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    1. The End Or The World

      by , 12-21-2012 at 09:46 PM
      I dream that I am somewhere at the old resident I used to stayed when I work out of the state..We're asked to evacuate the area and I'm searching for my sister outside the house..I remember looking at the sky and I notice that the clouds is very strange..Its a mix of blue and orange with the clouds is moving like there is something inside..I know that there is no time left and I supposed to bring my sister to leave..After some time I found my sister standing at the back of the house..She refuse to leave and insisting to protect the house..I saw a house is burning at the distant and before I begin to wonder..I can see that there is a lots of meteors coming down from the sky..A guy is coming to our house..Bringing the flaming meteors..He says that its already starting and nothing we can do to stop it from happening..My sis trying so hard to put off the fire but the guy keep on throwing a flaming balls inside the house..The fire is like a larva that sticks to the wall..I cant do nothing but let the fate of the world to the hand of gods..
    2. Weird Snake And The Stranger

      by , 12-06-2012 at 07:40 PM
      I dream of the old village that I used to live when I'm still a child..The is a hill behind and we have to go through the path way up to the hill if we want to go to school..Don't know how I end up at the middle of the path way..In front of me there is this big snake and I can tell that this snake is the grandfather of all the snakes because its twice bigger than the anaconda..Its a black and white in colour with a black polka dot? The snake have a moustache like eel
      (don't know if I pronounce it right) with a steady face..There is a stranger on top of the hill..Calling and asking me to catch the snake..Hell I'm scared of snakes as small as a worm and for as big as this? Its a no definitely..So I decided to just standing there without doing anything..But I keep on wondering what will I do if the snake come to me..The snake (still with it steady face) seems not to be interested in me and slowly crawl down to the foot of the hill..So I decide to go on to the top of the hill and meet up with the stranger..This stranger is more like a shadow its hard to recognize except that I know that he is a man..He ask me to hold something as a bait for the snake and stand on top of the root of a dead tree..But as I step on top of the root its kinda wobbly and its hard for me to balance my self..In the end we failed to catch the snake
      Tags: non lucid