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    1. 6/4/11

      by , 06-04-2011 at 05:50 PM

      Lately I've been trying to have a dream where I notice my new dream sign, water, this was not what caused me to become lucid though, I just suddenly realized. My dream started with me drifting in this car around turns on a highway through a forest until I crashed and suddenly realized I'm dreaming. I realized I was right by a place that I had previously dreamt about earlier in the night which I found interesting. I noticed I still had these two types of medicine-a painkiller and something else- in my pocket from previous dreams as well, so I took all of them. Instated to feel horrible as I thought about my dream goals. I remembered and started calling out "dream guide" as I looked for my little brother. I knew that he would probably be in his room so I used passive control to find him in it. He was making his bed and I quickly announced that I had found my dream guide. He nonchalantly said that everyone is my dream guide as he continued to make his bed. This was disappointing but makes me want to talk to more DCs to get a real feel for their personalities. I felt loopy te whole time from the drugs and don't have that much fun.
    2. So this is what lucid dreams are supposed to be like. (5/17/11)

      by , 05-17-2011 at 05:05 PM

      Today I was blown away as the true potential of lucid dreaming was revealed to me.

      As I rested in my bed early morning, In hopes to go back to bed and possibly have a lucid dream. As I slowly drifted in and out of dreaming, I became aware of it, and gained lucidity. Initially, this lucid dream felt like the majority of my other lucid dreams- hazy, boring, detached, possibly on the verge of waking up, more of a daydream were I have to push myself to be creative.- but then things started to change. I grounded myself, and let the lucid dream slowly sink into place. Overtime, the dream continued to gain clarity and focus. Two aspects of this dream that I had only dreamed of having (no pun intended) were also slowly becoming present:

      1. A dream that keeps on creating itself.

      I found this interesting that I was still surrounded by huge ever-changing plot lines; normally it's like my creative dream mind detaches.

      2. The world felt magical and peaceful with such vivid and inspiring colors.

      I have had only one lucid dream that actualy carried this feeling into the dream, all of my others have felt dull, boring, and slightly colorless

      This was a huge step for me, because these two aspects are what I truly love about dreams! The dream I had was roughly and hour long, so I'll just jot down some of the interesting events. Basically, I was in a house trying to ground the dream and not wake up. Now here something happened that has never happened before. I started spinning, as fast as I could, a quick close of the eyes, astounded upon opening them that I really did in fact teleport! It finally worked! Not only that, but I also manipulated my environment. I would close my eyes, count to three and then point as I opened them. I don't know why I did this, but for some reason it worked! I decided to slow down from all the dreams I'm having, and think about my dream goals, I honestly think that I completed every last one. One that I'll mention, was looking in a miror. This held a lot of significance for me, because of all of the symbolism that a miror has. I heard that mirrors can be scary, so I was interested to see what my subconscious portrayed me as. As I slowly walked towards the mirror, I saw two black and white objects slowly merge into one. It was my brothers face, with a surprised look on his face, head and eyes fixed on something above me and to my left. Really an amazing experience, and I'm trying to find significance.

      Like I said, I really just wanted to capture the achievements of this dream then the experience itself, which to say the least was the most successful LD I've ever had!

      Edit: I just realized that this is most likely due to the fact that I was on a rem rebound cycle tonight. The day before I only got an hour of sleep. It was worth it

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    3. 4/26/11

      by , 04-27-2011 at 04:29 AM

      In a warehouse for the first time. Walked in with Calvin,'it was huge. Randomly RCed. Upon lucidity I felt a shift in not only consciousness, but also in mood. I wandered re store musing at the little things and wondering about lucidity. I remember seeing so many advertisements and banners that looked like real products up close, i would realize they weren't even real words when I got even closer. I I wandered the store trying to remain stable and calm, I explored the storage in the back, and then found myself in a fire exit. This whole lucid dream my thoughts were constantly running in my dream head I guess you would say. In the fire exit room I had talked to this woman for a little while and don't remember anything after. This was one of the longest lucid dreams I've had (probably 10min) and I think it was caused by the way I was so calm and didn't do anything over the top. I always feel so satisfied in lucid dreams just knowing I'm lucid, but when I wake up I always wish I would have pushed myself a little harder.

      *I say EILD with a question mark because I'm not sure if it was a lucid dream app I was using (dream controller), or a coincidence.
    4. 4/12/11

      by , 04-12-2011 at 11:15 AM

      Today I had a lucid dream induced through binaural beats. It was Such an awe inspiring feeling. It started off with my family in my brothers room , as we watched a movie. Something odd happened, to which my little brother mentioned that I should (somewhat jokingingly) reality check. I looked over at the clock and couldn't tell if it was 6:55 or 5:55 because it was to far away, I almost figured that that was good enough, but decided I'd walk over to the clock-which was on my computer- and make sure. The clock changed! This is the second time where the clock I'm using to reality check in my dream 1: was a logical time, and 2: only changed by a minute, going back in time. Again, lucidity washed over my body like a wave, making me smile. I remember in my dream think how clear everything around me was, but can't really remember even ten minutes after waking. I immediately asked my brother if he was my dream guide, for the second time in a dream, and he replied in a somewhat rushed or maybe annoyed way "yeah uh sorta," or something like that. For some reason, that didn't really excite me, because I immediately started heading down stairs. As I was leaving I heard him quickly giving me a chain of advice. This the third time this has happened to me, and I need to listen next time!! Downstairs, I passed by a plaque on the wall, not reading all of it. It had in order the layers of a lucid dream, all the way to the deepest layer. I wish I would have read it further, or completed a LD goal in this dream, but I didn't recite my goals before I went to bed, and didn't remember them. I think it's also worth noting that this is like 99% of my other lucid dreams, starting in my house. Anyways, moments after I walked passed the plaque, I could actually feel that amazing feeling of awareness leaving my body, almost like a drug wearing off. I turned as passed by the plaque again, but this time it only said some cheesy saying about family values or something. Soon after I woke up. Either way, this was one of my most enjoyable lucid dreams, and sorry if there's typos I'm tired...

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    5. 4/8/11

      by , 04-08-2011 at 07:44 PM

      Today I had a DILD after deciding to go back to bed in the morning. I was talking to a friend in a dark room, and at certain times I would look them in the face, and realize I had mistaken them for abided one of my friends from school. This happened twice before I decided to reality check. This time when I looked at the clock like I always do, it would only change one minute every time I would look at it. I found this bizare because normally when I look at a clock it flashes letters numbers and pictures. What happened next was new for me to. Upon lucidity, I started crawling out of my room (which I guess was where I was before, except by myself now) because I was so tired. I could barely keep my eyes open, it was like I had just woken up from the middle of te night. I remembered my goals and started licking things, I only licked two things... haha. I then heard my mom and asked her if she was my dream guide. She said "no." I kept calling out for my dream guide as I crawled down the stairs. I then asked my little brother who was on the computer, resulting in him blowing me off like he always does. It was interesting though, he gave mumbled something about how I should deild, then noticed I was waking up, and started spinning in a circle to no avail. I tried to deild waking up, but didn't maintain awareness, slipping into another dream. A false awakening where I woke up where the dream left off. This makes me think the whole experience was just a dream about being lucid?

      It was weird...
    6. 4/2/11

      by , 04-02-2011 at 04:52 PM
      DILD + SP

      what an amazing night. I swear I recalled each dream from seam to seam as they transitioned. In the middle if the night I had a dream where I was walking through my school. The school didn't look the same, and there was an unusual amount of light streaming in from all of the windows. This is the second time I've been in my school, which makes me want to start maping it out after reading dreamviews recent cartography thread. Anyways, I decided I might as well reality check, and found I was in a dream. I turned to go down a hallway and saw a friend at the end (Tabitha) I ran down to go see her and was deciding what to do first when my dream sort of melted away. I had dreams after this that I remember well, almost like when I have valerian root capsules before I go to bed. In one of these dreams I was jogging through a cool dark humid forest, watching red and yellow light stream in through the woods at a distance, I'm not sure if I technically gained awareness here because I felt a certain amount of awareness in all of my dreams tonight. It was at this point I decided to admit to myself I was dreaming, and weirdly enough, entered sleep paralysis from there which was awesome. I wanted to get into a deeper state before I tried to move or roll out of my body, but slowly over time I was being dumb and worked my way out of it *facepalm.

      On a side note, I won't grade my short lucid dreams on clarity lucidity ect.

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    7. 4/1/11

      by , 04-01-2011 at 02:42 PM

      The way that I gained lucidity today was very bizarre, and under weird circumstances. I looked at a clock as a reality check, after my friend pointed out a tiny fish swimming in the murky water of a dirty bucket/bin that was sitting on my track field at school which I found odd above all the otter totally bizare things going on around me. Long sentence. Its hard to explain but I only mentioned the part above so that I will be ableto remember later. Upon lucidity, I noticed my dad start to say weird things to me about lucid dreams I believe, tips or something, but I wasn't listening. I also think it's worth noting that this has been my only LD that didn't start in my bed. Anyways, I found it interesting when I looked at a clock too; it was flashing numbers like usual, but this time it was even flashing videos of football games. I dont know why, but I decided that I should jump up and try and fall/sink through the ground to a different location, and as I was doing so, my alarm went off.

      What happened leading up to this dream was bizare too, this is (I believe) the first time that I've had a long dream leading up to lucidity. I was at our schools soccer field-which was where I had a track meet yesterday- and I was actuall on the soccer team. We had went inside the high school, and I was being extremely rude and cocky towards the Otha younger leagues that were listening to their coach in the halls. It was like I had to earn my respect from them, I even bumped into one with a stiff shoulder, knocking him over, and holding him on the ground by his kneck. When we arrived at the bathroom, which was our destination, my conscience set in and I started to cry. One of the little kids on our team told asked me what position I played, and told me I'd be great no matter where I was. I then went back to the coach of the younger kids team and apologized, causing him to forgive me.
    8. 3/11/11

      by , 03-11-2011 at 06:29 PM

      Had the day off from school today, so I was able to sleep in. As I started to get into light sleep, sleeping for around twenty minutes at a time (because I just wasn't tired anymore) I started to hear a fuhfufhfuhfuh sound every once in a while. I stayed still and enjoyed the feeling which facinated me. I decided to roll over and felt my self roll out of my body. I then sank far into my bed-which was an amazing feeling- then to finally roll out of my body one final time. At this point I sat up on my bed an watched my clock for a while, which was on my shelf like always, but this time my shelf was in the middle of my room. The clock had around 8 digits that kept changing. I watched for quite a while taking it all in. At this point, I realized that I had a big hat on my head which I finally took off. The Continuous lack of clarity made me decide to look for a pair of glasses, an idea someone mentioned, which i couldnt seem to find. After that, I headed down stairs to chow down on some food. I entered the kitchen which had a little dog running around, and from there opened the pantry door. I then grabbed a packet of pop tarts (which we don't own ha) and headed over to the livingroom to scope things out. I saw some of my moms friends and decided I wanted to see one of them's breasts. I found this weird, because this isn't really like me, but I asked her what she had on her shirt, and then started unbuttoning it to show her what it was (reality checked about 5 times first). At the point that I saw here breasts, I started waking up around this time, but I decided I wouldn't move and try to deild, which makes me glad that I was lucid and likeminded enough to remember. I woke up, and after 5 minutes or so of not moving a muscle I decided I wasn't tired enough to go back to sleep, so here we are. I've had this same experience happen to me before eventhough I didn't record it; it seems as if uncounciously tring to WILD (especially in the morning) is the best way for me. Next time I'll try to remember to rub my hands, listen, and smell ect. Although this is only my second WILD, it really didn't last long, maybe four minutes. If I could just have a lucid dream earlier in the night!

      Lucidity: 7
      Control: didn't alter anything

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    9. 3/1/11

      by , 03-02-2011 at 05:58 AM

      Today I took valerian root capsules, ate a scoop of peanutbutter, and lastly tried the placebo "Lucid Juice" strategy. Later inter night I started having a dream about this kid this kid that was my brothers friend who was walking with my brother and I in the mall. As we passed by a Starbucks the lady at the counter asked him if he wanted to try some delicious moist lemon bread. He replied to her that the word moist makes him think of Vaginas which I found hilarious. As she reached and handed him one of the two remaining loafs left, he sarcastically responded "yes, can you please give me the smaller piece?" -implying that she gave him was the smaller of the two-. I soon after had a false awakening where I noticed my alarm was set to a time that was too early (something I would normally never have thought of). At this point, I laid back down and almost instantly went into dream paralysis. Seconds later I noticed I couldn't hear with my physicall ears anymore, about to enter into a dream my alarm went off and woke me up.

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    10. 2/24/11

      by , 02-25-2011 at 06:48 PM

      Tuesday on valerian I had restless sleep, Wednesday I had vivid and emotionally encumber dreams and now thursday I had a lucid dream. I also lived to Ninja 9578's adio called Subliminal Lucid 2.0 which I will listen to again tonight to test it again.

      My dream last night was different then other lucid dreams I've had before. I gained lucidity from a RC on a clock, but my lucidity slowly wore off. I first remember being on grass and seeing my dad clipping a hedge, I approved him and told him he's not real, to which he busily blew me off with a mumbled response as if he had something more important to focus on. I then engaged my senses by laying in the grass, focussing on a catapullar infrong of me. The sun was on my back like summer and the air smelled like it too. I learned to fly in a roller coaster pattern and headed off to a friends house, until I was knocked over by some skater punks. I tried to use my powers but they wouldn't work for some reason. Later in the dream I was told by a doctor I have no powers which led me to continue the normall dream, but I don't want to go into all that.


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