and Mom and Monz noticed that, so apparently they didn't want to acknowledge that she'd just run into them?? And said I must have pushed her car into theirs. I was thinking of just letting it go, but realized that'd be silly, so I explained how impossible that would be, and that I was 1 car lengths away from her car when they hit.

      Not completely sure how that was resolved, but it was fine somehow. I went ahead of Mom and Monz into McDonald's to find something to eat. It was crowded, hot, and all the food smelled superrr good. There was an eating area, where I saw the Adams and Jason hanging out, and Stephen, Arya, Selah, and someone else were sitting in a booth three tables from the door. When I turned to look at them, Betsie walked by towards Racquel's table further down (also she was super smiley). I turned to go towards the ordering area, when I saw Sentah and Naji arm in arm walking back from the second area, where there were gift shop and arcade prizes in shelves up to the ceilings.

      After looking around the gift shop, I saw the outdoor seating area, which looked super nice. I walked outside, where everyone there was using ASL rather than talking. It was kind of chilly out, which was a nice break from how hot it was inside. I accidentally bumped into a (really cute) guy and said sorry, and he smiled and used ASL to explain the "please don't speak, use ASL at our gathering", and I could only remember how to say "thank you", and walked back inside. Then mom called me, and I woke up.
    3. Selah, Arya, Racquel Sleep Over

      by , 12-08-2019 at 03:10 AM
      I had a dream this afternoon that Selah, Arya, and Racquel were staying over (Selah and Arya came up from [city], while Racquel drove over from home). We were living at our other house, and planning to sleep in the family room with all the mats.

      We had some cool conversations (talking is relatively uncommon in my dreams):

      Selah: *looks around, not displeased but kinda disappointed*
      Me: What's wrong?
      Selah: I was just thinking there would be more places to sleep? But I brought my sleeping bag so it's okay
      Me, looking around at the 3 mats, with three more stacked right beside them: ...We have more that I can bring if you want

      Selah brought her laptop and started playing an adventure/strategy game, where you move a knight around and also move blocks out of his way so he can proceed (like the game Moss in VR). It also had fighting, which Arya noted was pretty well done. It eventually changed to Minecraft, and Arya picked up Davey's Chromebook and started playing too. I joined too, and Racquel sat on the stack of mattresses across from us.

      Me: How long will you guys be able to stay?
      Selah: Looks up, doesn't say anything
      Arya: 4 weeks
      Me, realizing she meant winter break: Oh, I meant staying at our house. Which I love, I'm just wondering
      Racquel: Oh, 4 weeks

      Dream ends sometime later.

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    4. DJ Barrage - Pt. 9 Movie Set Runaway to Mexico - Recurring

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:59 PM
      Feb 9, 2019

      It starts out as hiding
      There's this river pond lake I always hide in,


      This is the road.

      They always look for me here, in my earlier dreams they'd find me... This time I was with another kid, a younger boy. But we did get found out. At one point I was under a red blanket and he was under the green blanket, the water wasn't deep enough to stay under it, so we didn't have to worry about holding our breaths, but we did certainly get found.
      But another guy came along before they decided to do anything about us. It was a native American guy (he's saved me multiple times from here, thank you ><)

      And we motioned "please, please, help us. They're going to kill us" that sort of thing, and he understood and motioned to run into the woods. I recognized the path cuz it:s the same path as always. Anyway we keep running, and the boy I'm with is super tired, but we're being chased still, so I pick him up in my arms. It's really hard and I'm so slow. But at some point the native American guy becomes Stephen, and we keep running.

      We all know what the goal is, to get to Mexico. (We're in a movie studio-like thing, like the hunger games.) And we all know which direction Mexico is. This always makes me suspicious at the time, but I didn't think on it cuz we were hurrying so fast. So we got through, a listing policemen and running around buildings.

      We get nearer the edge, and there are these highways..? Or something that we have to run across. We know it's part of their game, but we still need to get to the edge. It's like... They stop chasing us and just relax waiting for us to kill ourselves. Usually a lot of us die, sometimes I die and get replaced into someone else's body, but this time not many people died (at least in front of me). We get past the two highways and there are rows of boats. We didn't realize they were boats, until we jumped across the tops of all of them, thinking there was something more afterwards.

      But we get there and there's ocean. Tons of ocean. Mexico, which has become mixed with Egypt now, is far away, but we can see it still. The ocean is like lake Superior, but smaller. And they've started tipping the boats. I almost fell off, but didn't. It was really desperate, I thought at the time it was the studio people tipping the boats, but it might've actually been us runners. So we get our boats free, and we're actually free! We're so surprised. We start rowing towards Mexico, as they shoot at us from behind with cannons. It's hard to get there, because after the Ocean part there's shoals(? Is that the word? It's like too shallow to do our boat but dangerous with sharks and we can't get out and swim?). But I stead them through, and we get there.

      But it isn't Mexico, it's a beach place. Of course it's a beach place. We go up to the big mansion, and it's like a mall/cafe/restaurant inside. Everyone's in lines trying to get up to The Two Doors. As always, the left leads down the beach path, the right leads down the snow path. Usually I end up taking the snow path, and it's always the wrong choice. But yeah this time I forgot about that, and chose the snow path.

      We (the boy from earlier, he's been appearing and disappearing, Idk if I really decided if he was there or not, but rn he was) go down the snowy path. And it's a really short maze, we get out of the end of it, and there's just a beach by the ocean . Beyond the ocean, is the edge of the giant room our entire set, and world, is inside. The only things between the edge of the world and us is a border wall and building, keeping the shallow beach/water from the ocean, then a farther off building you can't really see well, cuz it's dark. But I go for it. And get over the wall, and no one tries to stop me. There's a dolphin on the other side, her skin feels like the unicorn's skin from the hatch-an-egg thing. She shows me over to the building, and I look inside, there's this girl in there, underwater inside the building. She isn't a mermaid, she can breathe the water, but it seems it hurts her. She motions to go back, worriedly because this place is worse than where I came from.
      And that's the end of the dream.
    5. DJ Barrage - Pt. 8 Ran Away from Home w Siblings

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:54 PM

      So dad remarried or something, similar to in Lucky's show, and Stephen decided to leave, I said I wanted to go with, and Monz decided to come too. We walked out the back into the woods, and we decided to fly away. We had to hurry, cuz they would catch us soon.... But anyway we went flying a long way, it was difficult, as I couldn't fly like normal, could only fly like in iFly, so I was going all over. Any way we passed over a giant ocean, and it turned out we um? We saw the earth, and it was meshed together into lots of other land (I apparently thought it was the land of Pokemon) so yeah , anyway we finally ended at an orphanage, and we were just waiting for the night, to move more later. In the next room, there was our new stepmother helping the kids... I was worried she'd see us, but Stephen assured us it was just a window to that place, and she wasn't actually near us. So we waited, but she came in and talked to us really kindly and stuff, so we went back home xD . Cutscene to like a documentary, and it was showing our house moving towards the ocean, a guy saying "most *Pokemon creature name* move only a bit each year, but that isn't the case for the *Pokemon* of the *our family name ig* 's cave." And it finally stopped like 20 feet from the edge of the cliff.
    6. DJ Barrage - Pt. 7 Chinese Hotel/Mr. Lampwick/Yae

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:53 PM
      November 3, 2018

      We were in this China place of some sort, in this giant rich hotel, tons of stairs, beautiful gigantic, polished wood, warm lights, nice smells, suuuuuuper tall/high. We had to hide (from someone?) in a closet to sleep and live there, but we were caught, we tried to hold the blanket curtain down with our toes when they tried to lift it up, but eventually it fell from the top instead and we were caught. But they thought we were pretty smart and told us to join their thing for smart kids, a group, so we did and we met these other kids anyway.

      A different dream where Dad and I are driving, there was a police guy (a mixture of mr. Lampwick and Mr Yae?) Who was unduly interested in me and it was kinda distressing, so Idk for some reason dad had to get into the passenger seat (I think he realized he didn't have his license) but I didn't either only had a permit, and the sunblocker was literally covering the whole view so I had to flip it up but it was okay, I only swerved a bit. But I told Dad I couldn't be driving, especially cuz that police guy was still following us, so dad took the seat back, we drove away from the guy, trying to, and found this place with rocks by the water kinda, it was a place I've been in another dream before, it was great like a rock park or something, and we found my bike, dad had to go steal a bike from someone else but we got them, but at some point he did catch us, I don't remember how though. Or did it go to dream #1? I don't remember which came first.
    7. DJ Barrage - Pt. 6 Graal Rogue Teddy Bear

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:46 PM
      October 8, 2018

      A dream in Graal, all good til
      Oh but how the train works. There's this thing like a flipped up table, to turn it on you flip a clip (a holding clip) with your left knee on the left side, then you flip something once that's open, the you swing with your arms on the handhold bars shaped like upside down L's with the connection pointing away from you, long side going into the ground platform of the equipment, and press your knees against the top of the equipment at chest height.

      Anway it was all good til a new admin declared a new game, he sent a rogue teddy bear/a new player Id just met, (equipped with a minigun but he didn't use it) at a random player, and it was supposed to be that as each player died it'd go on and on til someone killed it. Like a survivals thing. It came at me, and it was really scary being actually 3d or mostly 3d in it . At one point I was running around outside and trees somewhat 2d, and super scared when it damaged me, cuz I was desperately trying to "unstick me" and try to summon to my friends (Aiko-san was on the list) but you can't summon yourself, only someone else can summon you. So I was desperately running around, I ran from it up the stairs and around the gym/train station/mall until I finally found the train port/table, and did the unlocking and pressing to open the train, but it wouldn't work. I was super angry and really really angry at the admin, because they had shut down the trains so it'd be more "fun". And the blue bear was finding me. But then I realized wait a second, the admin sent this and it has less damage than I do. Also this is a game. So I went up and fought it, and tore it's top part (like a teddy bear, like Chrissy's blue teddy bear) from it's bottom part, which was like really long. Later I was home and telling Aiko-san about it I think, and my home was cool, my room was upstairs in an attic that was really long/large size and pretty open, and later I was showing Davey the teddy bear how I was so angry at the admin. But... It was super cute. So that's around how it ended. And my alarm woke me up.

      I really like the table/train.
    8. DJ Barrage - Pt. 5 Pet Store/Costco/Boyfriend

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:39 PM
      April 21, 2018

      A lucid dream!
      First time in months!

      We all lived in a retreat center connected to a warehouse-like pet store.
      I was dating one of my coworkers, and I don't remember who he was... But we were together most of the dream.
      At some point I was outside on something like a dropped off freeway. The clouds were incredible and the wind was cold but I wasn't cold. It was really awesome.
      It was only a semi-lucid though, because I think I forgot my objective and got caught up in the dream. Then I had a second dream before I woke up, so I barely remember it. It was much longer

      Hand check induced lucid dream

      My hand was normal, then I looked away and looked back and my pointer finger was stuck to my middle finger,
      Then I looked away and looked back and I had three fingers.
    9. DJ Barrage - Pt. 4 Japanese Hot Springs

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:35 PM
      April 16, 2018

      I met this girl in an old Japanese like hotel. I met her on the bus

      We were neighbors, and so she showed me a story book she had and really really liked. At one point we were sitting/sleeping in my bed reading it, and it was really fun.

      She was blonde, alot like an anime girl

      We also met on the bus, and her right eye was blank white. I tried not to look at it because she seemed self conscious about it

      Also, I was up until 4 am and Stephen and Davey zoomed by to go play a game. I joined them.
    10. DJ Barrage - Pt. 3 Firefly Courtyard

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:34 PM
      We were in this sort of park/playground/campus place(it looked like the sort of places in skateboarding games) and there was a kid (I know him in real life but forgot who) and he was trying to mess me up when I was playing with a truck or something, so later I left, and later it was nighttime and I was walking with Cooper or Winston and went into the courtyard middle area, where there was all this grass and beautiful fireflies everywhere, little glowing lights. Some of them were blue, and I walked up to a person who was also looking crouched down looking at a big blue firefly.

      Then later I was invited to Japanese club of a different "division" or something, and I went, but I let the dog go home on it's own, and when I got there it was really really cool but I was worried about the dog, anyway I called Mom and stuff. Then later I had a false awakening and was talking to Mom face to face about it, asking if she could bring me home and she was like "sure, yeah of course"

      And eh. It was a really really beautiful dream.
    11. DJ Barrage - Pt. 1

      by , 03-09-2019 at 08:23 PM
      Playing Mario trying to find a new course to buy, there was one with us going through a goomba shaped tube, and as we went goombas would fly/be happened upon (by us) and we'd have to dodge them. One like a really cool roller coaster, lots of peach ones, one where it's just a coil that ends in a far-throwing sling into space. After there was a different dream, with neighbors. There was a neighbor who's black and had a daughter, she threw something small like half a carrot sized toy at another nieghbor's house, accidentally. The nieghbor's were furious and wanted to take up legal action/moral high ground/ it was farther back in time where everyone could have been enraged to hate this man. Mom/me tried to cool things down with them, inviting them or suggesting he invite them for dinner. There were other neighbors who were both of them were girls, but one of them was transgender---I need to go get ready for school.
    12. Meteorish

      by , 09-17-2018 at 02:20 AM
      First dream,
      We were in our old house. Mom and Davey were outside, so I went outside too. It was brighter than I expected, since it was the middle of the night.. I looked left to the hill/mountain and it was glowing for some reason. At some point I noticed a very very large rock, the size of the ship from Hunter x Hunter, floating above the park, a few hundred feet away from us. I was only slightly worried... But I told Mom and Davey we should go inside. They were slow, and then the rock crashed down into the edge of the park (it was now only the size of a house or two, somehow) . After marveling, I looked at the mountain/hill and realized the bright glow was lava shooting out from where the giant rock used to be. We went back inside and watched the breaking news about it, rhe close-up videos of the lava, and the warnings for those living neae the hill.

      Second dream, part 1
      I was in a camp/getaway/..brothel? Far in Japan's past, timewise.

      I was only in the farm area, cuz it was like harvest moon. I was cutting weeds and trying to do all that, it was really fun work as the plants all came up pretty easily, but I got to these certain plants that put up a fight like potato babies (the ones I read about in Harry Potter book 2 yesterday) .

      Second dream, part 2
      I was inside at the end of the hall from the entrance. There were about seven rooms in addition to the front area. It was like the store from harvest moon's toucan island, mixed with a long-hallwayed retreat center from junior high. Some stuff happened I don't remember, the usual (I worked there as ? I'm not sure but I worked there.) And a guy died ? Somehow.. later I was in my colleague's room (he looked eerily similar to Connor-san) fixing his computer, he poked his head in and said the guy (our other colleague) had died. We were both worried, he left, then a guy with dark glasses came in, put his face reeeeally close to mine, then left without a word. He returned with a blonde girl. she came in quickly, kneeled in front of me (I was sitting on the floor fixing cords) and almost started crying, asked if I'd be her first time =_= .. she went on asking if it hurt a lot when it was a girl rather than a guy customer and kept talking, but I lay my head on her shoulder (..did I think this was comforting or something?) told her that that isn't my job and I'd also be bad at it as it'd be my first time too. I then suggested my colleague (whose room I was in) , but there were also a couple other girls in there somehow? Both were my colleagues, and the older whispered something about the guy being dead and it's bad luck for a girl to have her first time when a guy is dead... (?) Also said something about the meteor falling soon. Anyway, the blonde girl seemed a bit worried by that, and she (and her bodyguard of course) followed me into the main room to the counter where I asked the head lady about stuff/the situation. At some point my guy colleague, and another colleague of ours (he looked like the main rapper from Stray kids, but he had this serene expression) , all of us were wearing kimonos or something now , and we walked outside. Down the wooden steps there was hay, and we looked up and there was the large meteor hanging in the sky far in the horizon.
    13. Book Club Outing (9/15/18)

      by , 09-17-2018 at 02:15 AM
      Book club went on an outing, Arthur Chrissy Stephen selah Monz me another older girl was it Beth?

      One of the earlier dreams was us eating other stuff but at some point I was in the bushes, with some one? Was it the harvest Sprite Finn? And we were looking at the courtyard/driveway of a big mansion at.. someone? Earlier we were also in front of the Seattle library, or it at least looked like it. We ate so many things but I don't remember what they were..

      We ended up at a restaurant's back warehouse, the food part started with us all searching for dessert (previous dreams were us eating other earlier meals) I found a vanilla ice cream and licked the ridges off, but then found out there were other flavors on the next aisle, Monz was looking at them and I tried to pass it off that I'd licked it, but she was looking at mine curiously cuz you could tell I'd licked it, so I acted like I'd been planning to give it to another member of our party, but I said "no one would probably want to trade me huh" we walked to the table, I ate more of my ice cream, we all searched for burgers, I searched for hamburgers but couldn't find any (we were at Burger King or smthing but it had shelves of random burgers, some few were Wendy's or McDonald's but no mcchickens. It ended like that. But while I was searching there were two waitresses that came in, they asked if we had a piece of paper, Beth said no but she could give them some tomorrow if they'd like xD

      I had a false awakening, went downstairs and told my brother about it all.
    14. Weapons Room with Youthgroup Kids

      by , 01-16-2018 at 02:26 AM
      We were in the weapons room again (The weapons room is a part of a large building/modern castle reminiscent of Hogwarts), there was a big slide down to it. Some of the people with me were youthgroup kids, and I asked Hunter E to help me make sure there weren't enemies hiding inside. I was worried that roaming monsters/enemies would hear us again, and we had to be absolutely silent one time when a large enemy passed. The slide went down to the hallway outside the weapon room, right outside the door. The door was not clickable-closeable (same as last time). But a really good thing was, this time there was a nice heavy second door on the inside, so we closed that and felt much safer. No one grabbed any weapons this time, and it was pretty uneventful.

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    15. The Golden Trumpet

      by , 06-30-2017 at 11:41 AM
      (I had this dream and wrote it down a few days ago, but only remembered dreamviews just now.)

      "This was part of a very very long dream, but I only remember the tail end. We were in an Asian country, some mix of China and Korea, with a situation like Germany with the Jews. We weren't the targeted group, but we did have some in our blood (most citizens did). There was a ton of long-term knowledge, stuff where when I woke up I truly believed was real historical buildings and other facts that I lived in the dream. The most rememberable and most important, was that there was what reminds you of an Indian palace, a death-maze that soldiers would chase/herd traitors or pre-refugees to. The king/leader built this, and believed it to be his mercy. Once herded there, the soldiers were no longer chasing to immediately kill or capture, the people would just die themselves. The way it worked is that there are all these golden trumpet-shaped spires/points, thick from the ground, and curved at the tips. There was some sort of suction to the design so that the runner gets run into one of these, and is basically forced upward until they can no longer breathe. Their last view is looking down on the king's city.

      This wasn't terribly significant to me at the time, because there were many other things like this in my long-term memory.

      Anyways, where I solidly remember from, we were supposed to meet up with an informant who would help us get what we needed, to get out.

      The room where we met, There was a staircase, it was all white, four walls were glass. We met them (there was one main guy and one or two lookouts), but I don't remember much of our interaction except that it was very short and pretending, as the windows were glass and basically at an intersection.
      I do know we needed an item, and we had to get it ourselves. We were to meet them at the border, or at some other place on the way to it, and we didn't have much time. They told us where to find the item.
      We talked fast and then started out pretty urgently, because we felt time ticking away and almost like they were already on to us.

      We went in the mall, I don't completely remember what happened. We did something for a short amount of time, then went upstairs to a/the shop owned by the king/person. Mom looked for the item while I waited for her and looked at dresses. They were really good prices, and I found myself looking for a dress for Racquel, and a shirt-dress for myself. (We had planned that I would buy some things, so it would be less suspicious.) I remember being excited despite the situation we were in, because we never got new things.
      Here, it could have stopped being a nightmare. But I was too scared for it to slip into just shopping, so when we approached to buy our items, they knew.
      I wanted to bolt right then, but it was so so important that we get that item.

      We were informed that our payment could not go through and to try buying different items (They had a certain look when they said this, and it made me know they knew.) or try to checkout at an all-purpose register. You could tell they themselves were very scared and wouldn't risk appearing sympathetic or like they knew what was happening. It was terrifying knowing that leaving us to be devoured was what I would have done too.

      Mom and I were both really scared. But she decided to do the courageous thing and try to checkout downstairs (and to the right).
      But I looked outside and took her arm and told her to just leave. I started walking faster because I knew they knew.
      We took the things we didn't buy. I was calmly scared they'd stop us, but without it, even if we lived past this, we couldn't get away if we didn't have it.

      We got outside and we tried to look normal. I knew no one in the store would chase us, except to watch us, and that they had called for the people, so I hoped, maybe if we put some distance between us and the store.

      As we went further, people walking or reading newspapers slowly became informants walking or reading newspapers, and we slowly started throwing out the "act normal" idea and going faster.
      (at some point there was a mother and baby with a father who had turned on them. They were mostly white, and they were part of the group the government was purging. We didn't talk or make eye contact or try to help eachother. We were headed the same direction though, they were slower than us and we passed them)

      A short time of this fast walking and we were spotted and chased. We starting running as fast as we could.

      We ran for a time, until we got to what I thought was a parking garage. As we entered it, I felt something grab my left hand, and it was the baby, and the mom running with us. I remember I was twisted in a weird way and was trying to run and hold the baby's hand and Mom's at the same time. I remember seeing the soldiers right behind us, and they almost got Mom. She looked like she might stop and give up, so I clung to her hand as we ran.
      We came to where there were infinite-looking upward slides, and we scrambled up the second slant (the first was very obviously the widest, each one to the right being smaller, but the mother and baby had gone up there and I wouldn't have hesitated to run over them if we were stuck in the same tube.) I remember there was a left and right sidewalk. On the left it was like normal walkway, the right was an up-moving ramp.
      I tried the up-moving ramp, but almost slipped so decided on just running.We were getting higher and Mom looked more defeated the farther we went.
      Near the middle, she tripped on something and she didn't get up, just lay there. I was dragging her frantically, contemplating leaving her behind. It was way too slow, and they were still chasing us. So I didn't really notice the space getting smaller and smaller.
      Mom had basically given up hope. She was acting like we were already dead, and it irritated me so much. When I realized why, it had gotten so small and vertical. I was first so frantic and hurrying so fast I tried to shove my way up even with my arms folded (like praying mantis) in front of me. But I was feeling the dread, and was starting to realize what had just happened. So I went back a few feet down.
      I let go of mom's hand, and she started sobbing. She stayed just at my feet, luckily not sliding down anymore when I let go, but it didn't matter anymore. I put my arms flat streamlined with my body and pushed myself with my feet to the opening. The tunnel curved in a sickening way, and I could see down on the beautiful city through the end of the curved golden trumpet."

      Then I woke up.

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