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    1. 2 ghost knights and a shockwave

      by , 02-08-2013 at 08:31 AM
      Tonight i had 2 dreams and i am going to write them short and sweet..

      The first one is me my friend (a girl) and another friend that is her boyfriend, we were in this appartment (no idea whos) and we were watching tv. Me and my friend (girl) went up to another room to talk about something, i lay down on the bed but suddenly fall on the floor and the owner of the apartment runs up and has a concerend look on her face and looks around.. And then she says "Did you disturb them?" My friend says no i do not think so... So the owner says good and we walk back downstairs. But the owner then sees something and begins telling them to go away and yelliing at them as they sprint out of the corner downstairs. It looked like 2 ghost knights riding on a horse with 2 long spears.. They begin riding towards my friend and suddenly stab them with the barely visible spears and no blood appears but you can see that they respond to the stab and my other friend tries to attack and gets stabbed again by the other knights.. the knight then turns for me trying to stab me but i grab his spear stabbing him and he goes swining at me and right before he hits i woke up sweating..

      Now i also had another dream before this that i believe was in the same apartment but with differet people..

      Me my mom dad and sister and her husband were in the house looking at the tv.. oh yeah and my auunt and uncle where there to. I was looking at the ipad and my uncle looks at me and says "Hey look lighting" i turn of my ipad and look out the window.. suddenly a giant light blue ball of lightning forms in the sky making a giant thick lightning beam hit the water in the distance making a giant shockwave that proceeds to go thru the house and the whole city.. we look out the other window and see snow being fliin around and suddenly i get this electric feeling in my arm.. My sisters husband is an electrician IRL so he says "Its a electirc wave turn of all electrics now!" i turn of my ipad and then the dream suddenly stops turning into me sitting on the porch with a couple of friends (the dream above)
    2. First dream in a while..

      by , 01-20-2013 at 02:10 PM
      Well yesterday i had my first dream in a while actually.. Has i havent been getting much sleep lately that was the only night i got some good sleep.. Well here i go..

      I was walking down the stairs of my house (from my room) and suddenly in the kitchen i saw a dog that looked like my uncles dog and a human that kind of looked like my stephfather i tried to do all the RC things but after i did the pinch i suddenly woke up..

      Hopefully i will have more dreams that i can post