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    My dream journal.

    1. Rich boy poor boy, unfortunate incest, world's shortest lucid

      by , 05-24-2013 at 05:25 PM (Not here right now.)
      I had a very interesting dream night last night. Specifically because I actually put in the effort to wake up and right all my dreams down as well as use WBTB.

      1) First dream I had was based on this anime, Accel world. It was mostly between me and
      one other friend. Me spent a lot of time walking and talking and I can very clearly remember
      the beauty of the stars.I was very poor in the dream, not having much money to operate
      my advanced futuristic technology. At the same time I was also a very rich kid who's mother was
      dead and yet I was still carrying around robotic fragments of her in a shifting brief case.
      In the end, It was like I was back in time and was lying in bed with my "mom". She was reassuring me
      and telling me it would be fine as the super advanced apartment we were in blew up.
      One version of me jumped out of an airplane at night with what I thought might be a bomb.
      The entire time I was falling I was talking with my friend and looking at the night.
      The dream ended with movie credits... or ended with the feeling of having been a movie.

      The really great thing about this dream was the quality of the beauty of the night, as well as the cool outfits we were all wearing.

      2) Dreampt that I was having a hard time falling asleep... -_- I went to a mcdonalds early in
      the morning, got a soda and called my boyfriend from my car to chat about stuff. I asked him if he
      knew where I was and he said "no". Strangely, it was a really nice Mc D's in the middle of
      nowhere.A desert like-place. Made of a lot of glass, and the counter guy was pretty cute. It was kind of on a flat mountain top, and I drove a really nice sports car.

      3) Either in the same dream or in a different one, I was back at my house. It seemed really
      dark and a few of my family members were hanging out in my dark, dark house. My little brother
      tyler was there and he kept bothering me while I was in my room. Finally I told him "if you don't get
      out of my room I'll rape you" (an empty threat) and he was terrified because I'm gay.
      After that I was at my boyfriend's house. My boyfriend's mom was who she was supposed to be,
      but my boyfriend was my cousin Terry (weird incest thing going on tonight... kinda concerning).
      I walked into there house, which had wooden walls and ugly carpet. I said "I've just increased my
      brother's Homophobia by 1,000. I threatened to rape him." We all had a mild and somewhat
      disgusted laugh at it. I told my cousin/boyfriend I had my bags as we were getting ready to go
      on a trip. After a minute I asked him if he had an accent fetish and he said "well, yeah, for sure"
      and got all excited because I told him I was gonna take one up. My "boyfriend"'s mom said "It's the Mexican
      accent he loves" and I replied with, "he isn't you," and we laughed. Two little kids were sitting
      in the corner of the room and I was yelling at them to give me my necklace and bracelet
      (a bracelet and necklace I actually have IWL) back. One of the necklaces looked like it had a jewel of
      Blue M&Ms attached.
      After I yelled at them, I suddenly realized, out of nowhere, "Hey, this is a dream I should do a reality check." I could literally feel myself waking up as I desperately jammed my thumb into my hand to see if I was dreaming.

      I had about two seconds of Lucidity. I didn't count it as a failure though... first intentional lucid since my "Golden days of dreaming" (I used to get 2/3 LDs a week) back when I was a teenager.

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    2. six dreams, no recall.

      by , 05-22-2013 at 04:30 PM (Not here right now.)
      My dreams are annoying me lately. It seems like the more I try to remember these things, the worse off I am. Funnily enough, this used to be very easy for me. Back in the day I would have two or three very vivid dreams a night, with a couple of Lucids a week. Of course, I was in practice, and at the top of my LDing game. Now I've suffered a sad decline into barely remembered fragments.

      I know at one point I was dreaming about some family members, as well as some monsters. Possibly high school as well? I had three or so dreams again thanks to the snooze feature on my alarm clock. A bank may also be involved, but of course I might just be remembering bits of "The Dark Knight".

      There are a few other things I feel I should add, but I can't for the life of me recall them. Maybe I'll think of it later?

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      dream fragment
    3. Old friends, new life styles, and catching them all.

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:55 PM (Not here right now.)
      Last night was crazy as far as dreams go. Thanks to my alarm clock, I woke up and was actually able to remember several dreams, even if only vaguely. The first was the most vivid and least hazy.

      1) I started talking to an very good friend I used to know from the old days, Jordan. Back when I knew him he was shy and dorky, but now he had turned into a masochistic, vandalistic, goth, thug. At first we were only talking on skype, but after he described to me how he had met these guys in college, I was actually with him and his friends. They would ride around in these weird vehicles and smash into each other intentionally, all dressed up like vampires. They would intentionally do things to injure the other quite severely and go around smashing random stuff. My buddy Jordan looked pretty happy, but very tired and wrung out. He kept trying to impress me with how great and fun it all was to do, and I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

      2) I was a pokemon trainer (my brain seems to be on a HUGE pokemon jag lately. can't quite figure it out.) and I was trying to defeat LT. surge so I could get the final gym badge. I had originally skipped him and defeated the gym leaders after him so I was coming back to him to finish things once and for all. In the dream I was actually there, but everything was in old-time gameboy color graphics, so it was really freaky. Instead of being in his normal gym LT. surge was on a fun-ship, like a fun house at a carnival. I kept trying to get to him but kept teleporting away and riding down this long fun slide. Finally I got up to him and we trashed talked each other before we started to have a Pokemon battle.... I lost again. I was incredibly mad and told him I was simply going to go battle the elite four without him. Then I stormed off.

      3) This is where my dreams start to get hazy. I remember worrying about my little brother tyler in one dream because he is a social outcast, Thinking about going to high school in another, and meeting the president in the last one.

      All in all it was a weird night for dreams, and they were very lacking in dialogue, which is weird for me as I usually talk with DCs the entire time I'm dreaming.