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    1. False awakening

      by , 07-13-2014 at 08:51 PM
      I was in some sort of shed house with a bunch of random people I don't seem to know in real life, then i became lucid, but the dream continued its own course despite my lucidity, so i was about to fight some guy or something when i woke up, opened my eyes and i decided to try to fall asleep again to get my lucidity back. When i closed my eyes everything was black like normal for a while, and i thought i couldn't fall asleep so i got up, but i couldn't lift my blanket for some reason, every time i lifted it, it would like glitch back every time i tried to lift it, so i somehow figured it out and lifted it, got out of bed. I saw there was a bright red/pink reflection that was coming from the window, so i walked into my hall and saw it through every window, and then i got scared because there was nobody home and woke up for real.
      when i woke up the 1st time, it was bright and as crisp as real life, i thought it was real life for at least a minute.

      this makes me think that grounding in lucid dreaming is all about pretending its actually real.