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    Reached Focus 100

    by , 08-03-2020 at 11:56 AM (64 Views)
    Began as a non-lucid dream, I was chased by monsters through the floors of something like a hotel when I reached the underground spa floor, out of nowhere a dream character grabbed me and threw me into the pool, I tried to get out but he used water manipulation to keep me inside. In times like this I always become semi-lucid and start using lucid powers, this time was no different, I tried to counter him with my own water manipulation, but he was very strong, he was drowning me in the pool, I was holding my breath but I was on my limit, suddenly a thought popped in my mind, why I must struggle, why I need to fight back, why I need to do anything at all, just let go. I open my mouth and let the water to run through my body, I (my dream body) drowned and sank to the bottom of the pool. In that moment of absolutely steadiness my mind became calm as the water surface, my nonbody self popped from my dream body leading me to lucidity, but this time was different, I was my nonbody and my dream body at the same time. My dream body became light as the air and start to float up, coming out of the water, while I (my nonbody) was floating around me. The DC was wondering how I'm still alive, after I drowned up. I was always curious about the the nature of DC's, having many theories about their existence and why they are getting irritated for calling them not real.

    I open my dream body eyes, realising that I have two viewpoints, one perspective from my dream body and one from my nonbody, giving me a total 360 degree of vision, ultimately reaching 100 Focus. My mind was moving so peacefuly and focused like never before, like one second in this state was like a hour of deep thinking in wake world. The DC was cursing me and wanted to fight with me.

    I said "begone" and all DC's and dream monsters vanish in thin air, like they never existed in first place. I observed my own state, which led me to a new realization.

    Finally left alone I try to explore as much as possible of this dream world, the speed I was moving while exploring was terrific, I visited a thousand rooms in just a mere of seconds, searching for the source. I couldn't reached it, the doors were endless, I felt that I can't maintain that state of mind any longer, so I just stood still for a couple of seconds analyzing my sorounding with my 360 vision and my computing capabilities of that state. Just before my focus to collapse I reached to a realization. I always theorising that dream world act as a maze.

    Next time when I get a stable lucid dream, I will penetrate the forth wall looking for the source.

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