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    1. Third Arm Follies

      by , 07-23-2019 at 04:23 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      The dream begins with a fragment of me being in school and rehashing the beginning of "Fake WILD." This does not cause me to become lucid. A bunch of things that I forget happen until I end up playing a video game that was a knockoff of both Fortnite and Guardians of the Galaxy. (I have never actually played Fortnite, nor have I ever watched Guardians of the Galaxy.) Eventually I stop playing and walk into the bathroom to tidy myself up; I notice that I'm wearing a circular metal-wire pendant a few inches in diameter depicting an upward-facing five-pointed star inscribed in a circle. This causes me to become lucid.

      I am shirtless and standing in front of a mirror (which works just as it does in WL), and the pendant gives me the idea to make a "transformation pendant" that will cause me to grow a third arm. I therefore take off the original pendant and imagine a new one appearing that at first looks like a small quartz crystal but quickly changes to be nearly identical to the old one. I put it on so that it hangs over my chest... and lo and behold, a third arm instantaneously "appears" growing out of the center of my chest! I am able to feel it as though it were a natural part of my body, and after a little effort at first, I can move it around just as well. I briefly wonder why I haven't given myself four arms like several of the Hindu deities, but nothing results from that line of questioning.

      After a minute or so, my baser desires took over, and I decided to retract the third arm by taking off the pendant so that I could make room... to grow a pair of breasts. (Why does this always happen?) I got a little U-shaped piece of stiff metal foil from nowhere having the dimensions of a long piece of tape and put it on my lower abdomen so that it covered my navel; this, I told myself, would cause me to transform in the desired way. Just before anything could happen, I "woke up."

      I was still standing in the bathroom when I awoke; I did not question this at all. I also looked totally normal except for my hair; whereas my actual hair is brown, only several inches long, and well-kept, it was now long, black, greasy, and incredibly unkempt, standing largely upright in the manner of the title character from Edward Scissorhands. Some of it was also drawn back in a little ponytail I didn't remember making so that the haircut overall reminded me of Ranma's from the eponymous anime. I remember thinking about how cool it looked, but I was still concerned about who had made the ponytail, since they must have done it while I was sleeping; I began to suspect that it had been some sort of Asian deity who had "taken favor" on me. (As in real life this would be blasphemy of the highest degree, I don't know how I was able to speak it without issue here...)

      I was disappointed with how greasy my hair was and almost washed it, but decided against it since it was still the middle of the night and far too early in the morning to be splashing cold water over myself. Instead I felt a sudden urge to empty my bladder and tried to do so, encountering some difficulty at first but eventually going until I no longer felt the urge to go. I awoke shortly thereafter, not having soiled myself in any way.

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    2. Am I a dream guide now?

      by , 07-20-2019 at 04:20 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I've managed to get the things bouncing around in my head under control fairly well by now -- with considerable help from God -- so it's back to the (ir)regularly scheduled programming.

      I was in a prior dream I once had (one that I haven't recorded on this site) about being at a circus that was somehow affiliated with the Catholic church. My family were all sitting in their seats and telling me to hurry up because the show was beginning, but I was busy making myself some hot chocolate in the concessions area outside (the circus was set up like a sports stadium instead of a tent). I spilled some boiling water on my hand and burned it, but I didn't notice the burn throughout the rest of the dream even though it should have stayed there. I finally went to sit down in my seat and watch the show, but my brother wanted something explained to him, so he pushed an "emergency contact button" in front of him, causing a man standing on a small hanging platform up near the ceiling to be lowered down to him. I was embarrassed that he had disrupted the show for no reason and left somehow.

      This transitioned into me leading ten or so high-school students (I was high-school age myself) over a bare stone hill in the middle of a region of similar hills. The students were being unruly and annoying. On the summit of the hill there was a little glass box resembling a covered bus stop with a hot tub in it that could seat two people. All of the students but one (some random girl) abandoned the trip to go play in/around the hot tub while the girl and I continued on.

      After we had descended the other side of the hill, we reached the river from the Obsessive Transformations dream I had a while back; it didn't look exactly the same, but it had a rope-and-plank bridge over it similar to the boardwalks from that dream, and I intuitively knew it was the same river. I told the girl that there were some interesting things to see on the other side, but she expressed concern that we wouldn't be able to cross: the river periodically surged with great torrents of water high enough to wash over the bridge and knock anyone on it over and off the side. We saw several people try to cross and fail in this manner. I eventually told the girl to hold onto the ropes and lean back, supporting her weight with her arms as well as her legs, in order to cross without being washed off; we both did this and succeeded.

      The bridge led to a large green atrium-like shaft with a staircase going around the edge, which we descended. At periodic intervals there were floors in the middle of the atrium containing visual representations of various memories I had of my maternal grandparents. The girl asked what they were, so I explained some of them, adding that I hadn't seen either of my maternal grandparents for two years now (very strange situation) and wondered how they were doing. I also showed her a few dream-control tricks so that she would better understand how this place worked -- it was one of my dreams, after all... We eventually reached the bottom of the shaft, where there was a wooden floor blocking our further descent. I willed a trapdoor into existence and began to open it to show the girl what lay below, but just before I could, the dream faded.

      This dream is mainly interesting to me for two reasons: First, the fact that I "revisited" two previous dreams and even knew that I had had one of them before; and second, that there was another "main character" in the dream besides myself. It's very rare for people in dreams to follow me around for any length of time -- they're usually just a part of whatever set-piece I'm in at the moment and have little to no personality or importance. Even the members of my family tend to function merely as plot devices when present; in the original "Obsessive Transformations" dream, they were so unimportant to me that my brother appeared halfway through the journey to the island and disappeared before we got there and I didn't care at all.

      Moreover, I rarely communicate with any DCs, and never on any intelligent or emotional level -- only just enough to advance the progress of the dream, as can be seen by the fact that when I died in "Obsessive Transformations," all I wanted my mother to do was give me her Minecraft password so I could respawn. Neither of us felt any kind of grief or even surprise; there was no "human connection," so to speak. Here, though, even though I had no idea who this girl was in real life and no reason to care about here, I felt like she was an actual person that I had to guide safely through the dream, and I was able to empathize and communicate meaningfully with her. The whole experience was really strange but overall pleasant.
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    3. More Troublesome Fragments

      by , 07-13-2019 at 04:22 PM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I was standing in the lobby to some kind of school/museum combo (not really too clear on how that worked) where people were being hired to clean up various portions of the building as pseudo-janitors. I somehow got a position doing this and was asked to meet up with the woman who was coordinating the cleanup effort at a certain place at 1:00 PM. The time to go to work drew near, but I got distracted by some people who were setting up a booth from which they would hand out incredibly rare sheet music (for which I've been searching for months in real life) for free and decided to wait for them to finish so I could get some before they ran out. I successfully obtained the music, but it was now 1:30; I didn't really care and decided to just quit the job so I wouldn't have to face being late.

      At some other point, I was watching a movie that I believed had something to do with The X-Files, but was really a mundane high-school fantasy film where the gimmick is that this specific teacher can do magic, resulting in "wacky hijinks." Most of the movie was pretty unremarkable, but then my "old friend" decided to stop by... The teacher announced that everyone in the class was going to switch bodies with someone of the opposite gender for a day; the reason for this was never explained. A "jock" stereotype character wearing a football uniform then looked at a scantily-clad voluptuous "cheerleader" stereotype character and said out loud, "Oh yeah! Make me blonde and busty!" The teacher then switched the two characters' bodies. I became aroused again, with the same annoying end result as last time.

      I am at my wit's end! If I allowed myself to curse, you would be seeing a whole lot of profanity right now... Why do I keep having these dreams, and why are they always tied to cheerleaders and football players specifically? (I've had some more of them than I've recorded here.) The worst part is that these things haunt me during the day as well -- it's very difficult not to be reminded of them whenever I see anything even the remotest bit suggestive (seeing latex balloons has triggered the memory), and their incredible persistence is actually interfering with my ability to think clearly. I'm really not so bothered by the mere fact of having them; it's their impact on my mental clarity that's really frustrating...
    4. A Rather Persistent Fetish

      by , 07-12-2019 at 04:44 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I have been letting my recall atrophy a little too much lately (hopefully I'll get back on track tonight); even so, this particular nugget of memory refused to succumb to the void today along with the rest of the dream it was from. I'm still unsure of whether or not that's a good thing...

      I am taking an orientation tour of a college resembling the one I enrolled at in real life; all I remember about it now is that the campus consisted of a number of grassy fields crossed by wide brick paths (similarly to most other colleges) and that the school colors were blue and white. I see a girl dressed in cheerleading regalia ahead of me on the path; she is facing me and jumping up and down -- or more accurately, she jumps up once and then "pauses" in mid-air as if moving in slow motion. A tour guide next to me explains that it is traditional for all new students at the college to dress up as the opposite sex on the first day -- boys dress as cheerleaders and girls dress as football players. This prospect arouses me considerably (I need a catchphrase for when these kinds of situations inevitably happen), and I begin to fantasize about the upcoming event before waking up to find that I had not been able to "contain my arousal" (so to speak).

      I should really make this "feminization arousal" my prompt to do a RC. It would certainly be more effective than FAs, which I mostly stopped having shortly after I made them my prompt to do a RC -- and if the same thing happens with these kinds of events, so much the better!
    5. Obsessive Transformations

      by , 07-02-2019 at 02:45 PM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I was in a large wooded area at a public park with my little sister (who is very young) and emerged from the forest onto a large boardwalk across a slow-moving river. There were some people ahead of us who stopped at a large sign with a map on it standing on the opposite shore. When we reached them, they told me they "just wanted to go home"; after looking at the map, I advised them that the wisest course of action would be to just turn back the way they had come. I also saw that a remote island in the middle of the river with a number of unusual natural formations had recently been linked into the boardwalk system, and I decided to go there by going across a second boardwalk parallel to the first, taking a brochure containing a map with me as I went. I began to describe the island to my sister so she wouldn't get bored.

      The boardwalk ended at another area thickly forested with conifers; at some point while we were walking through it, my mother joined us. We emerged from the forest onto a large grassy downward slope with a wide dirt road marked "Washington Toll Road" running down it and a nursing home on the left. I could see a toll booth several hundred feet away that we would apparently have to pay to continue walking, but I didn't have any money. One of the old men at the nursing home somehow sensed my problem and counseled me to turn left and take the free shortcut through the nursing home, which was a narrow brick-paved path with a number of downward stairs in it. The path didn't actually enter the home; it just ran between buildings.

      As we passed through the nursing home, my brother joined us at some point. He noticed a TV in the building playing some kind of boring informational show and commented on the fact that only old people would want to watch it. Eventually we emerged from the shortcut and there was a covered bus stop (?) with a number of theater-style seats all pointing at another TV playing the same show; I commented in turn that nobody would want to sit out there just to watch TV.

      We finally arrived at our destination, a huge brick "subway station" apparently built on the island decades ago. My brother was no longer present, but my sister and mother were. The path led onto a balcony in an atrium a few floors above the part of the station where the trains ran, and the only way down seemed to be to jump across the atrium onto a slightly lower balcony. Since this was now Minecraft for some reason, I decided to try to jump, but I glanced off the edge of the second balcony and fell the entire distance to the bottom. At first, I thought I still had half a heart of health left, but it turns out the game was just lagging and I was supposed to have died, which I did.

      I saw the Minecraft death screen overlaid on top of the station and asked my mother for her Minecraft username so I could teleport to her and not have to waste time getting to the station again. She didn't know what I meant by "username" and first gave me her real name, and then her password, and finally her username ("Naomi" or something, which happens to be my sister's name in Gaelic). After some haziness, I found myself in a small gray-walled room with two young women (probably around 20 years old)
      who informed me that I had the power to transform myself in various ways and that they needed me to help them out using this power. They held up a pink stone sphere several feet in diameter with a small mousehole-like doorway in its lower left surface and another opening in its upper left surface. There was a miniature toy car protruding from the upper opening.

      The girls told me I needed to shrink myself down so I could enter the hole and unclog the upper entrance; they had tried a variety of methods to remove the toy car, but all of them had failed. Instead, I had a better idea; if I could transform into anything, why not try to turn into a woman now? (Here we go again...) I focused intently on my chest (I was abruptly shirtless) and tried to will it to swell up, but all that happened was that my left breast grew to about the size of a baseball. It appeared very stiff and veiny. I put my hand on it and squeezed, but the sensation wasn't noticeably different from how squeezing my chest normally feels, and the area reverted back immediately.

      After having failed, I tried to actually complete the mission and shrink myself down, but I couldn't get my perspective to change; instead, I became a DO and watched... myself?... enter the hole. However, I soon left, because it was clogged with toy cars all the way through and I couldn't make any progress. I went back into first person, took another toy car from somewhere, and shoved it into the lower hole, saying something about "quantum entanglement" in the process; this resulted in all of the cars pouring out of the top hole, satisfying the girls, who soon left.

      The scene changed; I was now a DO following a boy of about ten years of age around what looked to be a shopping mall. The boy desperately wanted to become Santa Claus and tried a variety of methods in order to experience what being Santa Claus would be like, mainly involving dressing up like Santa Claus and saying "Ho ho ho!" and "Merry Christmas!" to random people. Eventually he began to despair that his wish would never be realized and stood sadly by a large chessboard in the floor with a number of life-size crystalline statues on it in various colors of the rainbow. One of the statues suddenly moved, creating a "mystical alignment" between them all that opened a hidden trapdoor beneath the boy's feet and dropped him down into a subterranean chamber.

      In the chamber was a pale green levitating creature with four arms but no legs and an elongated head and torso. The creature offered to transform the boy into Santa Claus "for real," which he assented to after a warning about "being careful what you wish for." The boy suddenly disappeared; it wasn't clear whether he had been sent to the North Pole or whether he had been erased from existence because Santa Claus doesn't actually exist. I quickly approached the creature and asked it to turn me into a woman (sigh...), which it seemed to attempt to do but failed. The scene abruptly shifted to looking at an online forum about dreaming (not this one, unfortunately) in hopes of figuring out why the creature had been unable to transform me.

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    6. Recurring False Awakening

      by , 06-17-2019 at 04:33 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I had an inordinate deal of trouble getting to sleep last night... for some reason, I was insanely excited to LD, far beyond the motivation I normally feel, and so my heart was racing and I couldn't go to sleep. I tried every trick I knew -- reading, mentally reciting various text, meditating, random yoga poses, etc. -- but my body refused to relax in any way. I eventually fell asleep sometime around 4 AM, over four hours after I had gotten in bed.

      I awoke in my bed facing the wall and tried to turn around but found I couldn't move. I felt a strange burning/throbbing sensation in the back of my head. I was eventually able to turn my head painfully slowly towards the rest of my room, and after a minute or so, I was finally able (with considerable difficulty) to rise from my bed and walk towards the door to my room. Before I could reach the door, I "awoke" back in bed again. This repeated at least twenty times; in the dream I seemed to think that by the end I had been through the ordeal four hundred times at least.

      When I finally "woke up" for good within the dream, I found myself in a large single-room house with an assortment of relatives I barely ever see: my maternal grandparents, my uncle, and my old High School History Teacher (not a relative, but she was there for some reason). A few of my siblings were also there. We talked about some mundane topics for a few minutes. Then something happened involving a woman who had engaged in "activism" of some sort by making a video game about freeing animals from zoos. But this was all cut short when...

      I had the recurring FA again! It happened at least another ten times, all the way up to the possible seventy-six I believed had happened within the dream. On one of the FAs toward the end of the cycle, I grabbed hold of a chair in my room as I got up and knocked it over, hearing the loud sound it made as it hit the floor, and said to myself, "That's proof that I'm up for real this time!" It was not, since I rapidly went back to the FA. The worst part was that I didn't do even a single RC, owing to the dream-paralysis that made me unable to...
    7. Fake WILD, Real LD

      by , 06-15-2019 at 04:31 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I am at High School (where's my RC?!) on the second-to-last day of school. Band class has just ended and it's time for me to say goodbye to my longtime Band teacher. I walk up to him and try to shake his hand but find that my shirt sleeve is long and thin and that my hand is unusually moist, causing it to stick within the sleeve and making it nearly impossible to get my hand out far enough. IRL my hands are infamously bone-dry. I eventually manage and apologize for taking so long, but he dismisses the apology as unnecessary. Then someone starts playing "Jack in the Box" by Thomas S. Allen (piece written in 1900 -- I've listened to it a few times IWL) on a nearby piano.

      I leave the classroom thinking that it's the end of the school day while simultaneously heading towards French class because that's the next class I would normally have if the day weren't ending there. The fact that this is a contradiction escapes me, but I do get to thinking about what class I'll actually end the year on and find that it is Psychology. This thought was probably responsible for what happened next.

      I suddenly wake up sometime in the middle of the night -- though I think it might have been as late as 6:00 AM according to a dream-clock. I had set an intention before falling asleep at all to wake up at some point so I could try to WILD, and this seems to be my opportunity. I reposition myself in bed so that I'm the most relaxed I can possibly be, close my eyes, and wait for the HI, sort of getting sidetracked into SSILD somewhere along the way. The HI arrives startlingly quickly -- and soon my eyes are forced open as an unknown force pushes me involuntarily out of my bed, causing me to cry out in surprise, and dumps me on the floor. I somehow remember to do a noseplug RC just in case -- and it works!

      Now at this point I was only low-level lucid, and that was the most lucid I ever got. The dream immediately seemed unstable, so I felt the covers of my bed for a minute and it stabilized. However, my vision was still weirdly blurry and unfocused, a common attribute of the FAs I have in general -- I wear glasses IWL, and my brain probably thinks "I'm not wearing my glasses yet, so of course my vision must be blurry." Fortunately, my glasses were sitting on a table by my bed just as they usually are, so I put them on and the blurriness mostly subsided. The problem was that there was some sort of "tactical overlay" on the left lens of the glasses, and I started to think that a spy agency wanted me to do something. Would I follow the dream-narrative again and lose lucidity?

      Fortunately not -- I began to wonder if I could put my finger through the palm of my other hand, as is commonly suggested, and smacked them together at full speed expecting the finger to go through. It did not. I focused intently on the fact that my hand was now incorporeal and tried again. It still didn't work, but now I had trouble seeing my hands as well. Because my lucidity was so low, I couldn't actually remember any of my dream goals; instead, I stupidly decided to use my limited awareness to indulge a desire I've been trying very hard IWL to manage -- namely, to feel what being a girl would feel like. The main thrust behind this desire, so far as I've been able to determine, is autoerotic in nature.

      I was inexplicably naked now, which made my "task" easy. I pointed at a "certain part" of my body (the one that was doing all of the thinking at the moment) and willed it to collapse inwards, which it surprisingly did, but in an extremely slow and unrealistic "inverting" manner, leaving behind a cylindrical hole as it did so. This proved to be my downfall; the end of it rubbed against the interior of the hole as it moved inwards, arousing me sufficiently that I awoke for real, still very much aroused, at about 7:00 AM.

      The induction method was truly strange, but at least I was lucid... though it seems I'll have to work on achieving higher-level lucidity and remembering my dream goals before I can do much with that.
    8. Southernwood Fever

      by , 06-11-2019 at 04:22 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      Last night I drank a tea consisting of equal parts southernwood and lemon balm just before going to bed. (Both of these are entirely legal; I originally got the formula in another ND I had a while back.) My theory was that it would help me with dream recall and becoming lucid. But what I got instead -- oh, boy... Even before going to sleep, I became rather disconnected from reality and began obsessively mind-singing a snippet of some folk song I barely knew called "Jailer bring me the keys." I felt a little too alert to go to sleep, but the alertness was only mental; my body was still quite tired, and I was able to fall asleep very quickly.

      Early night fragment

      I finally got the results of a standardized test I had taken a while back. The test consisted of writing a series of essays analyzing provided passages of text. My results were very mixed, ranging from a total failure on one of the essays to earning the maximum score on another.

      Then something embarrassingly animal happened; I'm disturbed my mind was even able to think of it, so I shall ~snip!~ it.

      At this point, I awoke, likely because I had to go to the bathroom due to the aforementioned tea-drinking. I have no idea what time it was, other than that it was the middle of the night. I tried to WILD upon returning to bed, but something went wrong, and I ended up falling asleep normally, whereupon...

      Pure, Unadulterated, Southernwood-Fueled Insanity

      The first thing I remember was being in a church. It was a fairly large church of indeterminate denomination with brown walls and pews. The pastor got up to speak and began by asking if we had ever heard "the story of Solomon and Midian." Supposedly, Psalm 120 or thereabouts detailed a (nonexistent) encounter between King Solomon and a woman called Midian (actually a region near Sinai); there were more details to the story, but I forget them now.

      After he read out the psalm, the pastor told us to sing some certain hymn, but I was having an inordinate deal of trouble opening the hymnal to the correct spot, so I tried my best to "sing along" without knowing the words until halfway through the fourth and last verse, when I finally got the page open. (My father, who was standing next to me, had no difficulty in this regard.) In particular, there was one spot in the hymn that I couldn't quite hear right, but from the sound of it, it had to go "Hail Lord Jehovah."

      When I opened the book, I saw that it actually went "Hail Mother Luna," and that this was a Wiccan propaganda hymn that asserted that all three persons of God were female. There was also some kind of implication that the female Christ was "superior to" the male Christ, who for some reason still existed as a separate entity in this theological scheme. I thought to myself, "Christ comes from 'christos,' the anointed one -- one! How can there be two if only one is anointed!" I further thought that the pastor was insane for choosing this hymn and that it should be stricken immediately from the hymnal.

      After that was over, the pastor told us to pray the Lord's Prayer. However, he immediately came over to where a group of people, including myself, were standing in the pews and had us form a circle around him, joining hands as we did so. He said "Let us pray" and began to pray something else that I forget. I remember that I distinctly wanted him to stop messing around and actually follow the order of mass and not choose hymns that quite literally violate the First Commandment.

      Then a fight broke out in the church. It was between some generic "anime bad guys" (mind you, I almost never watch anime, so I don't know why I got the impression that they had anything to do with anime) and Toph from Avatar: The Last Airbender (another show I've only ever seen a few episodes of). Toph was complaining of her bending abilities being somehow limited or nullified by something the villains were doing, making her unable to see well -- blindness is the one trait I remember her having. As she was fighting, she shouted to herself that she should have trained more.

      I began to think to myself: Why are all these martial arts types always so obsessed with training? Animals don't train, and look at them. Why is so much work necessary to fight well? I then realized that this was because almost nobody has any innate talent for martial arts; everything has to be learned. I tried to think of some alternatives to martial arts that wouldn't require such training, since I found it a tedious waste of time. I eventually settled on throwing a sledgehammer at people -- that would work just as well with no training or with a lifetime of training. The only problem was that it wouldn't come back afterwards. It was better to throw a rubber tire, then -- it would knock over whatever it was thrown at and then bounce back to the thrower. A rubber ball could work too, but it would do less damage.

      The scene shifted over the course of my musings into a large McDonald's Playplace-like plastic tunnel that we had to carry a bowling ball through in order to deliver it safely to its destination. (I was with some other people, but I forget who they were.) The tunnel floor contained a large number of holes just big enough for a bowling ball to fit through, whereupon they would fall just out of reach to a concrete floor several feet below, so we had to be careful not to drop the ball. We advanced past the holes, but the tunnel started becoming tighter and tighter; soon it consisted of two parallel plastic walls with only a foot or so of air space between them, such that I could only move by applying force to the plastic to bend it slightly outward. The end of the tunnel was in sight... but then I went about imagining.

      I began to think of what would happen if the tunnel just started closing in on someone and kept shrinking until it compressed them into a single atom -- with their conscious awareness still intact. How incredibly, traumatically painful must that be! I became a DO and saw such a thing happen to a random person I didn't know. Once they became an Atom (a glowing orange sphere which was clearly not an actual atom), they were ejected from what it turns out had been a machine operated by the anime villains from before and encased in a thin layer of ornate papier-mache in order to keep them from doing anything at present. The Atoms were apparently insanely-powerful "fire beings" that all went totally insane during the painful compression process and destroyed anything in their paths once freed. My viewpoint followed a ring-shaped Atom down a conveyor belt.

      Of course, it was time for me to think again; I wanted to know how to stop the pain of compression from driving me insane if I were ever forced through the same process. I decided that reciting Middle English poetry (yes, really) would be sufficient to distract me from the pain. So I began to quote a garbled mixture of Piers Plowman and The Three Dead Kings:

      "In a somer seson / whan soft was the sonne
      I shoop me into shroudes / as I a shepe were
      Ronke rachis with rerde / thai ronnon aright
      In a side of a salghe / a sete him he soghte
      Fro the none but a napwhile / methoghte it bot noghte"

      Upon finishing, I found myself in a car being driven through the center of my old hometown. I was holding a large black cake-sized marshmallow in the shape of a mortarboard (that cap you get when you graduate High School -- where's my RC!?) I began to eat the marshmallow; I awoke while eating it.

      I notice that I "thought" about things unrelated to the events of the dream far more than I normally do, despite not having the slightest bit of lucidity; in particular, I was able to recall various random facts, such as mostly-correct lines of Middle English poetry, with none of the trouble I experienced with "spero" last time. Since lemon balm is known to boost awareness without making the body any less tired, and since southernwood is rumored to induce strange dreams, the combination seems to have resulted in an absurd dream-narrative that shifted whenever I stopped to think about anything.
    9. An Offer You Can Refuse

      by , 05-14-2019 at 04:10 AM (What Will Lisez Today?)
      I awoke from a previous dream that I forget and was lying on my back in bed. I was looking at myself from several different perspectives; my viewpoint kept bouncing back and forth between my actual head and a point a few feet above and behind it. While I was "in my own head," I noticed something like a mass of shadow hovering just above and behind me. Once I became a DO again, I could see that this thing was a vaguely humanoid shape of darkness and appeared to be wearing a "spy hat" (that's the best way I can describe it).

      After a brief pause, my POV went back into my head and stayed there permanently. The thing then spoke to me in a deep but quiet voice and told me it was going to "bring me higher" and "show me great things." It proceeded to grab hold of my head and try to pull me upward, as though it were going to spirit me away on some sort of mystical journey. I was intensely curious as to what it was going to show me, but at the same time, I feared that it was somehow malevolent and planned to lure me into some kind of weird spiritual trap, so I resisted its pull.

      The thing kept pulling harder and harder, and it was very difficult to keep from being lifted up -- I began to feel as though it were pulling the soul right out of my head in an attempt to induce an OBE and force me to come with it. Eventually I managed to break free from its grasp, whereupon I got out of bed and tried to walk across the room to where my brother lay sleeping. The thing did not disappear; in fact, it continued to try to get me to come back by making me extremely tired, so that it was difficult to keep my eyes open wide enough to see. At long last I reached the other end of the room, my vision cleared, and it went away.