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    1. Resident Evil Real Life Adventure

      by , 08-30-2017 at 10:34 AM
      The dream began in a small 70's style house at a gun club, where me and a dozen or so other people were being trained in use of firearms. We could choose whichever gun we wanted, and although my weapon resembled a typical assault rifle, reloading it involved slotting a kind of strange device together that vaguely resembled a skull.

      After the instructor finished the briefing, he informed us that we could try out the guns. There was no shooting range, so everyone was just firing at random things in the small house, as if this was completely normal.

      Feeling a little unsafe inside the house, I followed a few people outside and found myself in a large flat open grassland. There were crowds of people around, most of whom were not involved with the gun training, as if I were at some kind of festival. The sky was overcast and there was a long chain link fence to my north, where the gun club members were lining up and aiming their weapons through.

      I realised the fence was an outdoor shooting range, but there were crowds of people on the other side of the fence, who looked like they'd just finished a sporting event, and the targets weren't set up yet, so we had to wait until the crowds had cleared out before we could start.

      As the crowds cleared out, the fence disappeared and the area on the other side somehow transformed into a big and colourful 80's/90's video arcade. There was a giant projection screen to my right showing the Commodore 64 game Impossible Mission, which I pointed out to my parents, who were now next to me.

      The arcade ceiling was constructed out of square white tiles, but some of the tiles were missing, leaving square holes. Yellow cubes with black numbers on them floated upwards into the holes. These were the targets we had to shoot, and the numbers were the number of points we'd score for a successful hit. We only had one shot each.

      At this point, I realised that I wasn't prepared, as I didn't have my ear protection on properly or my weapon loaded, so I moved back onto the grass as the other people began shooting at the targets. As I returned, I took a shot without thinking or aiming properly, which just happened to hit one of the yellow blocks with a number '1' on it. Someone took notice and joked about me scoring only one point.

      After one shot, we had to wait for the shooting range to reset before the next shot, and I tried to prepare myself better by watching were the targets with the highest numbers appeared. I noticed a '74' block and a '124' block to my far left and aimed down the sight of my weapon at the '74' block, reasoning that everyone else would aim for the '124' block, but only the first shot would count, so everyone else would score zero.

      I was concerned about the safety of aiming so far to the left due to the people next to me, as there were no barriers between people and everyone was standing very close together.

      But as I waited, the whole arcade environment began to transform Portal-like into something completely different. There was now an opening down the middle, and two separate shooting ranges to my left and right, which caused the group to split into two separate groups. Both shooting ranges were colourful, with rainbow patterns, but the left one was garishly bright, so I decided to choose that one.

      As I followed the group, I realised that it wasn't a shooting range at all, but the entrance to some kind of game or attraction. Excited about what was to come, I sped ahead to the front of the group, and handed my rifle to someone to hold for me, and asked him to put the safety on for me as I realised I'd forgot to do it.

      We wandered through something that resembled an industrial area, or the outside of a factory, along metal platforms and steps. The inside of the building was blue-grey, and felt a little Portal-like. There was a tall square pillar on each side, and a neon arrow on the wall in front of me pointing left, which seemed to indicate the direction of our route. Noticing a door on the right pillar, I decided to defy the arrow and see what was inside first.

      Inside the pillar, there was a tall shaft and a spiral staircase made out of white blocks attached to the wall leading upwards. There was no central column to the staircase, so it was possible to look all the way up or down the shaft.

      Since I went ahead of the group, no-one had seen me deviate from the intended route, and only one or two people had apparently decided to investigate the shaft door.

      Hearing voices from below, I picked up my pace to stay ahead of them, so they wouldn't find me. But then I noticed that there was actually two staircases intertwined like a double helix. If I could jump across to the other, I could easily evade those who had followed me.

      I jumped across to the opposite staircase and continued ascending the shaft. As I got closer to the top, the original stairway reached its end at a door, but the stairway I was on continued further upwards.

      I continued until the stairway just seemed to end without any further way to go, but as I took the last step, gravity suddenly reversed and I panicked as I realised that I was falling through the hole at the top of the shaft. But as I went through the hole, time suddenly slowed to a crawl, and I was easily able to pull myself into the room at the top, at which point both gravity and the speed of time returned to normal.

      I was super impressed by these "special effects", and assumed they were a reward for discovering such a hidden secret in the game.

      The room I found myself in appeared to be a very cluttered and untidy child's bedroom. There were piles of toys and games in one corner, a small CRT TV nearby, desks, bed, a couple of children's musical keyboards, a window, and large storage cupboard door.

      There was a distinct sense of mystery to the room; I felt as if there were puzzles to be solved, as if I was in some kind of escape game. I looked around the room, picking up and examining various objects, before switching on the TV.

      At first, the TV only showed static, but it gradually faded to a scene showing my group. They appeared to be in some kind of dark underground sewer, and some of them were up to their necks in water. They were afraid of something. They were arguing and shouting at each other. As I watched, one member of the group thought he saw something and took a shot from his rifle, which accidentally hit someone else, who fell into the water with a spray of blood.

      "Wow, these are awesome special effects!" I thought.

      At this point, I realised that we were playing some kind of real-life Resident Evil game. The video was fake; while it was real footage of my group, it had been edited to shock and scare me. It was just part of the game.

      Next I decided to investigate the large storage cupboard. As I opened the door, I realised that it wasn't a cupboard at all, but lead into a large dark square shaft leading downwards further than I could see. There was a make-shift "stairwell" constructed from "platforms" that resembled large rectangular wooden pallets that had large gaps in them.

      I climbed onto one of these "platforms" to get a better look at the shaft. The construction looked extremely unstable, and I wasn't even certain the shaft would lead anywhere useful, so I hesitated about going further, and decided to go back instead.

      As I turned, I heard a loud "snap" from the platform I was stood on, and the whole platform seemed to give a little. I tried to hurry back to the door, but heard a second loud "snap" as the platform gave way, and I found myself falling down the shaft as the other platforms began to collapse as well.

      As I fell, time suddenly slowed to a crawl again, which allowed me to remain safe despite the fall. I felt as if the game was intentionally designed to make the me fall, and yet again I was in awe of how impressive the "special effects" of the game were.

      There was water at the bottom of the shaft, and time returned to normal just as I was hovering above it. Underneath the water, I found a ceiling with a small hole in it. Somehow, I was able to go up through the hole despite it seeming far too small for a person to fit through. As I ascended, I could hear people from my group and realised that I was now in the sewer I had seen earlier on the video, reunited with my group.

      I heard my mum wondering out loud where I had gone, and someone else saying that maybe I got killed and had respawned somewhere else (because apparently they had learned that the game worked this way while I was gone).

      The dream ended just as I was about to rise out of the water.

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    2. Waking my Friends

      by , 07-28-2017 at 06:21 AM
      I awoke in my bed and the sky outside was dark in shades of blue and red. There was a thunderstorm going on outside and streams of water were coming in through the two open windows and hitting the carpet and my bed, so I got up to close the windows.

      I awoke again in my bed. The sky outside was now light and the weather was calm. This is how it was supposed to be. This is how it already was when I woke (for real) earlier. How could I have missed the signs? (I'm not sure if I woke for real or just dreamed this part)

      Just as I was about to fall asleep again, I opened my eyes and saw the familiar dark blue and red sky. The weather was calm this time, but I knew the morning sun was already up in real life, so this had to be a dream.

      I got up. My brother and three friends were staying with me (note: this wasn't actually happening in real life, but I believed it in the dream). The layout of my apartment was different to real life; there were a couple of extra bathrooms and the spare bedrooms were in different places.

      I opened the door to the room where my friends were sleeping and shouted for them to wake up to have the opportunity to experience the lucid dream. They seemed very realistically annoyed at being woken up so early and I began to question whether I was really dreaming, as it seemed to be based on my assumption more than any actual evidence.

      So I got up and went to the living room, and my friends got up to see what was going on. I jumped and did a backflip, then suspended myself upside down in mid-air just to prove to myself that I was dreaming. One of my friends was watching; it seemed to take him a moment to acknowledge this as unusual, but once he did, he became excited about being inside a dream.

      Shortly after this, I woke up for real.
      lucid , false awakening
    3. Zombie Brother

      by , 07-26-2017 at 09:10 AM
      I don't remember much about this.

      I was upstairs at my parents house and my brother was acting like a zombie. Although he didn't seem to be an actual zombie, I still felt fear as if I had to run away. It felt as though we were playing some kind of game.

      After somehow tricking my brother to get by him and go downstairs, he began to follow me. Since he was acting like a zombie, he didn't run, so I could easily get away, but I needed to get the nail clippers from the living room before leaving, which gave him a chance to catch up.

      I just managed to get through the side door as he entered the kitchen. I locked the door just as he was about to push it open.

      Leaving via the front of the house, just as I thought I was safe, I realised that he was opening the front door, which was unlocked. He followed me onto the street and I wasn't sure where to run.

      I awoke around this point.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Hatsune Miku!

      by , 07-25-2017 at 11:06 PM
      I didn't record this dream and don't recall much of it.

      I had seen or become aware of a life-size Hatsune Miku doll; maybe from the Internet. I wanted the doll, but there was only one and someone had already bought it.

      For some reason, I had the ability to travel to another time and location, which would cause my timeline to split, so I decided to use this ability to steal the Hatsune Miku doll from the person who bought it. I had no guilt, since the buyer would still be in the original timeline where the doll wasn't stolen, so he wouldn't know anything about what I had done.

      I don't recall anything about the process of stealing the doll; only being in my bedroom with the stolen Hatsune Miku doll on my bed. The bedroom was entirely different and far more luxurious than my real life bedroom; it had several windows and two doors, and was more colourful and spacious than my real life room. I also had an awareness of layout of the surrounding rooms, and had the sense that I was in some kind of videogame where I had yet to explore some of the rooms.

      More interestingly, the Hatsune Miku doll had become an actual living Hatsune Miku, and she was lying on my bed waiting for me!

      I pulled down her skirt to reveal her black and white striped underwear, and continued to remove this as well. Under her underwear, Miku had an unnaturally light and clean appearance. I took my position in missionary over her and started to have sex. She was easy to enter, yet silky smooth and super tight; I knew this was going to be good!

      Before I could continue, I realised that the lights were on and several windows and doors around the room were open, allowing people outside to see what I was doing, so I got up to close the windows and doors in order to get some privacy. However, I woke during this up before I could return to the action. Very disappointed.

      Note: I'm a pretty big fan of Hatsune Miku in real life, but I don't really find her to be sexually attractive, even after seeing a life-size version of her in PlayStation VR.

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    5. The Gnome Village of Neptune and The Angel Hand

      by , 07-25-2017 at 10:37 PM
      Part 1: "The Gnome Village of Neptune" (non-lucid)

      Thousands of years in the future, I was aboard a space station being given a tour of the facility by one of the high ranking crew members. The station was spacious and the walls were brightly lit in clean shades of sky blue and white; gravity was normal. The crew member was showing me a room in which they verified the AI systems of the self-aware robots to ensure that they wouldn't explode or otherwise pose any danger to the space station and its crew.

      After concluding the tour, we returned to the main hallway. I was to be sent on a mission to Neptune for a week to gather research data. The crew member pressed a glowing green button to call the elevator, and I saw two other glowing buttons; a red button and bright yellow button. I recognised the yellow button; it was a bomb that someone had accidentally left attached to the wall. I pointed this out and advised that the bomb should be removed, as it seemed likely that someone would accidentally hit the bomb button by accident when trying to call the elevator, but the crew member seemed unconcerned by this.

      At the top of the elevator, I entered the pod that would take me to Neptune and departed on my own. I contemplated a boring week sitting on an uninhabited rock gathering data, but my expectations were wildly subverted.

      Leaving the pod on arrival at Neptune, I found myself in some kind of fantastic gnome village that looked like a scene from Alice in Wonderland. Beautiful golden sunlight pierced dense trees casting odd spots of light over the dim village. I was a giant compared to the village and could easily step over the houses, hills and paths. As I walked through the village, I turned to look at what I had passed and felt compelled to take a photo of such a rare and beautiful scene, but was disappointed that I had forgot to bring my camera, so I decided to use my phone instead.

      As I left the village and emerged through the trees into the daylight, I became aware that I was in some kind of theme park; the gnome village was simply a model village in the park. There was no-one to be seen and the park seemed to be closed. A concrete path lead to a junction that split off to the left. There were shops and fast food outlets to my right. I heard a roar that sounded like a lion down the path to my left and was fearful that the animal may not be contained since no-one seemed to be attending to the park, so I decided to continue straight on away from the sound.

      I suddenly felt hungry and decided to try one of the fast food outlets. The outlet was bare with the appearance of a dirty diner. There was a table at the end with two different hamburgers on it. Customers were supposed to choose a hamburger, then take it to the counter to get fries, a drink and pay the bill. A customer in front of me took one of the burgers, but neither of the two burgers looked very appetising, so I declined to take the last one. This was followed by a false awakening.

      Part 2: "Angel Hand" (lucid)

      I awoke in my room to uncomfortable feelings of waves that seemed to pulsate through my head. Peering through the darkness to my right, I thought I could see the distinctive pattern of my wallpaper, but was unsure if was an hallucination caused by the strange pulsating sensation. I reached out for my tablet out of concern that may have lost it after recently taking it somewhere, but immediately recognised the feel of the screen and confirmed it was still there.

      Feeling off due to the pulsating waves, I began to suspect that I may still be dreaming, so I jumped out of bed to check. As I walked naked down the hallway, the motion sensor failed to trigger the light. This was my first sign. I flicked the light switch in the hallway several times to verify I hadn't accidentally cut power to the hallway light, but still go no response. Strike two. Continuing through the living room and into the kitchen, I pressed the button for the bright cool white preset. The kitchen lights came on, but instead of the bright cool white I had expected, the bulbs were a dim warm incandescent tone and were producing a strobe-like flickering effect. I was definitely dreaming!

      Note: my kitchen lights can produce a dim warm tone in real life, but none of the kitchen buttons are configured to do this, and the strobe effect definitely wasn't normal).

      Returning through the living room and hallway, I decided to go outside in search of others. Since I have better things to do when dreaming than dress myself, I left my apartment unconcerned by the fact that I was still completely naked, and walked along the balcony to the door of the next apartment. The dark of night made it difficult to see, but I immediately spotted a group sitting around a table through the clear glass of the door in a well lit lounge.

      As I knocked on the door, I realised that the door was already unlocked and open, so I just entered. There were several people lounging around; they seemed to be a little bit younger than me; perhaps late 20's, and I didn't recognise any of them. They seemed shocked to see me entering their apartment naked. Their reaction caused me to hesitate for a moment: "What if I wasn't dreaming and I really had just walked into my neighbours apartment naked?". I wasn't fooled though; the room layout was completely wrong so I knew it had to be a dream. Even so, their reaction nevertheless compelled me to reason with them.

      Guy: "What's going on!?"
      Me: "... I'm... just looking around for some fun..."
      Them: "What do you mean!?"
      Me: "I... This... is a dream... We're in a dream! We're lucid dreaming!"

      I stuttered these words, but the group behaviour suddenly shifted as I revealed to them the nature of the situation. Social barriers dissolved and people began to strip naked and get intimate with each other. I felt slightly awkward and wasn't sure how to react. Additionally, the disproportionate ratio of guys to girls left me out of the action, but then someone made a suggestion:

      "Let's go next door! The girls are always up for some fun over there!"

      Prompted by those words, I left the apartment and walked along the balcony to the next door with the group following behind me.

      The brightly lit room could be seen through the glass door. I knocked on the door and was answered immediately by a middle-aged woman. Instead of a home, the apartment was a spacious brightly lit rectangular office with white walls, grey carpet and no windows. To the right were four corner desks pushed together in a cross arrangement and a large empty area to the left. Each desk had a computer, paper, folders and lots of other typical office items. There were women sat at three of the four desks who appeared to be office workers.

      The office girls seemed to know why we were there; the nearest one directed our group to the back of the office, which lead to a narrow corridor with three open doors down each side. Through each door were identical looking small square bedrooms, brightly lit by the pale white afternoon sky through a large window on the opposite side. I could hear music playing softly from radios in some of the rooms, and had the sense that the rooms were used for giving massage. I walked down the corridor feeling excited and remembered to rub my hands together to prevent myself from waking up. I entered the last room on the right and waited for a girl to arrive.

      A moment after entering the room, a young naked Japanese girl followed me in and greeted me. She switched off an orange lamp near the window, which caused the room to appear cooler due to the natural light from the misty sky outside. I followed her instruction to lie down on the bed, and she began to rub her naked body against mine. As she did this, the radio abruptly stopped playing, which caused the girl to become agitated, and she stood up to fix it. As I waited for her to return, I continued rubbing my hands together in an effort to maintain the stability of the dream.

      A moment later, the radio began to play again and the girl returned to resume the massage. Simply rubbing my hands together suddenly seemed silly in light of the fact that I had a naked Japanese girl over me, so I began to rub the soft skin of her body instead, which seemed to be just as effective and a lot more fun! Knowing that the dream could end at any moment, I struggled to get my clothes off (I don't know when or why I had suddenly become clothed; my dreams can do weird things like that).

      Once my clothes were off, the girl started giving me the best hand job in the world, which was briefly interrupted when the radio stopped playing again. Before the girl was able to get up to fix it, I told her that the lack of radio didn't bother me, so she continued the hand job and the radio started playing again by itself a few seconds later. Within a few moments, her hand caused me one of the most intense orgasms of my life, which forced to into another false awakening.

      Part 3: "Angel Hand: The Aftermath" (non-lucid)

      I awoke in a small bedroom. There was a wall to my left and several beds to my right. The room was brightly lit from a window at the far right end and had light blue wallpaper. The door was immediately behind me and had been left open. I had the sense that my friends were in the house and had been sleeping in the other beds in the room, but they had already got up.

      I awoke facing right on the edge of the bed and noticed that the dream orgasm had caused me to shoot across the wall at the end of the bed. Out of concern that it would damage the wallpaper and my friends might see it, I immediately tried to wipe it off with my hands. I then went to find somewhere to wash my hands.

      The house had several bathrooms, but most of the sinks seemed to be broken or unfinished in odd ways. In one case, there was only a tap, plug hole and pipes, but no actual basin around it to contain the water. I eventually found a sink that seemed to be in a reasonable working condition, but awoke again before I could use it.

      After the real awakening, I was very surprised and happy to discover that this was not a wet dream, despite the intensity and realism of the experience.