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    1. Surviving a zombie apocalypse with Emma Watson

      by , 01-03-2014 at 04:09 PM (In the real life)
      It all started in an underground bar. I think it was called Adams or something. I was with a few friends there and it was really dark, wasn't even opened. After a while we decided to play a game, the rules of the game were that if a girl catches you in the dark she can do whatever she wants to interrogate whoever she cought. About what i don't really know, it was some big secret that us boys apparently knew. So the game began and everybody started running, i didn't get why they just didn't stay in the light but whatever. At one point i started moving too and girls started chasing me. i jumped over some couches and ran to the bathroom, but unfortunately it was a dead end, so one of the girls caught me and started pinching me and asking about the secret. I didn't know anything so i was just telling her random things, but she knew i was bullshiting her. I stopped talking and suddenly the wall in the bathroom moved to the right side as if someone said "Open Sesame!". There was a tunel and we decided to go in. There wasn't much there but upon getting to the otherside everything changed. I was with different clothes and that girl was no longer with me, instead i was with two friends- Pepi and Bobby and Emma Watson. We were at what appeared to be a huge plaza with average tall buildings all around it. On the right side there was a fallen electricity tower (you know?) and a huge one at that! I had a gun and so did they, so we decided to go up the electricity tower (it had fallen diagonally) I knew there were zombies around and we could all see them charge at us, so i took out my gun and shot them. The others helped too i think, but they didn't shoot as much as me. On the side of my gun i could see how much ammo i had left. We finally reached the top and on it was a big basketball court and nothing on it. (and it was also dark as fuck) I saw a man on the other side of the court running like crazy. It wasn't a normal man it was a zombie, too far away to shoot it i ran after, it went through a door out of the court. We cought up with it and i shot it with a couple of bullets. Now we were on a normal street, we went along to the corner of a building and saw an old lady. I was staying there watching out while the others were asking questions about what the fuck is going on. I didn't get anything, but at one point i saw a red dot on the old lady's head so i pulled Pepi and Emma Watson behind the corner of the building, but for some reason didn't do so with Bobby. Luckily the shot that fired afterwards only hit the lady and my friend got of unharmed. Meanwhile though i had the extreme pleasure of slightly touching Emma as if i were guirding her from harm. She's way hot... But when we all started walking back i couldn't do that anymore. We went thorough the court and electricity tower again, this time killing only a couple of zombies. We were down at the plaza and we saw two shops next to the tunnel we came from. There were a lot of people there buying supplies and whatnot, so we ran too. I needed some bullets and the others went to buy food and water. There was a really long line and we couldn't buy anything. Apparently they closed because there was curfue(?) and a big ass creature was coming. I didn't care, i thought i'd defeat it once and for all! I went to the side of the stores and into a parking lot where i saw it... It was HUGE! I tried shooting it with whatever ammo i had left, but that did nothing, it hit me and i flew into a mailbox. I didn't feel a thing, then i got a big metal pipe and upon turning around i saw that the bigass creature had turned into an average size person stuck on the back of a truck. I quicly ran to it and hit it with brutal force and it died. Victory was ours! I saw Emma Watson running towards me to hug me, but before all that i woke up...

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    2. 30.11.13 - The girl of my dreams / My birthday party

      by , 12-09-2013 at 09:47 PM (In the real life)
      I dreamt about the girl of my dreams apparently, it was something like a slideshow of our life together you know... About how i meet her, how i mimic everything she does to show her my affection, she sees that ofcourse, i behave like a nerveous trainwreck, but she still loves me. At a certain point i get better and our whole life becomes this sunset fairytale, where we hold each other tight, look into our eyes drunk with love and ofcourse kiss like there's no tommorow, my whole life i spent with her... In the beginning when i met her i was seeing the whole thing 3rd and rather than me there was this hella awkward guy. (Guess that'd be me in a different form) So i approached her at a bus stop and tried to talk to her, upon not succeding i just asked for a hug and she gave me one, i saw myself jump around filled with joy, after that it was the happiest moments and only that... but it isn't so vivid anymore...

      Anyways, dream life goes on and i find myself in this wierd art classroom with only like 8 or 10 desks and a wardrobe shelf (yep) in the corner of the room. I had stolen a painting and everyone thought it was mine, so ofcourse i accepted the praise and whatnot, but i had acctually stolen the painting from an abandoned house.
      After that a teacher came to me and started giving me shit about some other thing and i threw my coffee at him in the presence of the whole class. He didn't do anything about it he just dissapeared...
      I went to the wardrobe shelf thingy at the corner of the room to put my stuff in it, but only not on the acctual shelf, but a mini shelf attached to the side of the whole thing. Then i looked to the side and i saw that girl... i think she smiled at me. Then we started cleaning the whole room and putting up christmas decorations. After we were done, two teachers came in and started commenting on how they thought we couldn't do it and they were very proud. I looked at my right again and i saw her smiling at me... Then i woke up and did a WBTB (unsuccesfull)

      Now it's my birthday, not the exact date, but a couple of days earlier and i'm having a party at my house. I'm waiting for people to tell me happy birthday, so i could correct them, but no one seems to even know that they're at my party... No wonder, my guests are no other than Kris and his friends (not really friends in the waking life) I'm standing in the kitchen and no one's there so i decide to go upstairs and check around. I see a light coming from my room, so i go there. I see Kris and he says "Congrats man! You chose the right room!" And we begin a tour of every room of my own house, while they are rhyming and singing and opening doors and i see people in the rooms doing exactly what Kris is rhyming about. At one point he was rhyming about an old man with a rubber dick, so you know that was fucked up...
      So the whole thing turns out to be like a birthday present for me. At the end of the tour we end up in my basement and upon opening the door i saw three corridors. To the left was a corridor full of ugly chicks, the one on the right there was that girl... taking a shower, and in the middle corridor there was this like conference room, with a conference desk and everything only it was situated on clouds and there were like 6-9 people sitting on both sides and a guy sitting in the master seat or whatever.There are mini clouds infront of everyone sitting there on the left they are greenish and on the right black. For some really idiotic reason i choose to go to the middle room instead of the right one, where the girl of my dreams is... so those people at the conference room start talking about destroying earth and stuff and before they could finish their demonic plan i was back at the entrance to my basement, then Kris asked me which room i chose and i told him. He called me a moron and i woke up...
    3. 29.11.13 - Party in the USA and the abandoned PC room

      by , 12-05-2013 at 08:59 PM (In the real life)
      I am at a party somewhere in the USA, aparently i live there now. The party is in an underground basement with two rooms, all of their walls are black and loud music is playing from an unknown source, people are talking to me and laughing like crazy drunks, i don't understand what they are saying and i don't really care. My phone is in my hand and i'm browsing like facebook or something, which is a thing i'd never even consider doing at a party, because i hate the kind of people that do this thing.

      Before i know it, i'm in a hallway, in what seems to be a communist style looking building(we have lots of those where i live)only it's in the center of New York. I have the feeling that i'm somewhere between the 20th and 23rd floor and i see myself from 3rd person perspective. Something sad has happened, but i can't remember what i put my palms on my face and someone comes and tells me something, i think it was one of my friends.
      Before i could answer i found myself skateboarding infront of the statue of liberty, but um... it was in the middle of the city.

      Next thing i find myself on a mountain road with my dad, he's driving me somewhere with a buggy(you know those car thingys) He's shouting at me about something, but i don't remember what. Then without any expectation we fly of the road and down the side of the mountain. For some reason we are both very chill about all that and my dad even says. "It's cool, you gotta learn how to handle these situations." We manage to stop unharmed and i get off the buggy. My dad dissapeared so i continue down the mountain. I reach a point where i get stuck and the scenery suddenly changes. Now i'm in some kind of abandoned room full of computers, like brands i've never heard before and all kinds of funky designs and what not, i even browse one of their desktops, but i find nothing interesting and go out of the room. I'm at the same spot i got stuck in, but now i can move. I go down a bit more and i end up on another mountain road, but this time there are people all around me cutting down trees, i don't even care (which is strange, because in the waking life i get really pissed about those things, people often label me as a hippie and stuff.) I see a green car, the people in it offer me a ride and i accept. After like 2 minutes they tell me to get off and say that they'd be back in a minute, i waited for them for more than 5 minutes and decided to continue on foot. I'm reaching the end of the forrest and people are no longer cutting down trees. I find myself on a beach and right there coast line is the hotel i live in, i have to go down some stairs first, but i can barely walk, my heel hurts(I got it injured while skateboarding in the waking life)I don't even go into my room i just turn around and walk back into the forrest to get myself a new PC, after a while i was in that abandoned room again, looking for the perfect computer, but i lost interest again and i woke up..

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    4. 28.11.13 - Driving with my mom and skateboarding

      by , 12-05-2013 at 08:33 PM (In the real life)
      I don't remember much of this one, because i had some problems right when i woke up, so my mind wasn't on my dreams that night, but anyways here is what i remember.
      At the beginning i remember i had some really nice and enlightening dreams, i was able to interpret(?) my dreams, while i was having them, so you could say i was kind of in a semi-lucid state, because i knew i was having those dreams, but they are a bit fuzzy...
      I'm in my moms car with her and we are driving along a familiar mountain road. We were discussing whether she'd buy me chinese food or not, she didn't want to, but damn i love chinese. It was fall, but as we took a turn along the road, the season suddenly changed to spring and we weren't on a mountain road anymore, it was more like in the middle of a field, but still high on a mountain... At this point i stopped paying attention to what my mom was mildly shouting to me and started having thoughts about skateboarding. I was thinking about how i land this gnarly trick and feel nice.
      Earlier in my dream i think i was at this local skateboarding spot, a bank, which has a set of 5 stairs and i managed to ollie up them which is way to high for me to do in real life just yet, but i ollied up a couple of times and then some bloke showed up and i couldn't do it again...
      I woke up after that... I wish i remembered more about this dream, it was really enlightening!

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    5. 27.11.13 - Party fireworks and the WOW OWL

      by , 12-05-2013 at 02:16 PM (In the real life)
      I'm in a room with some other folks and we're having what seems to be a really wierd party. Everybody including me is super high and we can barely see each other from all the smoke. All of them are playing with some wierd fireworks, like they put them in a mug of water and they start emitting different colors and smoke.
      After a while someone's dad came in the room and asked about all the smoke, but we blamed it on the fireworks and he went away, but he turned of the lights in the room, which is really strange, because lights never worked before in my dreams. Anyways, after that everybody except me and a girl fell asleep.
      She asked me if i wanted to lights some fireworks and i agreed, so we went to the balcony and put those wierd sticks in two mugs of water. Mine didn't light, so after calling me stupid for not knowing how these things work she showed me and we both lighted them. Mine was red and hers was green.

      Next thing i'm in a gym with a longboard. People are watching some kind of fighting tutorial on a smartphone, so i decide to watch too. And suddenly i find myself in that video, only it's not a tutorial but the real thing. I'm in a forest on a main road and infront of me there is a sign, on the sign there is a bow and arrows, i take them. After walking for a while i see two roads, one that goes up and left and the other right and a bit down. I stop and find myself knee deep in a pond, i still have to choose a road though, my mind is racing. Next thing i know some kids are throwing rocks at me from a tree, so i try to hit them with the bow, but i didn't manage to do that. I have no arrows left and it seems like those kids are gonna kill me. I quickly start practicing a fireball spell and manage to do it, but before i could use it on them i teleported back to the gym.. I was sitting and i stood up for a second a girl and a baby took my spot so i got my longboard and tried to keep a one foot balance on it. I got bored at one point and a man came to me, he told me
      "You see those roads? Well by sunset you have to take the right road where it says fire and you're gonna be cool"
      Excited i rushed to the roads, there was a sunset already and i had a wooden stick which i was holding like a spear. It was like a videogame, but instead of choosing the right road i went with the left one. After running like a ninja for a while i saw a bunch of abandoned buildings and an abandoned football(soccer) field. I then remembered that someone told me about a party at some abandoned house, but all i could se was tall buildings. I looked around for a while and i reached a security booth, i went to the side of it and inside i saw an Owl with armour and it was playing Worl of Warcraft on a laptop. It saw me look at it and started flapping it's wings. I then started laughing loudly which i guess managed to wake me up IRL
    6. 26.11.13 - The Rolling Stones concert and the search of my neighbour's house

      by , 12-05-2013 at 01:42 PM (In the real life)
      I am at a Rolling Stones concert!Only it's at a pub and they're not really the Rolling Stones, but a bunch of kids i've never even seen before.There are like 10 of them 6 boys and 4 girls. And for some odd reason i really believe that they are the real thing. They are playing on the second floor, and there is like a big square hole in the middle of it and through it you can see the first floor which is also full of fans. But anyways i'm standing behind this hot chick and having the time of my life, at one point they played a song twice and actually started explaining why they did, but i didn't care, because while this was happening i was hugging with that cute girl, nothing else, just hugging, but it felt so damn good.It's amazing how nobody managed to fall through the hole, given the fact they were all drunk...

      Now I'm at my friend Maxi's house and we are looking at the top of his garage. It's very different though it's in the middle of the forrest and looks nothing like his house, not to mention that there is a basement that's not even in the house but rather to the right of the house. He tells me that we should put a kicker up there and try to skate it. Without any hesitation i agree and we then head down the basement, which looks exactly like every basement you see in those movies about the american suburbs.

      Next thing I'm in my home town... well not really it's a completely different place, but i just have the feeling i'm in my town. It's divided in sectors, much like the hunger games, between each one there is a deep forest with no path through it. I'm in the western sector and i'm looking for my neighbours' house, the western sector is much higher than the rest and that provided a spectacular view. Anyways after walking through the small and narrow streets for a while i encountered two football(soccer) hooligans, and they started asking me questions about my neighbours' house in a really unfriendly tone. At this point i remember i had a memory about their house being in the eastern sector, but i still didn't know how to get there. The mean guys asked me for a cigar and then left.

      I'm back at Maxi's house again, only this time there is a kicker on the roof of his garage, but... it's put on the wrong side.. which makes it pretty much useless... then his mom came out of the house and started explaining to me why the kicker was put up like that, i didn't really care so i didn't listen, after she finished the long and boring explanation, she said "Follow me" So i did and we ended up in that basement again...
      Then i woke up.