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    1. America was in ruins and they shot us on the freeway.

      by , 03-31-2015 at 04:15 PM
      My family was screaming down the interstate in my Ford Explorer, my mother behind the wheel. Cars and trucks, even military equipment, overturned and on fire with an ominous red-orange glow in the sky. We were the only moving vehicle on the road.* If swerving left and right to avoid the debris and overturned cars werent enough, we also had to dodge bullets.

      White men geared up with military outfits and vehicles, were firing automatic weapons at us as we were trying to evacuate. We were petrified but we kept on strong as it was our only chance to live. We saw the muzzle flash, heard the shots firing but no bullets were hitting us, our car, or anything for that matter. We're they even firing live ammo? We're they just trying to scare us?
      non-lucid , memorable