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    1. One Tooth Left

      by , 04-17-2012 at 10:59 PM
      All of my teeth fell out except one leaving me feeling extremely concerned as to how I was going to chew food with only one tooth.
    2. Bionic Biro

      by , 01-25-2011 at 12:05 PM
      I notcied a little pain in my left palm and I noticed a tiny piece of metal protruding from the palm of my left hand. I managed to grip it with my fingernails and pulled on it and out came a long thin ball point pen.
    3. The African Man

      by , 11-16-2010 at 05:19 AM
      I was floating in a completely black void. I was looking around and then an African man appeared about two feet in front of me. He had an ornate mask on that was orange, red and yellow. His left eye was showing through the mask. There was a look of pure evil I have not seen in an eye before. I stared back at him for about three seconds. Out of terror I said the Great Mantram, "I am the father of the universe. I am the mother of the universe. Everything came from me. Everything shall return to me. Mind, body and spirit are my temples for the Self to realise in them my supreme being and becoming." As soon as I started to say this I felt myself falling at freefall speed and the African man did so also. When I finished the mantram I woke up and lay awake for three quarters of an hour.