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    1. Sinking Ship and the Journey to ''Australia''

      by , 03-28-2013 at 11:05 AM
      Umm, so let's start

      It all started with me being on a ship with some of my ''friends'' from class, waiting for sweepstakes. It was about the stuffs you were caring and their weigh. When sweepstakes started, we all rushed into the room(s) where it was held, but I wasn't really excited about it. So they were having kinda heavy stuffs like huge bowls and smth idk... And the weight of that stuff you were caring, you would get the food weighing the same lol... It lasted few hours and I was just walking from the room to room, when suddenly, the ship started to shake really hard and everybody was -ing. As the ship was sinking, I somehow managed to get to the top of the ship and some floating thing was on the ocean right next to the ship. Next this I recall was that I was with the Huge Spider on that (let's call it ''Float'') . Nobody made it through, only me and the spider. What was weird, the spider was friendly , but I just tried to keep the distance from him, it's a huge spider dude haha.
      *(the Australia part)* And so we were sitting and suddenly, a coast appeard and a HUGGEE house. As I was trying to get the Float as fast as possible to get to the coast, once we got there, spider went it's own way, and I climbed up that house, on a park lane. So I was looking around and saw guardians with rifles, walking around the house. As they saw me cuz I went on front of them, they reacted like they should: Get down on your knees and hand on your back (smth..). As I did that, I told them everything that happened and they were nice to let me go. I asked myself: Wow, this is nice place, wonder where am I?... It turned out It was Australia. So I was walking by the road, watching beautifull morning sky and people. I decided to take a look more so I headed for some unknown road, where some badass kids started to looking at me and followed me. They started to throw rocks at me and I wasn't giving them the satisfaction to react. But they just didn't want to stop, and they managed to piss me off, so I took huge rock and smashed the guy into to face with it. He cryed of course, and the rest of it started to run after me. Then I encountered an impasse, and nowhere to go anymore. So I decide to put down my bag and beat up those badasses. As I started to run at the random kid, he went somewhere up and me following him, got onto same place. He got nowhere to run now, so he got what he deserved. And after that, I threw him down from that high place (10 feets I guess). The End?... No recall afterwards

      I dont know what happened to the spider, but they appeared in my next dream, where I was racing with my bud (300 mph)...

      It doesn't sounds, neither looks awesome when I wrote it, but believe me, the dream is one of the best that happened.
      Tell me what you think :=))))