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    1. City lucid

      by , 11-27-2011 at 03:35 AM
      This morning I had a lucid, after doing an attempt at FILD, which failed horribly.. It's been ages since I've really had one (or tried), so it was pleasant to finally have one, even if nothing too wild happened in it.

      I'll start off with saying that I set 3 alarms, of which I only remember 1, for waking me up so I could do FILD. I believe FILD is a very good technique, however it takes a bit of practice. It's extremely similar to DEILD, and is basically just a slightly different version of it.

      The dream started in my room, from what I remember. I was sitting at my computer and speaking to my brother behind me. He told me to look out the window, and as I turned to look, I realised that it seemed like we were moving through a city, like my room was really a car or a plane. I was (surprisingly) immediately skeptical and had a closer look and crawled out the window. My brother told me to stop, and I did a very quick nose pinch reality check, telling me I was in a dream. I jumped down on the ground, which severely changed the environment. My room and brother seemingly immediately disappeared. I was standing in the middle of the road in a large city, it was dark, but with lots of lights. I walked to the pavement. I remember reflecting on the concept that dreams usually hang on in our memory differently from how awake experiences do. I made a note to myself to try to be as aware as possible. I went on and walked into a couple, one of them was naked. Knowing it was a dream, I reached for her breasts, but she very quickly walked away. I made it into some kind of shop eventually, where a lot of naked people were around. They had facepaint, and yellow hair, as if trying to look like tigers. I thought this was silly and walked away. Eventually I got to a bridge of sorts, which I tried to traverse in a car. At this point, my lucidity was nearly gone. I still had the clarity of mind to know that I could stop any car and steal it (GTA style), and I did get on a car. I probably drove a hundred meters in it, got out. I think the bridge was blocked. Some guy I don't know had a boat which he invited me into, to go across the water to other side of the city. I got on and we sailed across. It was like a little river we were in, extremely narrow, and the boat was really just a large rubber tire. I questioned at the time why I didn't just get up and walked on the ground. Once we reached the other side, I looked to my left. My lucidity came back, and angry at the fact that I've wasted so much time doing nothing, I figured I'd teleport somewhere by closing my eyes. When I opened them again, I was in my bed. I did not do a reality check, and eventually fell asleep again. I don't think it was an FA.
      In the dream, I saw a very large building across the bridge. This building has also been in another dream of mine, which although non-lucid, I was also very lucid in. I never did write it down, but it invovled crawling around in tiny spaces under the city. Hard to describe.

      I dreamed more, but most of are fragments by now. The majority of them all revolve around some kind of large mall. A friend of mine and I found the workers entrance, where personel actually slept. Some guy came up an assumed we were new, so he wanted to hook us up with some work. My friend told me to give a good impression, by talking in a clear and deep voice. This seemed silly, but I did it anyway, and it seemed to work. I don't really remember anything else, apart from the mall seeming extradimensional. On top of being non-euclidean (like most dreams), it also made visually no sense.