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    1. Beautiful Sunset

      by , 04-06-2013 at 10:06 AM
      Had a nap in the afternoon.

      In my house, Suma, Mum, Dad, Bhavaji?

      I can see an awesome view from my front windows, almost surreal looking, I ask for the camera and I think Suma gets it for me, but I cant see anything through it, then I realise that its two cameras backed together, It starts stuttering alot, so I try looking for the button, but the button doesnt do a shutter noise, I ask for help from my dad but by then the scene has 'moved' as if we're higher in the air now.
      The scene was basically a sunset of a beautiful beach, it was beauitful.

      Bhavaji is giving marku a shower, me and suma just got home? Suma and bhavaji are arguing when she goes in, shes like "look prathu got you this shirt!" bhavaji has to be receptive so hes like "yeah, its good".

      I give Marky an ipad? or some crappier version? I say i dont need it so you keep it.

      Thatha and Papa are watching some movie, The movie is very very old. Like raj kumars time, two actors are arguing, but then find out theyre childhood friends.
      Tags: sunset india
    2. The BF3 Hump

      by , 03-30-2013 at 06:20 AM
      Felt like I was a player in BF3, in some shitty place like a house next to a alleyway or something. Probably India.

      I see two dudes crouching down waiting for someone and I end up killing them, but I knew that they were players* or NPCs*? so I was more confident that I wouldnt die.

      weird part: I start humping some lady, but put a pillow in between me and her, a holographic screen comes up over her playing some x-rated video of an asian girl doing the reverse cowgirl, (this was taking place outside the house, but a mountain side blocks sunlight and the outside from looking in?) someone comes outside and we stop. I think.

      Felt it was semilucid maybe.

      Went to bed saying: Lucid Dreaming is Easy.
      Tags: semi lucid